The miracle of the park that sank over a parking lot

“To this part only because I get paid. I of it would not be here.” A firefighter is moving forward with caution so this Sunday was a garage and only 12 hours af

The miracle of the park that sank over a parking lot

“To this part only because I get paid. I of it would not be here.” A firefighter is moving forward with caution so this Sunday was a garage and only 12 hours after it became an endless amount of rubble, cars crushed and columns of ruined. The irony of the matter is that, in the background, there has been luck. The sinking of a children's park where kids were playing evening after evening before the eyes of their parents came at 6.30 on Monday in Santander. Not had kids in those courts now shattered. The city sighs, relieved. Nor were there any adults picking up the car on my way to work in these blocks of official protection of humble families where they live about 500 people.

The miracle to which you refer neighbors, police, and Civil Protection is perceived as only looking after the tape, which prevents access to the curious. The sport tracks the flying balls have been sunk several metres of the surface, the banks in which sat the greatest observe, twisted on the floor, to the mixture of curiosity and resignation that accompanies the tragedies that remain half-way. There are even those who have been lucky and your car has come out relatively unscathed from the avalanche of rocks and foundations that fell on them. The worst part to suffer from depression as those whose vehicles are still under the ground.

The fear of the neighbors was dissipating little by little, as the agents confirmed that all were safe. “In one case we had to awaken to one that was asleep, for he had taken a pill the night before and not picked up the phone,” recalls the mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, who was still hanging around the area.

Count the neighbors of this residential neighborhood with many young couples and children that a powerful roar he awoke early in the morning. Ana Martinez, 42 years, have two little ones who used to enjoy the “best park in the area”. “It was really cool”, they make some girls who photograph the scene. Martinez explains that the residents fell quickly to a civic center that serves as the control point.


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Angy Vasquez, 26, has become in reporting of exception about what happened. The bar that runs, the Gran Cafe Santander, was the refuge for the parents letting their heirs running around among the trees, swings and goal posts now devastated. Now it was a room of round and in rows. “Flip the children that there is here a day in the evening,” explains the waitress, exchanging opinions with small and older.

The adults speculate that the area, near some marshes, is of soft ground, and that there was evidence that the building was no longer adequate. 14 years ago, the four blocks of flats were built and promoted by the public company Geviscán. Neighbors had complained of water leakage on the floors of the garages of the part demolished for five years. In fact, they had won a trial, and it was planned that the works on waterproofing of the park began in February. However, this hypothesis was ruled out by the Government of Cantabria. According to the regional Executive, the event can be attributed to a deficiency of the plate on which it sits the park.“The weight of the earth of the playground, aggravated by the humidity caused by the rains of the last few months is the most likely cause [of the sinking]”, according to confirmed to THE COUNTRY, José Luis Gochicoa, director of Public Works.

The fireman July Revolt, which coordinates this non-stop hard hats, and sweat suits and dirty hiking boots, relates that his companions have propped up the underground parking. “We have done as in the mines: as you go forward, make sure that there is still a risk of detachment,” says the endorsement of 20 years in the profession. A few metres further down, their colleagues cut a ventilation duct with a radial to rescue a car that, like the other 76, has been freed to end up in the scrap. The sparks light up the faces of concentration on a computer that is a lot of task ahead.

The event is a milestone for the chavalería, who enjoys the constant work of operators, police officers and 20 firefighters displaced for the occasion. A father says with sarcasm that the real drama of what they will suffer when realize that they have been left without a place of games, usually “full of children”, for a good season. The first tears spilled a small child, but by falling off his scooter. He has also been lucky: my mother was near.

Updated Date: 14 January 2020, 07:00

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