Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

Greece has offered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to train Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighter jets.

Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

Greece has offered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to train Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighter jets. Zelenskyj thanked him on Monday evening in Athens for the offer, which he was happy to accept. In the meantime, a new video of the Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has appeared on the Internet. His whereabouts since his brief uprising at the end of June have been the subject of repeated speculation.

Ukraine has been defending itself against Russian war of aggression for 18 months now. A counter-offensive that began eleven weeks ago has so far fallen short of the high expectations. Drone attacks on both sides reportedly erupted again during the night.

Russia: Kiev drone strikes repelled

According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, the Russian air defense fended off four Ukrainian drones in the morning. Two drones were destroyed over the Moscow region, two more crashed over the Bryansk border region in the south-west of the country, the ministry said on Telegram. There were no dead or injured.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin also told Telegram that the two drones in the Moscow region were shot down near the satellite city of Krasnogorsk and in a settlement west of the capital. Emergency services are on site.

A high-rise building was damaged in Krasnogorsk, the Russian state news agency Tass reported, citing emergency services. The window panes on several floors of the apartment building were broken. Several cars parked near the building were also damaged. According to initial information, however, there were no dead or injured. The information could not be independently verified.

According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, Russia had already fended off two other Ukrainian drones near the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea late Monday evening. The two unmanned aircraft crashed about 40 kilometers northwest of Crimea over the Black Sea, the ministry said on Telegram at night. This information could not be independently verified.

London: Russian long-range bomber destroyed in attack

According to British estimates, a Russian long-range bomber was destroyed in an attack on a Russian military airfield. The British Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday that it was a Tupolev Tu-22M3 (NATO code: Backfire) machine that would fire inaccurate Ch-22 Burya (NATO: AS-4 Kitchen) cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets with.

"This is at least the third successful attack on a long-range airfield, again raising questions about Russia's ability to protect strategic locations deep inland," the UK ministry said.

Reports: Shahed drone attack on Zaporizhia

According to media reports, the city of Zaporizhia in south-eastern Ukraine was attacked during the night with Shahed drones. Explosions could be heard in the area. Earlier, the Ukrainian Air Force reported to Telegram that a group of attack drones had been spotted near the city. Four high-rise buildings were damaged by the blast from the explosions, City Council Secretary Anatoly Kurtyev wrote on Telegram. Nobody was injured. Russia has repeatedly used Iranian-made drones in its war of aggression against Ukraine.

A Russian missile hit about 20 small houses in the city of Krivy Rih, local authorities said. A man was slightly injured. Ukraine has been defending itself against the Russian invasion for 18 months.

Zelenskyy: Ukraine needs Greek support

"We need Greece's support in preparing our pilots for the F-16 planes," said Zelenskyy after talks with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Most of the Greek Air Force consists of F-16 jets, the pilots are considered to be extremely experienced. Only on Sunday did Denmark and the Netherlands pledge to deliver dozens of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to counter Russian attackers. However, the training of Ukrainian pilots must first be completed.

US approves sale of military helicopters to Poland

Meanwhile, the US State Department approved the sale of military helicopters to Poland, which the EU and NATO country intends to use to strengthen its army. The estimated cost of the 96 helicopters and related equipment was $12 billion, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said on Monday.

The arms deal will improve the security of the NATO ally and increase Poland's ability to counter current and future threats. Warsaw had applied to the United States to buy the combat helicopters last year. Poland feels threatened by Russia and is massively rearming.

Mercenary boss Prigozhin speaks of deployment in Africa

Around two months after his failed short-term uprising in Russia, a new video of the mercenary boss Prigozhin appeared on the Internet. The approximately 40-second clip, which shows Prigozhin in camouflage clothing and with a gun in his hand, was recorded in an African country, said the "Grey Zone" telegram channel, which is close to the Wagner mercenary group. More detailed information was not given. The location of the recording could not be independently verified.

"We work. The temperature is more than 50 degrees," says Prigozhin in the video. Then he explains that his Wagner troupe is conducting reconnaissance work - and adds: "It makes Russia even bigger on all continents. And Africa even freer." Notorious for their brutality, Russian fighters are active in several African countries.

Talks on military cooperation: Iranian commander in Moscow

In the midst of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, an important Iranian general also traveled to Moscow. The commander of the Iranian ground forces, Kiumars Heydari, spoke with his Russian colleague Oleg Salyukov about military cooperation between the two countries, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow.

Iran is considered an important military partner of Russia. In its war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia repeatedly fires at the neighboring country with Iranian-made combat drones. Tehran has only admitted to having supplied drones to Russia before the war began. However, Ukraine and Western experts see it as proven that military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran is much more extensive.

What is important today

The summit of the Brics countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa begins today in South Africa's economic metropolis Johannesburg. Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin only wants to connect via video. Since the International Criminal Court based in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant against him for alleged war crimes, Putin would have to fear arrest if he traveled to South Africa.