Who can't hear must feel: Trumps punishment for Merkel could be boomerang

you must be punished. "We reduce now", the voice of Donald Trump, before he climbs into the helicopter. "But if the Germans are to pay your bills, it's time

Who can't hear must feel: Trumps punishment for Merkel could be boomerang

you must be punished. "We reduce now", the voice of Donald Trump, before he climbs into the helicopter. "But if the Germans are to pay your bills, it's time to think about it again." Germany on probation. The Emperor has spoken – with best Regards across the Atlantic.

The United States have so decided. 11.900 of their soldiers should be withdrawn from Germany. The United States of America? It is apparently, so far "only" the President, Donald Trump. The fact alone that this is no longer the most powerful country in the world already for a long time the same and will always continue to drift apart, speaks volumes. In the case of some topics whose antics have a certain entertainment factor. When it comes to fundamental questions of the security of the West, the unity of Nato and deterrence in the direction of Russia, then the Fun factor is exactly zero.

partners in public lessons

given That the President in matters of this weight as a personal revenge against German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), is, therefore, not only abrupt, rude, and childish, but at the same time very dangerous.

politicians all over the world – and also the actors in Russia and China – can just see that the Western Alliance is divided, and the President of the U.S. granted its partners, to the public lessons. That the Federal government is apparent in the Details of the withdrawal plan – if the word is not too big for the rudimentary collection of ideas – was inaugurated, apparently, was part of the humiliation-action. If Germany spends two percent of its gross domestic product on defense, then it should feel, and everyone should see it.

The Trump Show, of course – especially in his own country so hard hit by the Corona-crisis: Look, the country people, to whom I show it.

Germany is making itself vulnerable

The poor Minister of defense Mark Esper, the task was to communicate the Whole officially. The invented some of the "strategic and operational flexibility," strengthen, "repositioning of forces in Europe", "Reduce the footprint in Germany". You would have spoken with Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the "States directly concerned", he stressed. On demand Esper ("let's be clear, held", so: "say it clearly"): Germany as the "richest country" in Europe should spend a contribution of two percent of the gross national product for defense.

at this point, there is to gloss over, in fact, is nothing: it is Precisely here that Germany is objectively vulnerable. Also, the Federal government – then under the leadership of Angela Merkel – had to increase to Meet said at Nato 2014 Wales, the defence spending up to 2024, "in the direction of two per cent". 1.5 per cent could create Germany well – unless the economy collapses so strongly that the commitment is fulfilled almost automatically. The irony of the story: of all places Belgium, which benefited from the relocation of the U.S. Eucom Headquarters, Stuttgart, to Mons, to defense spending of one percent of GDP.

But a few facts Trump one of his favorite images of the enemy, "Germany", of course, not break it.

elections could Trump slow down

in The end, however, could prove to be the maneuvers for Trump even as a boomerang. In the next few weeks to start the big action, "withdrawal from Europe, moving to Europe", as it was said yesterday in Washington. Only The implementation will take years. And even from his own party's criticism of the Hau-Ruck-maneuver comes. The Congress could thwart Trump yet. It is also possible that it is a democratic act called "elections" stops.

The Federal government has been acting smart. Their reactions to the plans were yesterday, only just above zero. "The Federal government acknowledges this decision", - was stated as only. The great reluctance of other Nato partners also indicates that – apart from the Eskaden of the President – certainly such a thing as solidarity in the Alliance.

deterrence à la Trump

And if the leading politicians in Berlin in these days of elections on may 3 to explain that, Yes, maybe to the US. November "to think the government once again", then it sounds sometimes that you want to say in truth, perhaps, "that a new government will think again". Hope at other times.

in the meantime, the deterrence à la Trump is showing the first effect. This style makes the private Partner a shudder.

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