Corona: New Details on Merkel's plans remain three rules in Germany? | Politics

the Corona-restrictions in Germany are More relaxed. Individual countries rushed already. Now there is evidence, such as Chancellor Merkel, in order to proceed.

Corona: New Details on Merkel's plans remain three rules in Germany? | Politics

the Corona-restrictions in Germany are More relaxed. Individual countries rushed already. Now there is evidence, such as Chancellor Merkel, in order to proceed.

The Corona - *-restrictions in Germany are always relaxed further. Now there is evidence, such as Angela Merkel wants to proceed. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany*. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures.*

Update from 25. May, 20.05 PM: nothing has been decided Yet, but CSU leader Markus Söder is now following plans of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). You want to extend the contact restrictions in the Corona-crisis to July. Even if there are various differentiations in the execution, were the "mothers of all the questions, distance bid and the mask of duty , essential," said Bavaria's Prime Minister on Monday evening in the ZDF.

Söder supported on demand directly from the Federal Chancellery Plan as presented, the contact constraints up to 5. To July binding. In a newer Version of the template , however, is only 29. June the speech.

Söder also reiterated his criticism of the inroads of Thuringia. As long as there is no medication and no vaccine, moving with the easing on very thin ice. Söder also criticised that Thuringia would be left to the local authorities, obviously with the Corona fighting alone. To be able to the pandemic combat, need it for the health boards, more Tests, more information, more materials and more workers.

Corona-relaxations: Seibert Details reveals your choice to Merkel's - three rules in Germany?

Update from 25. May, 16.23 PM: the Federal government and the country lecturing on this Monday on the next choices in the Corona-crisis official results are not yet known. However, government spokesman Steffen Seibert has been a push in the direction of Angela Merkel's Chancellery through.

So Merkel wants to achieve, according to Seibert, that there will also be after the expiry of the previous agreements in the coming week to continue " binding orders " and not only recommendations. It is not going to jeopardize the progress. The recent outbreaks in Hesse and lower Saxony have shown, "what happens when basic rules are ignored," said Seibert. The Federal States should be taken "courageous and vigilant".

Angela Merkel would argue, that it is to 1.5-Meter distance rule , to give contact restrictions and rules of hygiene a clear set of rules, confirmed Seibert is now officially (see below).

Corona: New Merkel plans leaked - far-reaching relaxations are soon to come in Germany

+ Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning further action in the Corona-crisis. (File photo)©Reuters / Odd Andersen

Berlin - Like Germany in the Corona crisis is going on? the Thüringen* was ahead of the others and had far-announced in-depth loose the limitations . Saxony followed this path, albeit to a lesser extent. Saxony's health Minister Petra Köpping announced a "paradigm shift". the However, as the Federal government continues? The meeting of the Corona-Cabinet to Chancellor Angela Merkel was canceled on Monday in the short term. Well, because you want to agree strongly with the countries.

Coronavirus in Germany: Merkel is planning more easing

Now, Details about it are leaked, such as the Federal government in the next few weeks, the Corona-pandemic wants to tackle. The image (behind paywall) reports on a resolution Merkel Chancellery , which will be discussed on Monday at twelve o'clock, in a telephone switching between the Federal government and the state Chancellery, the heads of the countries.

Accordingly, the Chancellery chief Helge Braun suggests that even after the 5. June nationwide a minimum of 1.5 meters be prescribed. Also, the mask obligatory* should be maintained "in certain public areas", cited the sheet.

on these points, the countries should want to follow suit - except Thuringia accordingly. the other points to be approximately in the range of the General contact prohibition* controversial. , Therefore, the decision template private recommends meetings, if possible, in the Free to hold and to be restricted to 20 persons. In addition, the hygiene rules to be implemented also in the case of private meetings at home in enclosed spaces. Here, the number of persons should be limited to a maximum of ten. Here, the countries would prefer, therefore, regional regulations, it means more.

Corona easing in Germany: Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a Federal-Länder dispute?

A further, potentially far-reaching easing of the measures follows: Accordingly, the stay in the public space from 6 to. June due to the positive development more generally, by means of binding arrangements are limited. This should only be the case if the regional infection happen to require it. the This could mean that more than two households in the Public are likely to meet.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

section list image:©dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

Updated Date: 25 May 2020, 14:35

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