Braunschweig 2020 - DM day 2 | men: John Vetter grabs it

He was not without aches and pains and is late joined in the already late season. Now, however, John Vetter (LG Offenburg) is full since! On of 86.94 feet in Ku

Braunschweig 2020 - DM day 2 | men: John Vetter grabs it

He was not without aches and pains and is late joined in the already late season. Now, however, John Vetter (LG Offenburg) is full since! On of 86.94 feet in Kuortane (Finland) the world Cup-third in the javelin throw at the German Championships 87,36 metres – more than a spear-thrower came in this special Corona-the year worldwide so far.

For Andreas Hofmann (MTG Mannheim) crack a title series. He was lined up to fight for the hat-Trick – but the Start was under the worst possible sign, because the Vice-champion of Europe had set the cancellation of the Olympic games mentally, and then he was snapped in Training. Just before the DM gave the green light for the Start, more than 77,35 meters, the spear flew. It was silver, before Maurice Voigt (LG Ohra energy; 70,84 m).

Bo Kanda Lita Baehre wins with a best performance of

To work in a team was in the 200-Meter curve of the pole vault : athletes and coaches were largely empty Eintracht-Stadion, even with the rhythmic Clapping in the mood. First, was the Leverkusen Karsten Dilla, who rode his last DM-final and with 5,30 meters, was Fifth. Defending champion Raphael wood deppe (LAZ Zweibrücken) is likely to have gained the support of its step-in height in addition to the adrenaline rush an extra Dose of Motivation – he swung at the third attempt over 5.40 meters.

finally, this should not be enough for the title defense, but only for Bronze, because, according to 5,50 meters, was the former champion of the world end of the line, as well as Torben sheet (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), who won due to the lower number of failed attempts, silver. A put as it is only really going on: Bo Kanda Lita Baehre. The young Leverkusen kept up to 5.60 metres, a white vest and lifted his best performance to 5.75 meters. In addition, the 21 picked up his third German Year-old championship title.

2,28 m for Mateusz Przybylko

you can tickle the decisive centimetres without the audience, it turned out also in the high jump : Mateusz Przybylko (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen) is already determined as the winner, as he took at 2.28 meters start – up-a height that has not overcome the champion of Europe this year. In Braunschweig, but he flew over it and was able to finish a Race again with a Smile.

The long jump was the expected duel between Julian Howard (LG Region Karlsruhe), and Maximilian Entholzner (LAC Passau). The German Champions by 2017 from Karlsruhe, presented in round one with 7,70 meters. In the case of difficult wind conditions, with a lot of Wind from the front, they Entholzner long and not ranks until round five in the Medal. Then he lifted off and sailed up to 7,96 meters – best performance set and dream from the first open-air title!

Also, the German youth-champion of the previous year, Bennet Vinken (Hamburger SV) had saved the Best until last and pushed with 7,57 meters in the sixth attempt, on the bronze rank. Decathlete Kai Kazmirek (LG Rhein-Wied) completed his DM three-way battle with of 7.48 meters and a fifth place, he was the day before, about 400 meters and the short hurdles in use.

Marc Reuther is back

first appearance of the summer, the second DM-Gold Outdoor career! The was weekend-balance sheet, by Marc Reuther (LG Eintracht Frankfurt). The 800 metres runner out of it kept out of the scramble, controlled a round the field, and then switch one gear higher. In 1:46,97 minutes, he returned to the track. Exciting it was behind him, side by side, headed Christoph Kessler (LG Region Karlsruhe; 1:47,44 min) and Dennis Biederbick (LG Eintracht Frankfurt; 1:of 47.51 min) down the finishing straight, time the a was in front slightly of the other. The goal was delighted to Kessler after a long injury misery on the silver.

His first DM-gold medal took over 1,500 metres Marius Probst (TV Wattenscheid 01) and the scores. On the final straight, the former U23 European champion had worked his way 50 meters ahead and could control locker with a look over the shoulder of the field behind. Exciting it was, as he rejoiced to 3:52,47 minutes in the goal: Behind the safe Second Luke Abele (SSC Hanau-Rodenbach; 3:53,55 min) started Marvin Heinrich (LG Eintracht Frankfurt) just before the finish line, the Marc Tortell (Athletics Team from Karben; 3:54,27 min).

Marvin Schlegel fast

The men's race over 400 meters was fast. The best of the Year Marvin Schlegel (LAC, natural gas, Chemnitz), hung on the heels of the ahead of him the current title holder Manuel Sanders (LG Olympia Dortmund) and was able to work on the finishing straight the decisive edge. In best time of 45.79 seconds, he won his first outdoor title in front of Sanders (46,00 sec) and Patrick Schneider (LAC Quelle Fürth; 46,11 sec).

The 3,000 metres steeplechase were to demonstrate the strength of Karl quake village (Dresdner SC 1898). First, he is close to his strongest counterparties Tim stegemann (8:48,10 min) and Martin gray (LAC Erfurt; 8:51,09 min), and then he took over 500 meters from the finish the lead and moved on to the last round and this. His invitation to the applause at the finish just the few of us here were like, in 8:42,42 minutes of the second German championship title perfectly.

Ninth gold medal, David Storl

the ninth-DM-gold medal in the shot put for David Storl (SC DHfK Leipzig; 20,17 m), the back won his title by Simon Bayer (VfL Sindelfingen). This was the counterattack in the sixth attempt, an attack of Dennis Lukas (LG Idar-Oberstein; 19,15 m) and with 19,31 metres, the silver medal secure.

The 400 metres hurdles were fixed in Sindelfingen, in the hands of the VfL After the women's victory, the Carolina Krafzik was in the men's Constantin price (49,57 sec), his favorite role. But he was challenged to the Extreme, because on the first 300 metres, Joshua put Abuaku (LG Eintracht Frankfurt; 50,50 sec) a hell of a pace. Only on the last meters the force went out of him and the Sindelfingen was able to show its strength in the final meters. Emil Agyekum (SCC Berlin; 49,78 per sec) was stuck in the game and moved to Abuaku past – with a clear lead of the DM were awarded medals.

The last word had fell on Sunday evening, as so often is the 200 Meter Sprinter, for the last launch of the weekend. It came to the expected duel between Robin Erewa (TV Wattenscheid 01) and Steven Mueller (LG ovag Friedberg-Fauerbach), which were made in the lead-in 20,71 seconds-the same time. In the final 20,79 seconds for the winner were stopped and by the name of Steven Miller, title defended! Robin Erewa (20,86 sec) remained silver, and Bronze rescued Roger Gurski (LG Rhein-Wied; 20,91 sec) across the finish line.

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DM 2020 Braunschweig

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