Tönnies's debt To the Corona of the outbreak of angry parents, go to meat Boss

Carolin L. (38) from Gütersloh, fights back tears as she tells how she is. The mother of a two-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter learned yesterday after

Tönnies's debt To the Corona of the outbreak of angry parents, go to meat Boss

Carolin L. (38) from Gütersloh, fights back tears as she tells how she is. The mother of a two-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter learned yesterday afternoon that all of the kindergartens and schools are closed in the district of Gütersloh again. And have just been tested because of the meat company Tönnies 657 employees in a positive way to Corona.

The district of Gütersloh, in the 360,000 people live, has exceeded the critical mark of 50 new infections are among per 100,000 population significantly. The policy must be in order. And the district administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer opted for a closure of educational institutions. For the graphic designer Carolin L. this means: "I have to work now in the Home Office and me at the same time to take care of the children." FOCUS Online Carolin L. holds a sign that says "We need education, not a cheap meat".

Three months have kept the whole family by. "We were all so glad that we had survived and the normal life re-started." Carolin L. with your self-made cardboard sign to photograph you in big letters wrote: "We need education, not a cheap meat." While the shield holds in the case of the Demo, irate parents, some 500 meters in front of the private estate of the meat producer Clemens toennies in the air boils with rage: "Disrespectful" is the decision of the district Council.

"We need education, not a cheap meat,"

"Disrespectful", the word she repeats, "to those who have no Lobby. On the other hand, lobbying has been operated by the Finest.“ She says the company Tönnies. "That is preposterous," she complains. "How can it be, that the conditions in the case of Tönnies are all known for a long time, he is allowed to self-test and now, where it explodes, first of all kindergartens were closed? How can that be the first reaction?“ The same Demonstration should therefore run "in front of the circular house", in the district Adenauer sits. FOCUS Online family Rudolph is pissed at the meat boss.

The other 20 parents in the Demonstration on Thursday morning in Rheda see it in a similar way. While your little children to paint in the rain with Chalk sun and rainbow on the narrow street, give you Interviews. Marcello, Rudolph, 35, is pushing the stroller, while his wife wears the 16-day-old newborn on the Arm, and the four and a-year-old siblings to stand next to the parents. Marcello Rudolph is critical of the meat company sharp: "Tönnies is the responsibility. All employees would need to be tested, as they came back from home leave. We as parents have to deal with the now and see how we get on with it.“

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"It was perhaps a mistake to test all of the"

explanation: Gereon Schulze Althoff, Director of the Tönnies-pandemic-rod, had said yesterday in a press conference in kreishaus Gütersloh, that only those employees who smears were made, which were longer than 96 hours abroad. Who was the shorter way, could go without a Review to his job. The meat group was after the lifting of travel restriction on the 15. To be obligated may not Tests.

But Schulze Althoff, regarded as a European specialist in food safety, nevertheless acknowledges: "It was probably a mistake to test not all of them." Thomas Kuhlbusch, head of the crisis unit, said to FOCUS Online: "I would have wished that the right of entry law on the 15. May also have been considered. I would have liked to see that the company Tönnies would have made of all the staff smears that came back from your vacation.“

The error may come from the people in the district of Gütersloh and possibly also of the company Tönnies, the covering according to its own figures, 20 percent of meat demand in Germany and one of the largest meat producers in Europe is expensive. FOCUS Online met a food entrepreneur from Rheda. In April alone, he lost 40,000 euros, and he put the fear of further losses. He is angry and disappointed: "We were back on the road to normalcy."

The entrepreneur, who does not want to give his name, draws a clear conclusion: "The company Tönnies has certainly done something, but it was not enough." The same applies to the policy: After the Corona outbreak in West meat in Coesfeld, Germany, in early may, politicians from many parties had announced that something must change. "It is nothing," says the entrepreneur.

