Freising: Freising is set up in terms of school sport bad | Landkreis Freising

In terms of school sport lagging behind Freising many cities. Hall capacities are lacking, outside facilities are dilapidated. And so, the school sports is sque

Freising: Freising is set up in terms of school sport bad | Landkreis Freising

In terms of school sport lagging behind Freising many cities. Hall capacities are lacking, outside facilities are dilapidated. And so, the school sports is squeezed to a Minimum.

Freising – Physical activities have a positive effect on cognitive abilities. This is evidenced by the large number of studies. And also make clear that children move today, far too little – in the REC, but also in the school. The latter want to change the members of the action Alliance for more school sports for quite some time. But what if the will is there, the implementation, however, the exercise facilities are lacking?

school sports to a Minimum, squeezed

A sad example of the school town of Freising, which is home to at least a majority of secondary schools. Even if the curriculum prescribed the teaching of sport at the high school with three hours in each of the vintages, so this can be almost all the facilities in the practice only to a limited extent carried out. The reason: lack of sufficient warehouse capacity, as well as because of in a state of disrepair, not usable or simply unsuitable outdoor areas of the according to the action Alliance is so important school sports is squeezed to a Minimum.

the students of The high schools, but also of the Karl-flattering Beck, high school bussing sites to the sport. Therefore, lessons in the timetable-time does not stay for the actual sports window much left, complains Hans cats Bogner for the first Time. Cats Bogner was for many years head of the primary school Kranzberg and after his Retirement – that was in 2010 – until 2011 at the Dom-Gymnasium for the school sports.

+ of roots and other undesirable obstacles: The outdoor sports facility at the Josef-Hofmiller-Gymnasium is not safely usable.©Lehmann

Hans cats Bogner has said this in a step-motherly treatment of the major compartment sports (the only movement specialist in the school day, by the way, what also highlights the coalition for action always again) not understanding: "One must imagine, the students would have to be driven for the subjects of math, English, or any language to get from A to B, because the Outcry would be big," he said. "But why the interested in sports anyone?" The now 74-Year-old has been waiting years for an answer to this question, although he has made with Writing and letters to the editor on this plight to the attention of.

A special level of suffering is, when he thinks of the once beautiful school sports complex in Freising and so he writes the of Camerloher-gymnasium. Already in 2016, he wrote in a Letter to the then district administrator Josef Hauner. In it an extract it says: "Systematically, the sport has been neglected plant in the past by the County. The school sporting wedding of the Camerloher-gymnasium – Federal sporting stronghold in Volleyball and in track and field – belongs already to the past. On this unkempt sports facilities the sport fun to make? Every little village sports field receives better care.“

sports hall, starting a new school year is finally usable again

In fact, the years ago, such a proud plant is presented more than in slumber. However, this is also due to the fact that this is completely different plans. Since the entire area is – due to the enlargement of school buildings for the occupation – be over-planned, reported Robert Stangl, spokesperson at the Landratsamt Freising. Until then, don't you consider, whether it is a redeveloped part of the outdoor facilities, transitional moderately again.

After all: If it allows the corona-related Situation, can be used by the new school year to finally see the sports hall again, looking forward Camerloher-school Director Andrea Bliese. The hall had to be locked in 2016, of course. Mold fungus that had taken root over the years, there harmful to health, was the cause.

the school of sport, such as in the curriculum provided, or to perform offer, you had to go on wandering, and was, so to speak, to a supplicant tour, like Peter Spanrad, until recently, Deputy head of the Camerloher-gymnasium, explains. Because all the other halls around were fully booked. It was everything else than easy to get units, explains Spanrad. Especially kutschiererei, the student is to fall in love in just a minimal time for the actual sports teaching.

+ those were The days: memories of the 25-Meter laps in the indoor swimming pool in JoHo.©Lehmann

"at five past eight, the Bus left. And if you don't know what the traffic is at this time only in the wippenhauser street, you can imagine, when we arrived in the sports complex – whether in the Luitpold-sports hall or on the outdoor facilities of the Savoy Au. Move, the boys want to push themselves to the limit, maybe to play football. Then you will have to sweat taking a shower. And shortly after 9 o'clock, the Bus is again available to the students to return carts,“ says Peter Spanrad the situation. The sports lessons of two double lessons of 45 minutes? If it goes well, will remain, realistically, only about 30 to 35 minutes left.

Quite so extreme, it is not for the Dom-Gymnasium, which, after all, a functioning two-fold gym, will be able to call. However, this is not enough, the entire teaching of sport to cover. This means: In the weekly change, sports hall and, actually, all on the only still existing, and without any concerns-to-use free singer outdoor sports facility in the Savoyard Au must always Dodge back to class in the Luitpold.

+ USP Savoyard Au: Only the schools can also get free sports lessons as it is in the syllabus provided, to handle. Because of the travel time but only at the expense of the real-life sports teaching.©Lehmann

This also applies to the Josef-Hofmiller-Gymnasium. Once apart of a 400-Meter round course – ideally with outside facilities and even an indoor swimming pool, including a 25-Meter track equipped, awaits you now the things. Because since then, the indoor swimming pool has been closed in the Wake of the opening of the fresh in Lerchenfeld, just missing the alternative option for a part of the students that had used to be.

in addition, the two-compartment gym is pretty on in years: you no longer complies with the hygiene ideas and also the outdoor facilities cannot be used according to the JoHo-school Director Nicole Storz, because of the bone-crunching roots absolutely without hesitation. This means that for JoHo, which was formerly equipped for sporting interests actually need to be bussing the students to other halls and outdoor sports facilities.

The big drawback currently (we reported): Currently, the Josef-Hofmiller-Gymnasium is the only secondary school in the whole County, which is still subject to the General and administrative expenses funded by the city of Freising. Although negotiations are ongoing, however, is not yet clear whether a development for the traditionally science-based JoHo emerges at a different location. Was considered, as was to learn, even a swap to Lerchenfeld, in the vicinity of the new high school. There are also outdoor facilities with a 400-Meter track in the planning process, would always be desirable. The new school center in stone Park, such facilities are not provided in any case, reports by both Hans cats Bogner, as well as Michael Mayer, Chairman of the working group for Sport in schools and clubs in the district.

Just a 400-Meter track for all the schools

it's hard to believe in a School and sports town like Freising: There is only a 400 Meter track for all the schools – and this is true in fact, that the Rest of the County is much better positioned.

What are sites for the majority of education – also due to the wide tracks to be mastered – completely under the table is the swimming lessons. "For us in Eching, Swimming is practically non-existent," says Gertraud Weber, Director of the Imma-Mack-Realschule. "The time required is simply too large." In the case of a curriculum implementation had to be to the children and young people in the absence of the offer up to Pfaffenhofen, says Peter Spanrad.

This is a Swim or even swim – one of the requirements of the action Alliance for school sports after the completion of the primary school – a very important one. Whether it is possible at some point? A legitimate question.

Date Of Update: 15 June 2020, 14:34