So to get rid of bad habits

It is a number that makes even psychologist sit up and take notice is: 214 times we get on average every day, our cell phone out of your pocket and look at the

So to get rid of bad habits

It is a number that makes even psychologist sit up and take notice is: 214 times we get on average every day, our cell phone out of your pocket and look at the Display. In most cases, not because we have received a message or on the Internet, see something want to, but because our brain gives us the command to do this. Just as the brain gives the command to drink every Morning a Cup of coffee, Smoking after eating, a cigarette, a drink in the evening, a glass of wine, even though we know that all of this is harmful to the health. Bad habits we call these recurring behaviors – our brain loves you like nothing else.

The reason is that automation will save energy. In fact, researchers found that the areas that are necessary for complex thought processes and decisions, set in the routine mode, your service. In the reverse conclusion this means that anyone Who wants to change his habits, one of the biggest challenges of all: Because he has to reprogram its neurons network, and the entire motivation system of the brain.

"Between 30 and 50 percent of our daily actions are determined by habits", Bas Verplanken, Professor of social psychology at the University of Bath.

Why is it so difficult to give up bad habits?

20-a look at the hour on the Smartphone, a Morning coffee, while watching TV, finger nails chewed, developed Everyone in his life bad habits. The main culprit for this: our self-addicted brain. "The confrontation with new and complex things requires awareness, attention and concentration – the brain seeks therefore to customizing everything," explains Gerhard Roth.

The Professor at the Institute for brain research at the University of Bremen has been dealing for years with the question of why you can motivate yourself so hard to give up bad habits. "Habits are metabolism biologically as well as neuronal cheap. Changes of structures and functions in the area of feeling, thinking and acting metabolism physiologically, however, time-consuming and expensive," he writes in his book, "Coaching, consulting and the brain".

Bad habits

get rid of dropping Bad habits, saved behavior paths leave from the findings of neuro-biology, you know that It takes at least 21 days, until the old motivation patterns are deleted in the brain. The biochemical Update is completed and the old program is overwritten. Most effectively this process works, if you stick to the following three basic rules:

1. Be the attacks

prepared by The psychologist Gabriele Oettingen, a success formula for self-motivation. The Name "Woop" stands for "Wish-outcome-obstacle-plan". This means that anyone Who wants to leave his bad habit, should be prepared to face temptations, obstacles, and stumbling blocks (obstacles). So you can put up in advance a Plan on how to respond to the dangers.

2. Change the Setting

"habits are always triggered by Stimuli from the environment," says Bas Verplanken. "And to make it even more difficult: Usually it is not only a stimulus, but a whole context, in which custom is embedded." This means that Many daily actions that we repeat often in a very specific Setting: a special place, to a familiar time, in certain moods, or with selected people. This is exactly the Setting you should change. The psychologist Wendy Wood found out, for example, that smokers who want to give up their vices, were twice as successful if they started the holiday in order.

3. looking for a replacement-Routine

An effective way for the reprogramming of the firmware is to install a new Routine in the brain. To replace a bad habit with a good one. So it is possible to replace, for example, the cigarette after eating through an Apple. It has managed to establish a new incentive in the motivation patterns of the brain, is in the habit of literally self-perpetuating. So, like Jan Frodeno, which makes him almost unconsciously every day to the Sport. So he, topmotivert when it comes down to it, in the Race – and his inner pig dog can overcome. Routine stop ...

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