Short and to the Four-country-Front: Against Merkel's 500-billion-Plan stirs resistance

According to the "Merkozy" now "Macrel". Or is it more a case of "Merklon"? At the height of the Euro crisis, spoke in Brussels of the "Merkozy", if you

Short and to the Four-country-Front: Against Merkel's 500-billion-Plan stirs resistance

According to the "Merkozy" now "Macrel". Or is it more a case of "Merklon"? At the height of the Euro crisis, spoke in Brussels of the "Merkozy", if you wanted to draw to the close cooperation between the then French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel characteristic. Together with Sarkozy's Post-successor, Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor, has now formed a new Not-Tandem.

The "Thrifty Four" stay hard

this Time it comes to the consequences of the Corona-crisis-and a 500 billion Euro recovery package. To its funding, the EU can take for the first time, as a whole, debt and jointly liable. Under the Heading "Corona-Bonds", or "Euro Bonds" had rejected the Federal Republic of Germany and other financially strong countries of the EU, something always. Now, it's opted out of that Front, and behind partners in the former Alliance of disappointment.

"We will not cooperate", - is spoken in the circles of the diplomatic representatives of the "Thrifty Four" in Brussels. There is a reference to the fact that the Four countries in Front of a wide cross-party Initiative and very stable was. Actually quite a liberal-led government (the Netherlands), a black-green (Austria), a red-green (Sweden) and a social democratic-left party (Denmark) come together in your. Austria's Chancellor Sebastian was just the first of them, brought his concerns openly. The stress, instead of the holder of the "Thrifty Four" in Brussels, the Federal Republic of Germany have now given up, in Conjunction with France, a former Dogma of the German government: no EU debt. dpa/Arno Melicharek/BKA/dpa, Sebastian Kurz, the Federal Chancellor of Austria.

The state previously, the provision that the EU may make a Commission no debt. Now you want to record but, exceptionally, which, to the unique challenge of tackling the consequences of the Corona cope with the crisis. To this uniqueness, one may not believe in the circle of the "Thrifty Four" but. "It's like dominoes," says there. Be broken in a brazen bid once, "then there is no stopping". You will put "to the bitter end" against.

Threaten the "nuclear Option"

only one of the four countries to stand firm in need of, because the adoption of the Merkel-Macron-Plan in the European Council unanimity and parliamentary support, not only in the European Parliament. The Dutch "Volkskrant notes": "The last is that the First and the Second chamber (the Dutch Parliament) to reject the extension of the credit capacity of the Commission." Better than this "nuclear Option" was, however, "was to threaten with the nuclear weapon to force Changes". The next EU summit on 18. June will be, the newspaper says, "a single large Bargain".

Quite different as it sounds, however, on the part of the southerners of the EU, which the French are expected to help the German Plan of the most. For the Italian "Corriere della Sera" is a "new good giant of solidarity with Italy," whose beneficial Effect could undermine the populist parties of the country the water, "if Europe cooperates in that it transmits for the first Time, resources from one state to another and, thus, a taboo breaking".

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Von der Leyen

These "giants demoted", controlled by the two key European powers, Germany and France, want to prevent the "Thrifty Four" but not necessarily on the Run. In your circles the parable from the novel "Gulliver's travels been circulating", where the dwarf inhabitants of Liliput are liable to tie Gulliver to the ground. To think need, is to hear that countries such as Portugal, Spain and Italy would pose a threat to your credit rating in the international financial markets, if you would accept the funds from the Merkel-Macron-Plan. Because that would be admitting to other terms and conditions no longer meet.

Elsewhere, in the Green, for example, is the Initiative of Berlin and Paris, however, as a new Start of the German-French motor is celebrated. However, both the European Parliament as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen duped actually. The latter makes the Plan to a mere executing assistant of the Commission to a kind of Secretariat of the European Council. Reuters/Zheng Huansong/XinHua/Reuters EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

And the Parliament will hold a bone, which is him actually much too small. Instead of 500 million euros for the reconstruction of two trillion wants it. Von der Leyen, after all, honor could direct saving to the fact that the European stability mechanism, the ESM is also makes more than 500 million euros and loose, so that the target mark of one Billion for the Corona reaches help. More have already been adopted, helps to avoid unemployment will be added.

European tax point of view?

Only as a grant, such as Merkel and Macron are the billions and billions, but "not feasible", as the CSU financial expert in the European Parliament, Markus Ferber, criticized. Such funding was "simply not serious" because they could be a burden on the EU budget for decades. "If the repayment of the new debt is intended to run on the EU budget, it must be clear that the member States increase in the future, your posts significantly, so that the repayment of the debt is actually possible," calls for Ferber.

such A burden to national budgets is not only to sell in Germany, hard to come by. In the Eastern States of the EU, with concern, that the Weights of the EU-is likely to move services in the South. A country such as Poland can have no interest in the Corona-aid will suddenly become a net payer into the EU coffers.

And so it could be that Ursula von der Leyen stands at the Moment, as a of Paris and Berlin, Driven, in the medium to long term, but a long-held aim of the EU Commission: to make the EU budget more own resources, i.e. taxes. For this, for the Long-discussed European Plastic would be as a Start control. One way or the other – someone the Corona has to pay for help at the end.

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