The secret Killer: How of sugar in to the deadly drug is

there will soon be a penalty tax for confectionery? In the policy this is discussed on a regular basis. It is conceivable that the reduced VAT rate will be rais

The secret Killer: How of sugar in to the deadly drug is

there will soon be a penalty tax for confectionery? In the policy this is discussed on a regular basis. It is conceivable that the reduced VAT rate will be raised to confectionery in the amount of seven percent on the regular rate of 19 percent. The world health organization (WHO) is calling for a tax on sugary drinks.

Background: sugar makes you fat, sick and addicted. Similar to alcohol and nicotine, sugar is no longer considered by experts long ago, as a harmless stimulant, but as a harmful substance that leads to dependence or even Addiction. The world health organization has revised its previous recommendations for sugar consumption down significantly. Therefore, sugar should provide a maximum of five percent of daily calories. This recommendation includes any type of sugar, the food is added, besides honey, syrup, and sweeteners in fruit juices. The fruit contains sugar is not taken into account on the value. This means that The people in Western industrial countries would have to waive about two-thirds of their usual daily intake of sugar, in order to reach this target value.

One of the most dangerous poisons of our time

That sugar is not really healthy, actually knows everyone. Several studies show Parallels between the cravings for chocolate or ice-cream and the Desire to be the next drug to kick. Children are programmed to addiction – and indeed, already in the mother's womb. More and more people are suffering from the effects of excessive sugar consumption. Scientists warn of deadly consequences such as Obesity, heart attack, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, or cancer. The bottom line is that the "secret Killer" sugar kills more people than Smoking. Some experts sugar now considered to be one of the most dangerous poisons of our time.

As an important supplier of energy, and our body of sugar takes but: Why sugar makes up the bulk of the energy we take with the food to us. However, it depends on the quantity and the quality: While the people in the 19th century. Century, on average, only two kilos of consumed pure sugar per capita per year, are today in Germany, all 36 pounds of, in Austria, 37 kilos and a whopping 59 pounds in Switzerland. A more shocking figure: With an average of 50,9 pounds per year, children consume by far the most sugar. By übersüßte industry-food, they are educated is a quasi sugar-Junkies. Not only is the range of sweet temptations is driving the consumption of sugar in the air: In almost all products of the food industry added Sugar to hide. Manipulated with cheap raw materials, they ensure an optimum taste experience and make the consumer addicted to it.

Is overfed, the body constantly with sugar, has not only the constant cravings for a result: in fact, it comes with the time to addiction-like changes in the brain metabolism. A frequent desire for Sweets, regular Snacking in between, recurring desire to fruit juices or soft drinks can be serious warning signs of a sugar addiction. Mood swings, pressure or feelings of tension in the belly, and Durschlaf difficulties, nervousness and restlessness are also considered as notes. Experts explain the symptoms in order that the relationship of the brain and sugar is based on complex networks, which decide on the mood and our metabolism.

The threats of the confectionery industry

In the course of human Evolution was sugar an important – and rare – source of energy. Today it has become a cheap staple food that is constantly available and unlimited. In the last fifty years, the sugar consumption worldwide has tripled. Meanwhile, the United Nations have called for a fight against the new "scourge of humanity". The current WHO recommendations for sugar consumption are now more than ten years old. As the experts suggested at the time, to consume less than ten percent of daily calories as sugar, the confectionery industry by storm. They urged the US Congress to threaten with the deletion of funds for the WHO. However, the number was included in the official recommendation.

Who banned ordinary household sugar of the table and plate, it must, however, renounce nothing: by Using a metabolic diet-friendly way, can succeed in a long-term conversion and sugar weaning. Aware of less sugar and sweets to eat is the first step to liberate themselves in the long term by the sugar addiction. A consistent sugar cessation, and normalization of the metabolism takes around three months. In comparison to additional healthy and happy years of life, without fatal result of diseases of the sugar consumption in this period, however, appears as a short and realistic investment in your own quality of life.

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