VW: there are Serious shortcomings in each of the third Golf 8? Recall threatening | consumer

VW is a massive recall looming: The new Golf 8 serious deficiencies have been identified. The delivery was stopped by the car group. The largest German industr

VW: there are Serious shortcomings in each of the third Golf 8? Recall threatening | consumer

VW is a massive recall looming: The new Golf 8 serious deficiencies have been identified. The delivery was stopped by the car group.

The largest German industrial company VW a callback * of the new Golf 8
software threatening problems in the Golf 8 does not lead to the emergency assistant to work Whether further models, and subsidiaries are affected by VW , is currently

Update from Friday, 29.05.2020 tested to 14.55 at: VW has to contend with the production of the new Golf 8 apparently with even more problems than previously thought. After the debacle with the error emergency assistant eCall revealed where the recently internal investigations of Volkswagen many of the production problems on the a callback more and more likely.

The Business Insider VW-documents before the documents are that currently only one third of the Golf 8 error-free by the Band. Only 39.2 percent of all Golf 8 to 10.03.2020-new vehicles, the VW-internal quality have survived control. Typically, VW expects to have 650 errors at 1500 cars. Frequently to be registered at the Golf 8 production in circulation, but after the End-installation of more than 2000 errors through the quality control. But that's not enough.

VW for a recall of the Golf 8: Software threatens error accumulate

underground values are mainly caused by Software errors. Apparently, the VW fix engineers, but problems all the fault of the cars. So to have disconnected in many cases, the employees just the battery, in the hope that the Software works again after the reboot correctly, according to Business Insider.

VW-Internal is apparently made by the Management responsible. It is because of the focus on electric mobility will not suffice capacities for the development of the Golf 8.

make All these problems a soon-to-be callback of Golf 8 increasingly likely - if not because of the emergency assistant eCall, then because of another Software problem.

VW recall, in danger of extradition

original message from Monday, 18.05.2020 stopped to 09.06 PM: Kassel - The German car maker VW must be set in his new Golf 8 to a callback. Already on Thursday (14.05.2020) were from VW, the supplies for the new Golf 8 for the time being, stopped . Since then, no new cars are delivered to the end customer. The Golf -production continues according to the VW group anyway. However, the manufacture of new cars stay in the camp.

VW threatens recall of the Golf 8 - these are the reasons

The threat of callback at VW group of Software problems as the cause. Is affected in the Golf 8 is the electronic emergency assistant eCall. According to VW a reliable data transfer could device not to be ensured at the wheel.

The Problem, it was found according to the largest German industrial group at the internal Tests in the VW group. The force travel Federal office (KBA) has been taken no decision yet about a possible callback . This is expected according to the preliminary stop of the deliveries, in the next days. To fix the Problem with Golf-8-models , it could be a Software Update already. If one is arranged, it remains to be seen.

+ VW is a massive recall looming: The new Golf 8 serious deficiencies have been identified. According to a report by the Business insider, every third Golf 8 is defective is to run from the Band. The car company has already stopped the delivery.©Julian Stratenschulte/d pa

VW: Of a possible recall of the Golf 8, thousands of customers would be affected

On Friday, the 15.05.2020, was from the group's circles, which are probably affected at least 30,000 products of the new Golf 8 of Software problems and may be a callback* is pending.

The new Golf 8 of VW group has expected more teething troubles than of the car manufacturer from Wolfsburg. Actually, should be produced in 2019 100,000 vehicles in the Golf-8 series at the location Wolfsburg . In the end, almost 8,400 pieces of the new model, however, has been completed. Also from the workers ' representative of the VW group's harsh criticism in the last week came for this purpose.

VW: Therefore, a recall of the new Golf 8 will probably

A spokesman for the company VW referred to the fact that it is in the EU since 2018 was required to mount such an emergency facility. is The power, according to the editorial, a callback of the new Golf 8 is more likely. According to the EU regulation of 31.03.2018 new car must be equipped models in the European Union with the early warning systems, eCall.

This is able to communicate in case of a severe accident, independently of the Europe-wide emergency number 112. According to the regulation, the System, which is also installed in the new Golf-8-model: must be able to be triggered also by Hand.

VW: Not only is the Golf 8 is of a possible callback

Not only VW has not imposed for its Golf 8 is a stop of the delivery, the car maker Skoda is currently shipping its model Octavia affected. Since the model of the Czech sister brand of VW group are similar in structure, it is likely that it could also come in here on some vehicles to malfunction. Also here is a callback could be likely.

The basic structure of the Golf 8 , the Seat Leon and the new variant of the Audi A3 in addition to the Octavia, in a similar way. Whether it's problems in the two models also Software, is currently being investigated.

recall on VW: BMW had to call back in the last time some of its cars

this month, may, were already vehicles of the brands BMW and Toyota of a recall affected. Whether it comes to the Golf 8, VW* so far, it remains to be seen.

But not only in the automotive industry, it came in last time to call return . A disinfectant was affected by such a recall*.

The Brauerei Zötler launches recall of popular beer. This is the Wrong* May rupture.

There is a recall at VW: In older models of the VW Golf and VW Passat can trigger the Airbag fault. The auto giant is calling back the vehicles concerned.

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Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 08:35

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