The thieves of hashish, which invested in valuable gallos de pelea

Apparently it was a recreational property, a second residence in the area of Valdezorras, on the outskirts of Seville, to relieve the humid heat of the andalusi

The thieves of hashish, which invested in valuable gallos de pelea

Apparently it was a recreational property, a second residence in the area of Valdezorras, on the outskirts of Seville, to relieve the humid heat of the andalusian capital splashing around in the pool. But when the Guardia Civil broke into the house a couple of weeks ago, was found outside in the courtyard with a reñidero of roosters, the ring which held fights between these birds, with cages perfectly enabled where they rested 200 cocks of race, some of them award-winning. In addition to animals, they also found bales of hashish, nearly 2,000 pounds, three arms, six vests identifying the Armed Institute and lights of priority for police vehicles.


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The villa was the store where his owners kept the drug, and they robbed other criminal organizations, what is known as “rollover”, posing as police officers and pretending to controls. The true researchers of the Civil Guard have stopped already 17 people linked with this network, all of Spanish nationality, among them a woman. The agents suspect that they used the hashish that sustraían other bands to defray the cost of keeping so many roosters to fight. The care of one of these specimens of the race amounted to several thousands of euros.

“The facilities of the cocks were in perfect condition, it was hardly a hovel, they even had concertinas in the walls to prevent entrance to the interior of the farm,” explained sources of the research. The first arrests were carried out for 15 days and the last day of New Year. The operation, baptized precisely Reñidero, it is still open and additional arrests are expected. Throughout these days, the Guardia Civil has registered homes and buildings in several localities of the province of Seville.

The network was well organised, explained the sources consulted. The ringleaders, a couple of people, engaged more directly from the cock fights. The organization also had reporters, in charge of notifying of the transfer of cannabis from other drug gangs, and those who ran the rollovers, posing as agents of the Civil Guard.

it Was precisely one of those false police checks which alerted the agents. The complaint this summer's theft of a rental van has been robbed at gunpoint finished not convince the researchers. They doubted his veracity, and began to search the vehicle, suspecting that it could have been used to transport hashish. The civil guards were located the farm that had been in the van and decided to watch her. When they saw going out to other two cars, given the high and register them, they found several bales of hashish in the interior of the boots.

The agents are still unaware of since when operated the organization or how many robberies of hashish to other drug gangs have been made. The detainees are accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, robbery with violence and intimidation, illegal possession of weapons and one of them is crime against road safety by not having a licence.

rollovers are activities that tend to generate retaliation on the part of the organizations of drug traffickers that are caught and to which they steal their merchandise. Reprisals are becoming more and more violent, as evidenced by the latest adjustment of accounts in Chipiona at the end of the last month of September. Three men, two Portuguese and one moroccan, were tortured and thrown to the highway linking the town of cadiz with Sherry. One of them died. The driver, a French national, she starred in a persecution that became viral and ended with the man arrested in the seville neighborhood of Los Remedios.

“The revanchas by the rollover events are coming up in intensity”, confirm from the Civil Guard. The researchers highlight the importance of the dismantling of this organization because, the fact of the worth of their vests for the theft of cannabis and other bands, causing in its own operations, were received in the “more hostile than usual.” “If they believe that only they will seize the drugs, but that they're not going to stop, suspect”, say sources close to the investigation. In addition to the drugs, the guns and the vests of the Civil Guard, the agents have also been requisitioned 46,000 euro in cash and four high-end vehicles.

Date Of Update: 03 January 2020, 15:00