The indiscipline of Oramas accelerates the rupture within the Coalition Canaria

When Ana Oramas climbed on Tuesday to the tribune of the Congress, and reiterated its negative vote to Pedro Sanchez, I knew that I was not alone. Not had behin

The indiscipline of Oramas accelerates the rupture within the Coalition Canaria

When Ana Oramas climbed on Tuesday to the tribune of the Congress, and reiterated its negative vote to Pedro Sanchez, I knew that I was not alone. Not had behind it the Political Council the National governing body of the Coalition Canria between congresses, had decided, by unanimity, abstention Pedro Sanchez, but a good part of the militancy of Tenerife, the real feud of CC, that might be stirred if the parliamentarian is finally expelled.

The member of coalición Canaria reiterated his vote against the appointment of Pedro Sanchez. “I'm going to vote no because above my personal interests and those of my party, are the Canary islands and of this country,” he said. Oramas apologized to his party and denounced the pressures received by the mps that they would vote in favor. “Today I say that I am a brave, a Joan of Arc... are the same as a week ago, I was sold. Nor am I a facade, or this people of the PSOE or We are with the terrorists”, pointed out during his speech.

For the first time in its history out of power, DC, which was founded in 1993, the result of the convergence between insularistas that came from UCD, as the own Oramas, exmilitantes CDS, post-communist and left-nationalist, is in the midst of a very complex internal crisis that the glue of power avoided over the years, and that should be solved in the national congress in may.

on the one hand, the sectors of the eastern islands, more linked to the left-nationalist and supporters of an approach to New Canary, a spin off of CC that currently governs the islands with the socialist party, we Can and the Grouping Socialist Gomera. Some, like the former president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales, pose openly that the leader of NC, Ramon Rodriguez, current vice president of the canaries, is the candidate of a future reunification nationalist. On the other hand, the sector Oramas, also linked to the former president, Fernando Clavijo, regionalism and conservative ruralista very ingrained in Tenerife, where it causes hives any inclination of independence and United we Can is regarded as the devil. Especially, among the large community canary-venezuelan that has been installed in the islands in recent years.


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“That sector has nothing of nationalism,” explains Domingo Garí, a professor of History at the University of la Laguna. “It is connected with the old right franco that ended in UCD”. Gari explains that he never fought for the autonomy. “It was a struggle on the part of the left nationalist, the communists and the socialists. To the right is only interested in the singularities tax of the Canary islands and enhance the town council Meetings from a vision insularista, not nationalist”.

“If the approach of the leaders of the Eastern islands came accompanied electoral support, I don't question,” says a person close to Oramas, who recalled that the Island Council of CC in Tenerife supported the vote against Sanchez. “Tenerife is the island with the most votes brings. In recent years we have recovered support, we're not going to risk that job”. And what is true is that DC, after years of the low, has brought better results in 2019 than in previous electoral events. Although behind the PSOE, the first match of the islands, which has managed to forge alliances of government stable and evict CC institutions.

“I don't think that the expulsion,” says the same source. “In the bases there are also people of the eastern islands that have been positioned next to Oramas and against their leaders”.

Oramas apologized to his party for rebelling. The secretary-general of Coalition Canaria, José Miguel Barragán, who was on the floor when we pray, he announced his vote Sunday, he considered after a inevitable that it will open a record that could lead to expulsion. The secretary of the island of Fuerteventura, Mario Cabrera, that sounds like a candidate of the progressive sector, called for “decisive action”.

“Oramas has put the party in a very tricky situation, delighted herself and her popularity in the networks and in Madrid,” says a relevant person of CC that is located in the center ideologically. While acknowledging that, in recent days, militants of Tenerife called to warn that they would low if DC abstained. 2Pero cannot be overruled by the party leaders”. If we pray just out, is by knowing how many will go with it.

Date Of Update: 08 January 2020, 13:00

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