As the British government helps, it can be formula 1 race in Germany

to increase The chances that 2020 will be a Grand Prix of Germany in Hockenheim. The formula 1 addiction during the global corona crisis currently, according to

As the British government helps, it can be formula 1 race in Germany

to increase The chances that 2020 will be a Grand Prix of Germany in Hockenheim. The formula 1 addiction during the global corona crisis currently, according to organizers who are willing and able to Events without an audience so as to hold and because of the Hockenheim ring is due to the existing infrastructure, one of the candidates who were contacted by the right-holder Liberty Media.

Hockenheim ring-managing Director, Jorn Teske has referred to the Status of the talks with Liberty at the end of April as a loose "exchange." Now he explains in an Interview with "It is true, in fact, that we are still in ongoing discussions with the formula 1. We came from a loose conversation mode into a mode of Exploring."

"We explore the conditions under which such a thing could be possible - approval of location, infection situation, availability of the Track. Such A Theme. And, of course, the economy. These are all important points."

Helpful to for the chances of getting a formula 1 event in Hockenheim, could the British government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson be. The has according to the current state of things, namely, to make up for the formula 1 circus is an exception to the strict entry and exit rules. What this means is that the employees of the team and the organization would need before and after the Event two weeks in quarantine issued. An almost unthinkable scenario.

Hockenheim: Bad for Silverstone, good for Germany

Teske confirmed: "It looks like a matter of fact, the political decision on the subject of quarantine-exception rules in England can have an impact on the European racing calendar and therefore also on us. In the reverse conclusion, but this does not necessarily mean that we are at the Grands Prix in England automatically out of the race."

Out of the race, however, is the Nürburgring. The idea of the formula 1 entourage within their "biosphere" (Ross Brawn) is isolated from Hockenheim to the Nurburgring, and within eight days of the two German Grands Prix on different tracks and has charm. Apparently, this is for Liberty not an issue.

"would Theoretically make sense," says the Nürburgring, managing Director of the Mirco Mark against It has, however, been in this "no contact" to Liberty, "and it would also fit in our calendar, clean".

Hockenheim, has not changed a fundamental condition for the formula 1: "We can't go in the hosting of the formula 1 to the economic risk. In doing so, we remain," emphasizes Teske. "And I'll go a step further and say: In a year like this, we need to earn money. It can't be helped." dpa/Jan Woitas/dpa-Central image/dpabild formula-1-racers ride at the Grand Prix of Germany on the Hockenheim ring

"We were able to perform a reasonable operation, no event hold. We have to offset this to some extent. But for a period of time, the formula 1 would be here, then, we would need of course a minimum level of sales, so the results for us to even make sense."

The Liberty model with the organizers, has worked in the past in such a way that the Promoter had to pay a Grand-Prix-fee - and on the revenue side, for the most part, only ticket income could not refinance. This model must split the formula-1 "completely," says Teske: "That doesn't work without an audience. This is clear to everyone."

For the two Grands Prix of Austria in Spielberg on 5. and 12. July is already taken by a commercial agreement. The start of the season depends only on the consent of the Austrian Federal government under Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Promoter of Red Bull, and Liberty are the funding arrangements agreed.

Red Bull: the Financial Details are already

it was An important step, "that the existing contracts had to be adapted," explains Red Bull motor sport consultant Helmut Marko in the 'ORF'. "Now, there has been a solution that is exemplary for all of the upcoming events that will also be without spectators." The outcome of the negotiations was "for both parties to be satisfactory," said Marko.

What is the financial agreement is currently being negotiated between the Hockenheimring and Liberty, "because I don't want to go into Detail," says Teske. And also in terms of a specific date, there is currently no acute News: "Confirmed the date for Austria. After that, everything is pretty open."

"at The Moment, I can confirm speculations about the calendar in General, and about dates for a race on the Hockenheim ring, in Particular, neither nor deny. If, then, we will be in the European Block."

it Should come to an agreement with Liberty, it could all go very quickly. The usual lead times for the Grand Prix of Germany, are shortened with a "Ghost race" dramatically, because of the ticket void, and without an audience, but also organisational issues such as the traffic concept or the campsites are irrelevant.

Teske added: "I can imagine that there will be a makeshift calendar with some asterisks. Especially since in some countries the legal situation is not yet serious to assess. The issue of Coronavirus with various regulations is very in the river. What has today, tomorrow are no longer valid."

In dry cloths, the Grand Prix of Germany was not for a long time. Teske points out: "It is obvious that these special times bring a new set of challenges for a global sporting event of this importance, and that to take in the preparation of a variety of hurdles."

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*The contribution of "crouching home opportunities continue to rise - thanks to the British policy", published by Contact with the executives here.
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