Russia's battle for the eternal Putin | policy

The Operation of power backup for the Kremlin chief, Vladimir Putin, controls your final. A referendum in Russia is to decide whether the 67-Year-olds may still

Russia's battle for the eternal Putin | policy

The Operation of power backup for the Kremlin chief, Vladimir Putin, controls your final. A referendum in Russia is to decide whether the 67-Year-olds may still remain a further twelve years in office. But the resistance is large and growing.

Moscow (dpa) - Ella Pamfilova wants to leave for Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin nothing to chance. The 66 years as Head of the Russian election Commission, arguably the toughest battle the President proposes in his 20 years in Power.

Almost daily, assured that the referendum on Putin's possibly a lasting remain in office procedures with the objective of under the highest safety precautions. Especially the Coronavirus-there is a great danger. Hygiene stand, therefore, in the Referendum of 25. June to 1. July in the first place. "Masks, gloves and even pens, there is for all," said Pamfilova.

cleanliness was always an issue at elections in Russia. The results of the presidential and parliamentary elections, defendants, international observers again and again dirty Tricks. Also this time, counterfeits are feared. Because a total of seven days will be matched and the Anti-Coronavirus-the rules are strict, is an observation almost impossible, as Russian observers. And also the just-launched advertising campaign for a Referendum has long been regarded as one of the dirtiest ever in Russia.

The state television advertises quite openly in the main news for the new basic law. Moderator Kirill Klejmjonow from the First channel speaks of "our President" Vladimir Vladimirovich. On the Internet Videos, the is to make fear of a no to the Putin-initiated amendment to the Constitution is mounting. There are Clips of Doctors that are fighting heroically against the Coronavirus, including an appeal to vote for the Constitution, so that the health system remains intact.

another Clip shows a gay Couple who adopted a deeply sad boys and him in a dress gives the call to keep Russia from these conditions. The platform Youtube disabled the Video because ride hate verb. Putin has in the basic law, the marriage between a man and a woman anchor. As long as he rule, that there will never be a same-sex marriage in Russia, he promised. To 2036 he could stay in Power after the amendment to the Constitution.

And nothing else as the "eternal reign," the 67-Year-old, such as political scientists and members of the opposition are convinced. The entire process is basically illegal, criticized the political analyst Kirill Rogov. Therefore, would need to be voted on every single Amendment to the Constitution individually.

Referendum now everything should run smooth. Citizens can order the ballot boxes home. Possible electronic voting, and are occasionally part or voting at a resort. Your passports will need to show the face masks protected voters during the voting, only from a distance of two metres. Here, too, observers complain about a lack of control.

"This is no vote, no Referendum, but a Show that needs Vladimir Putin," says the opposition politician, Lyubov Sobol in Moscow. Putin need the ballot, so that he could then delay the people, "the blame for the amendment of the Constitution". The Moscow local politician Julia Galjamina published a of 200 members from 26 regions of Russia-signed a protest letter against the "constitutional coup".

"We call upon all Russian citizens to publicly display their rejection of the abuse of power," it says. The Constitution, destroy the foundations of the state. Without a change of power, there is no development. "We feel the support of the majority of citizens." Galjamina disturbs not least by the fact that elderly people in particular would be exposed to in the Referendum of the Corona-danger of infection. The Constitution promises pensioners an annual adjustment of their remuneration.

Because street protests are banned due to the pandemic for months, breaks down the anger train. In the campaign, "Nyet!" - "No, the eternal Putin" - provides the Opposition on a platform ready-to-Protest-leaflets and posters to Print on. There is an Online Petition with tens of thousands of signatures against Putin's plans. The Approval ratings of the President have been falling for a long time. And therefore, it is said, he wanted to move quickly to the vote, before the economic crisis deepen further.

To the Kremlin this growing resistance from the walls, Bouncing around. Putin had signed the new Constitution already. In effect, he wants to but only if there is a majority in the popular vote. While officially under the Constitution, only the promise of social to be highlighted good deeds and never do the surgery fuse in article 81 of the basic law.

Much of a commitment of the system to loyal designer Artemy Lebedev is observed now in Russia. Canvassed in a Clip of the state of the media with other Celebrities for the Constitution. As he discovered, however, that in the basic law, a special passage in Putin's previous four terms in office - on two - on-Zero, he'd been horrified. "I don't mind that Putin will remain as long as the Tsar, until he becomes a mummy," he said. "But I'm against this in the Constitution."

"Nyet!"-Campaign for a " no " from Putin's permanently remain in Power

survey to the amendment to the Constitution of the independent Lewada-center

survey to the amendment to the Constitution of the national public opinion research Institute VTsIOM

Moscow local politician Julia Galjamina

The new Russian Constitution,

Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 07:33