"Modern-day slave trade in the meat processing industry,"

the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), was upset about this alleged inaction of the government in Berlin this Morning in the WDR solid: "I'm mad that the Cabinet announced to Coesfeld, a change in the law, and this has now been postponed until after the summer break". Laumann criticized the System of work contracts in the meat processing plants: Here, a classification was created that was fine. Laumann, literally, "the owners of The farms are no longer responsible for the employees who have contracts."

According to unconfirmed messages should have the case of Tönnies, over 4,000 out of a total of 6,400 employees of such plant contracts. For the employees, who are often coming from the Southeast European countries like Bulgaria or Romania, and in the case of sub-contractors employed, this means, according to the Oldenburger pastor Peter Kosen, among other things: No continued payment of wages, unsafe health insurance, no regular working hours, violation of labor protection rules.

Peter Kosen, who presents today together with co-authors in Rheda-be brück the book "The pig system", speaks of a modern slave trade in the meat processing industry, and denounces the "scandalous living conditions". Karl-Josef Laumann calls: "The one who owns a slaughterhouse, must take responsibility for its employees." Without mentioning the name of Tönnies, it was clear who was meant.

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Anger at Laschet-statement on the origin of the Virus

For Irriation NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), caused a stir. On the sidelines of a meeting in Berlin he had done to a question on the role of the previous relaxations for the Infection in "Tönnies" the identified from his point of view of the responsible person: "This says nothing at all", said Laschet to the relaxations. "Because Romanians and Bulgarians are entered, and since the Virus is coming from. That will happen anywhere. (...) This has nothing to do with loosening, but with the accommodation of people in accommodation and working conditions in factories."

The statement sparked in Rheda-Wiedenbrück additional displeasure: "This annoys me very much," says Gabi Algerwissen (53). The mother of four children, finds it "impossible that the people in the meat plant, now also have to serve as scapegoats. You are in the German language, hardly to be powerful, to be exploited, go to work sick, because they are afraid of losing their low-paying Job and have to read now berate.“ Anke L. customer in a bakery, sees in such statements a threat: "Such a thing can also call right-wing radicals on the Plan." FOCUS Online Gabi Algerwissen.

The people in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany have had enough of the buck-passing game and, above all, from the Lockdown. "My daughter had on Friday your Abifeier, which would in any case be walked only in the small frame. Now is even,“ says a bakery shop assistant. "It's just sickening." The Tenor in Rheda: The people have had enough. "It goes slowly to the Psyche, says Anke. l., technical assistant, works as a cytologisch -. You've booked your family holiday in Germany. "May I come even if I'm from Rheda-Wiedenbrück?"

"All because people want to have a Kilo of Minced beef for a Euro"

On weekends, the tennis club, Cor Rheda would have to riding after a long time, a tournament best. The opponent Kirchhellen has canceled, say, a tennis player from the club. The son of Bettina Gajewski (56) had been looking forward to his Rugby Training. Cancelled until Further notice. "All this just because people want their Kilo of Minced beef for a dollar, and you don't care about that cheap meat is produced on the backs of contract workers," says Anke. l.

What upsets many people especially: That the day-care centres and schools are affected across the district of Gütersloh. "Although most schools and daycare centers in the district of Gütersloh but no children of the contract workers, says Marcello, Rudolph, comes from Langenberg, at the Demonstration in front of the home Tönnies. His daughter Naila (4) brings the Situation of 48,000 inhabitants, Rheda-Wiedenbrück to the point: your friends in the Kindergarten name is Sam, Paul, and Peter. The must not see you again for now. "Dumb" finds the and: "Of Tönnies's fault." Merkel is the AfD in the Bundestag with the one-liners emergence and garners loud applause, FOCUS Online/Wochit Merkel has AfD in the Bundestag with one-liners emergence and garners loud applause Up to 40 degrees are possible: Extreme heat wave rolls on to Germany to PCP Up to 40 degrees are possible: Extreme heat wave rolls

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