Mexico wants to win without playing.

Former Monarcas and Pachuca players believe that Hector Herrera's statements can be used as an excuse for their poor performance on the court.

Mexico wants to win without playing.

Costa Rica will be played tomorrow against the Mexiconational team. You can get a ticket to the Qatar World Cup 2020. The present of the tricolor, which is complex, does not depend on them being in playoff or qualifying positions.

Mexico was unable to score in the second period. imago7

Costa Rica add points is paramount, regardless of a draw, or victory. Jafet Só speaks with ESPNYes. The former Monarcas player is optimistic about the Aztec team's recent performance.

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"I feel positive, and I feel positive. It's a Clasico. They changed their Clasico against America. It's a nice stadium, but it doesn't weight, much less without people. 2000 people won't be chaos for us. It's to take advantage the pressure that the Mexican football champion has because of their level of play," stated Soto, today general manager of Fuerza Herediana.

He said, "I believe things need to be separated. They have to improve their levels just like us. We depend on the football we play on the field and also on our attitude. But above all, Costa Rica can compete, La Sele is growing, we hope this performance will continue."


Jafet Soto didn't want to ignore the statements of Hector Herrera from Mexico, in which Herrera was direct in saying that the Aztec stadium doesn't put as much pressure as the fans in Costa Rica or Honduras.

"He said it Hector Herrerathat the Aztec stadium doesn't weight like other stadiums. But that doesn't sound like an excuse. If we have courage, character and we can add tomorrow, " Soto stated.

Jafet Soto publicly stated that he has a relationship that goes beyond football with Ricardo La Volpe. @csherediano1921

Jafet has a great deal of knowledge about Mexico. He was a former Costa Rican player who also played in Monarcas Morelia, Pachuca and Pachuca. His career on Aztec soil began in 1995 and ended four years later.

Soto believes that Hector Herrera is trying to make an argument, but it's not the same as what he'd seen before.

He said, "I think it is a way to look for something to be capable of saying something that football-wise, we all know that going against the Aztec Stadium against a Mexican side that has many figures in the past that made this Aztec arena like 'Zague, Hector Campos and Cuauhtemoc Blanco,"

"The Story to Costa Rica While it doesn't give credit for the achievements over time, including a win, draw, and a few draws, football is like that. How many times have your been to play? He said Jafet Toto in conversation with ESPN.

To sum it, Jafet Sotofailed to support the Mexican national team's performance, arguing that they boast a high level of Qualifiers but, to his knowledge, they have only once been able to defeat in the World Cup qualifying process.

"I believe that sometimes they want win without playing. It has now become obvious, how much of a chance did Mexico have not winning in Costa Rica?" "I haven't done this for a while, it seems that sometimes you want win at the point history, media, and the only Qualifiers with great football, adding up all the pitches, was Ricardo La Volpe after their suffering over time," he said.
"Jamaica gave them an example of honor. They were winning 1-0 together with ten men. At 92' they scored the winning goal. The pressure is really Mexico It is very large, it isn't found collectively. But well, they had to go to New Zealand for Brazil. " He finished Jafet Toto to Disney.

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