Formula 1: the racing calendar 2020: appointments, results, and routes

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Formula 1: the racing calendar 2020: appointments, results, and routes
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The formula 1 is back. Seven months after the last Grand Prix, the Premier class of motor racing goes back into the racing. Hosts for the delayed Start of the shortened season is on Sunday (15.10/RTL and Sky), the Austrian Spielberg, where, within a week twice to championship points will be driven.

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What is the influence of the Corona-restrictions?

The first races are more likely to be similar to test driving. No spectators in the stands, a long break since the Finale of the previous season. And the Teams have to adapt to many new rules. The mechanic, wearing masks, this is just during the summer, a tremendous burden. Keep your distance, contacts with other Teams to avoid - it provides a detailed concept of Hygiene apply. For a Sport that often works in the border area, this is a tricky Experiment.

Who has used the Pause best?

During the winter tests, Mercedes and world champion Lewis Hamilton won the role again in the favorites. But that was four months. Since then, the factories were closed for weeks, many teams in short work. With their financial and technical capabilities of the Top Teams are likely to have used most of the opportunity, the Lessons learned from the test drives to implement in February in the Updates for the cars. Ferrari will, however, intervene so massively to the original concept, the new parts for the car are only at the third race of the season in Hungary.

How much the drivers are a little rusty?

The lack of match practice is not to be underestimated. The Fitness is not likely to be the biggest Problem, even if the strain for the neck muscles are only used to simulate a hard workout. "What is even more complicated, I believe, is that you have to unlearn the perfection of driving a car," said the former world champion Nico Rosberg. Duels on the track, the Action at the Start of the have seen the pilot last seven months ago, at the end of the season in Abu Dhabi. Some of the expected Spielberg to be a certain amount of Chaos.

Who departs the victory?

a battle between Mercedes and Red Bull is Expected between Champion Lewis Hamilton and his Challenger, Max Verstappen. At the home race of his team, Verstappen has won in the two previous years, the characteristics of the route responsive to his car. However, Hamilton is striving with all the Power his seventh world title and feels in the best shape. Also, because of the shortened season, the Briton will do all it can to drive from the start point. Ferrari and the soon to be outgoing Sebastian Vettel have set already to belong to the contenders the Victory.

formula-1-dates of the season 2020 (provisional)
  • 15. In March, Australian GP, Melbourne Albert Park Circuit - postponed
  • 22. March, GP of Bahrain, Sakhir, Bahrain International Circuit, - postponed
  • 5. April, the GP of Vietnam, Hanoi, Hanoi Street Circuit - postponed
  • 19. April, the GP of China, Shanghai, Shanghai International Circuit -
  • 3 moved. May, GP of the Netherlands, Zandvoort, Circuit Park Zandvoort - postponed
  • 10. In may, the GP of Spain, Barcelona, Circuit de Catalunya - postponed
  • 24. May, GP Monaco, Monte Carlo, Circuit de Monaco - cancelled
  • 7. June, GP of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Baku City Circuit -
  • 14 moved. June, GP of Canada, Montreal, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve -
  • 28 to be moved. June, GP of France, Le Castellet, Circuit Paul Ricard cancelled
  • 5. July, GP of Austria, Spielberg, Red Bull Ring winner Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
  • 12. July, GP Steiermark, Spielberg, Red Bull Ring winner Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
  • 19. July, GP of Hungary, Budapest, Hungaroring
  • 2. August, GP of Britain, Silverstone, Silverstone Circuit
  • 9. August, GP of Britain, Silverstone, Silverstone Circuit
  • 16. August, the GP of Spain, Barcelona
  • 30. August, GP of Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • 6. In September, the GP of Italy, Monza, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
formula 1: the season 2019

Lewis Hamilton makes his sixth world Cup Triumph with 431 points perfectly.

  • driver standings 2019 total
  • Lewis Hamilton (Britain) Mercedes 431 PTS.
  • Valtteri Bottas (Finland) - Mercedes 326
  • Max Verstappen (Netherlands) - Red Bull 278
  • Chalres Leclerc (Monaco) Ferrari 264
  • Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) Ferrari 240
    • championship standings 2019 total

  • Mercedes-AMG 739 points
  • Ferrari 504
  • Red Bull 417
  • McLaren 145
  • Renault 91
    • 17. March: the Grand Prix of Australia (Melbourne): winner Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
    • 31. March: the Grand Prix of Bahrain (Zahir): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 14. April: Grand Prix of China (Shanghai): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 12. May: Grand Prix of Spain (Barcelona): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 26. May: Grand Prix of Monaco (Monte Carlo): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 9. June: Grand Prix of Canada (Montreal): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 23. June: Grand Prix of France (Le Castellet): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 30. June: Grand Prix of Austria (Spielberg): winner Max Verstappen (the Netherlands)
    • 14. July: British Grand Prix (Silverstone): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 28. July: Grand Prix of Germany (Hockenheim): winner Max Verstappen (the Netherlands)
    • 4. August: Grand Prix of Hungary (Budapest): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 1. September: Grand Prix of Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps): the winner Charles Leclerc (Monaco)
    • 8. September: Grand Prix of Italy (Monza): the winner Charles Leclerc (Monaco) Ferrari
    • 22. September: Grand Prix of Singapore (Singapore): winner Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim)
    • 29. September: Grand Prix of Russia (Sochi): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 13. October: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka): winner Valterri Botas (Finland)
    • 27. October: Grand Prix of Mexico (Mexico city): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)
    • 3. November: Grand Prix of USA (Austin): winner Valterri Bottas (Finland)
    • 17. November: the Grand Prix of Brazil (Sao Paulo): winner Max Verstappen (the Netherlands)
    • 1. December: Grand Prix of UAE (Abu Dhabi): winner Lewis Hamilton (great Britain)

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