P1 boss about a crisis in the night clubs: restaurateurs should now take the Chance

Hardly anything, which has determined our everyday lives, is still running the way it's always gone. Almost none of it has easy. We can speak for the catering

P1 boss about a crisis in the night clubs: restaurateurs should now take the Chance

Hardly anything, which has determined our everyday lives, is still running the way it's always gone. Almost none of it has easy. We can speak for the catering sector. In the current situation he is facing a huge challenge. The Shutdown by the end of March was a huge blow. To be honest, many companies do not or only with great difficulty by this crisis and recover to be even.

Anyone can from the crisis

learn, Nevertheless, we are of the firm Belief that Everyone can learn from crises. This is true not only for us in P1, but for any entrepreneur and, of course, for anyone who is affected by this crisis. We find that everyone can now take chances. He must find and follow. The future lies before us. Exciting, but just no time?

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After the dramatic Shutdown has saved many people's lives, we were just like other restaurateurs, and event management agencies only be shocked once. Uncertainty was wide and didn't like us at all. We don't like uncertainty, we want it to be. As a Team, we have opted for a bold way.

Since the first day of the shutdown, we have been busy to develop new business models or/and to develop completely new lines of business. We have learned that all ideas and innovations one can imagine: the digitization.

For the entire hospitality industry, it is therefore time to conceptually develop. Because socially we are all on big challenges. Therefore, we should not occlude us from the impending problems, but they are so good it is with optimism and curiosity to solve. About the guest authors

Sebastian Goller 32 years old. After several years of residence in Spain, London and Berlin in 2013 he took on the position as managing Director in one of the oldest night clubs in Germany - the P1 Club in Munich.

We make more and beat digital way a

friends in the evening to meet, have a drink, flirt ,dance and let go of everyday life. For almost three months, is no longer in Clubs and Bars. We stand to offer people a distraction from everyday life – whether it's through music, art or culture. We and all the other restaurateurs celebrate the life, the love, the friendship, the We-feeling. Our role for the society is extremely important. We promote social interaction and being together.

Our guests is missing – and us, of course. Many people goes like this. You miss the night life, the go away, the beautiful memories with your friends, colleagues and family - no matter in what Region of the world. To dismiss them out of Hand, the people is to enrich through music, Dance, art, and culture in everyday life.

it is important For us to use in these times of digitalization so, in order to offer people the courage, Confidence, and security. On social media the. We are available to our guests for the time being, only digital on the go. With Merchadising, Facebook posts, Live Events, and we try to make the best out of the Situation.

But that is Good, it will also be in our industry is loosening. Caterers and event agencies should also use the opportunity to think digital. Your POS systems, for example, revise a new reservation handling set-up and formulate innovative concepts. We can only make suggestions and speak from my own experience.

Together, we create the

Clearly, we are not able to know how these new concepts arrive in the end. Finally, it is unclear when loosening possible for us to be. But it will give. Therefore, we look confident and positive in the future.

to Us it is a matter of the Heart more. Clearly. The P1 will be after the Covid-19-pandemic more. As soon as it will be possible, if the circumstances allow it, and the authorities give her the green light. Then the world turns again and we will see us again then.

I would like to thank all the guests, partners, the many employees and all the unique artists and musicians that are available to us. Together, we create the.

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