Comment: The EU Deal, the wrong model

The story sounds coherent. A reconstruction Fund will lend through the Corona pandemic in economic Distress with the Union of strength and a sign of solidarity

The story sounds coherent. A reconstruction Fund will lend through the Corona pandemic in economic Distress with the Union of strength and a sign of solidarity to send. The strong shoulders help the Weak. Because this solidarity is not to be associated with gratitude, it will impede the program of the populists. More money from Brussels is equal to less votes for Salvini and co. - the woodcut-like equation, which is, unfortunately, gone up in the past, rarely.

the historical model can Shine against. After the Second world war, organized in the United States with its Marshall Plan, a reconstruction Fund for Europe, has become a legend.

Currently, but there is little in Europe to build up, not lack of food that would relieve. There is to be financed mainly claims: unemployment and short-time working allowances, pensions, health insurance contributions. The social protection in times of crisis, even more expensive, and the most state budgets are already under Stress. However, for these holes in the budget, the EU is currently the worst address.

Good and bad debt,

You can't talk about unemployment, when there's a dispute about the duration and amount of assistance. You cannot discuss pensions without the retirement age. But to grant foreign voters say their own financial issues, the will. not an EU state, and certainly not the countries that call especially loud to aid

The rescue politicians know that the "normal" state funding is not convey on the citizens of the community and emphasize: It's not about the "bad old debts", but of "good debt." Therefore, in the future, are defined projects, with which Europe is to be made. Of course, no one thinks of a new edition of the EU-funds-built Ghost airports Spain, but who guarantees that it runs better this Time? After all, there must be more money in a shorter amount of time spent. Also, the citizens have to identify breaking points: In Bulgaria you go on the road because of fears that the money from Brussels is once again in the dark channels.

How to be a good European?

for the money to rain from Brussels, the young Generation will Pay. At some point. The Greek sociologist Michael Kelpanides has measured the European consciousness of this Generation in a more elaborate study. And he went there, where the understanding of the needs of the other would have to be particularly large: at the oldest school on the continent, in Luxembourg. Be sobering studies-conclusion: "The coming Together of very heterogeneous national groups, which were previously only superficially, brings them to awareness of how different they are in reality. And this insight can have cohesion of their conscious displacement from each other to a result."

Kelpanides study is only a mosaic stone, but it shows that anyone Who believes in the wonderful idea of European Integration, must not overtax the citizens.

alternatively, projects

the dice have now fallen, should steer the EU the money but there, where the Europeans need to be in the future really are stronger together. In the European common defence, for example. It is, however, with 7 billion Euro in the negotiations, not just lush care.

The EU could also make it where it has been in crisis, the most beautiful sign of European solidarity. Several EU countries (and Switzerland!) difficult taken sick COVID-19-patients from overcrowded hospitals in Northern Italy or Eastern France. A European intensive care bed register, the pledge that in times of crisis, all EU States to assist with health care non-bureaucratic, patient beds, medication, exchange, and masks don't hold back - this would be a historic Signal.

A Signal, for the you can not even have billboards with the note set up to be financed with the funds of the European Union.

author: Andreas Noll

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Date Of Update: 09 June 2022, 09:43

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