Jill Biden visits Virginia and New Jersey to support Democrats

Jill Biden, the first lady of President Obama, campaigned for Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey governors' elections Friday. She stated that "this election will set an example for the next year" during her first trip abroad as a political aide to her husband.

Jill Biden visits Virginia and New Jersey to support Democrats

Biden spoke at the Edison College early voting rally, where Democratic Governor. Phil Murphy is challenging Republican Jack Ciattarelli (ex-member of the state Assembly). In suburban Richmond, Virginia she also attended an evening event with Terry McAuliffe (Democrat), a former governor, who is running for re-election. It was a tight race against Glenn Youngkin (a businessman).

"We can't get complacent. We must get to work," the first woman, who was born in New Jersey, clapped on the stage to "It's My Life" by Jon Bon Jovi. Jill Biden's joke, "Heck! Today's Friday" received the loudest applause. Go grab a beer, and vote.

Democrats were eager to increase turnout for off-year elections and dispatched the first lady in order to gather support for the Nov. 2 governors’ races. This is the first time Biden has been on the campaign trial since last year, when she volunteered for her husband's presidential campaign. It also highlights the political stakes for White House.

Virginia, where President Joe Biden won with a comfortable 10 percent margin last year, could see a loss in the governor's race. This would spell trouble for Democrats during the 2022 midterms when the control of Congress is in danger of being flipped to Republicans. Despite congressional battles over voting rights and infrastructure, the president's approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in his White House tenure.

The first lady ended her trip by speaking to about 300 people at a grassroots mobilizing rally in Henrico (Virginia). Protesters, who seemed to be criticizing federal fossil fuel subsidies, interrupted her twice. She laughed and said, "You have gotta love democracy."

Biden stated, "Virginia you need someone that you can trust, which is Terry McAuliffe." With Election Day fast approaching, she warned that misinformation could become more common online. She also said, "There are many people who like to twist words around." We know Terry. We are his friends."

McAuliffe called Biden his "very good friend" and stated, "I cannot even tell you how much is at stake." Youngkin was called a "wanta-be" by former President Donald Trump.

Recognizing the stakes, President Biden said Friday while on a Connecticut trip to the media: "Now, Look, I think everyone understands that the two gubernatorial election off-years are a sign of what might happen." Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong.

He said, "I believe Terry will win." He may lose, but I don't know how much of that you put into it, but I believe he will win.

McAuliffe stated that Biden will be visiting Virginia in the next few days along with former President Barack Obama, and Stacey Abrams (the 2018 Georgia governor-elect candidate who rose to national prominence).

As Jill Biden's first lady, she traveled extensively across the country, including to the reliably red states, to promote issues such as public education, community college, school reopening, and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

She continues to teach English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College. Since 2009, she was the first first lady to quit the White House to work full-time.

As the president was on Friday in Connecticut, the first lady traveled with him. He promoted a huge spending plan that Democrats are working to force through Congress, despite deep divisions in their ranks about the final price tag.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group, also filed an ethics complaint against Jen Psaki, White House press secretary. She made a comment about McAuliffe in the briefing room.

Psaki responded to a reporter's question about Virginia's election on Thursday, saying, "We're going do everything we can help former Gov. McAuliffe and we believe in his agenda."

Psaki stated in a CNN interview, that CREW had filed a complaint and she should have used "he" instead "we" to answer the question. Psaki stated in a statement that she would "choose her words more carefully going forward."

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