Paraguay, Uruguay, and Costa Rica: a Successful counter-COVID-19

The American continent, with currently around 2.4 million COVID-19-Infected a sad record value from (source: Johns Hopkins University, state 23.05.). In Latin A

Paraguay, Uruguay, and Costa Rica: a Successful counter-COVID-19

The American continent, with currently around 2.4 million COVID-19-Infected a sad record value from (source: Johns Hopkins University, state 23.05.). In Latin America, the novel Coronavirus to spread seemingly unabated. However, there are three countries, whose Numbers are in for the surprise. According to information provided by the respective ministries of health of Costa Rica 911 reports Infected and ten deaths. Uruguay reports 20 deaths in 753 positive people tested. And the authorities in Paraguay report 838 Infected and eleven deaths.

There is something all three countries have in common: they have acted quickly. This Carin Zissis of the Americas Society (AS/COA), which has its headquarters in New York, he thinks anyway. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to report a positive case of COVID-19, and in spite of its strong dependence on tourism within a few days its borders the castle and travel restricted. Uruguay explained, in turn, the health state of emergency and closed the schools on the same day the first cases were confirmed. "Of the three above-mentioned countries, it is also the country with the highest test," said Carin Zissis, compared to the DW. Paraguay prescribed quarantine measures, after the second case was confirmed in the country.

The three countries were not the only ones who have responded in Latin America quickly to the pandemic. Zissis highlights another fact: All three countries have a relatively small population. "Especially in Latin America, we have seen that huge Metropolitan areas such as Sao Paulo and Mexico city are the epicenters."

Paraguay: How an island

Guillermo Sequera, Director-General of the health authority, Paraguay, draws a positive balance and quoted by the writer Augusto Roa Bastos Paraguay is an island surrounded by Land. This picture describe well the low connectivity of the country to the major cities of the world. The global network determine the speed with which the Virus spreads.

Nevertheless, the island location and the quick response of the government could not keep Paraguay completely from external influences. According to Guillermo Sequeras Brazil constitutes a Problem. "We believe that Argentina has taken the necessary measures, which in the end help the Region and our country. But it is up to Brazil, as COVID-19 regional spread further."

On Monday, Paraguay's President, Mario Abdo Benitez, announced that the boundaries and schools should be the Last one to open, since they are the "most vulnerable Points". "We can't open the borders," he said, "as long as the Virus is spread in our neighbouring countries."

Uruguay: investments that pay off

Also in Uruguay, with a view to the neighboring country of Brazil to Worry about the achievements to date. "The development points to a successful containment. While the mortality rate on the rest of the continent is six percent, she remained in Uruguay is stable at 2.7", so Giovanni Escalante of the pan American health organization OPS.

As the most important factors that contributed to the successful containment of the Coronavirus in the South American country, called Giovanni Escalante "for more than 15 years, a persistently high level of public investment in the health sector". We would add that the strength of its institutions and its democratic Tradition to give Uruguay an advantage over other countries in the Region.

Costa Rica: Technical innovations

Also, in the case of Costa Rica, the strong health system was a key factor in the fight against the pandemic. The local population is 79.6 years, the longest life expectancy in Latin America, says Evelyn Gaiser of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Costa Rica. The costa Rican social security Fund (Caja Costarricense de Seguridad Social) has hospitals all over the country and has more than 50,000 employees, the equivalent of one employee per 100 inhabitants.

According to Gaisers Costa Rica stands out in dealing with the crisis by "agility and spirit of innovation". The government has worked closely with private institutions and the recommendations of experts of the medical technology set. The innovative solutions range from the development of protective equipment with the use of 3D printers to the establishment of a COVID-19-cases specialized hospital in only eleven days, says Gaiser of the DW.

Since the beginning of may, Costa Rica is testing all incoming truck drivers at COVID-19 and under to travel further to say that until the test results are available. Thus, 50 infections were observed. According to the local Ministry of health, a single truck driver could infect 18 people in Costa Rica. Considering that the daily number of new Infections has remained in Costa Rica in the past few weeks, between three and 16, was prevented a considerable number of COVID-19-disease.

author: Viola Träder

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 06:26

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