Old nurse pulls the Corona balance: people have applauded, but understood nothing

Annika Kuhbandner Director of the AWO senior center Knetzgau is. In an Interview with FOCUS Online, you draws a sobering Corona-the balance sheet and explains w

Old nurse pulls the Corona balance: people have applauded, but understood nothing

Annika Kuhbandner Director of the AWO senior center Knetzgau is. In an Interview with FOCUS Online, you draws a sobering Corona-the balance sheet and explains what she would want from politics and society to the care of the hype of the past few months.

FOCUS Online woman Kuhbandner, Doctors, the sick and the old nurse: they were all in the corona of crisis of the policy of "systemically important Pillars of society". How was it for you, "to keep the System" up and Running?

Annika Kuhbandner: I'm not always quite sure what to make of the term "system-relevant". The fact is: For the care of the elderly were extremely challenging months. But there were also many moments in this time I have left due to their emotionality in memory. As the visit was to prohibition, we have, for example, organizes a concert in front of the home and all the residents on the balconies brought. The one and a half hours of music have given our residents great joy. But also the nursing staff has done well. We had the feeling to not be alone anymore.

FOCUS Online : There was a lot of reports about the tense Situation in old people's homes and their residents as high risk group. In a residential home in Würzburg in mid-March, have died, for example, 20 people to the Virus. What are the biggest challenges were for you at that time?

The mental strain for the nursing staff of enormous

Kuhbandner: For all of us, the psychological pressures were especially enormous. The nursing staff could never be sure if it was possibly infected themselves, and as a result, the whole set-up infects. And, of course, have not left us, the messages from the other facilities cold. With this permanent fear to deal with, everything was easy.

The second major challenge was the prohibition of the Visit. We did not know how our residents come to realize that you lose from a day to another, suddenly all of your social contacts. We have tried to compensate for the loss of reference persons, as well as it went by, we arranged to Meet via video chats or from the balcony. At the same time, we have not conducted despite a lack of personnel even more conversations with our residents, to you allow with their Concerns and needs alone.

relations have become more intense, which means all of us very much. At the same time, this intensive care has cost a lot of strength, because we had to make do with the same personnel.

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"The Hype surrounding us, is so vanished as quickly as he

FOCUS Online In the society" has changed the public image of nurses during the crisis to Positive. On the balconies clapped and her career was praised as heroic. Has that changed anything for you in a sustainable way?

Kuhbandner : no, of course not. The Hype is gone as quickly as he came. But a Hype, we don't need at all. We simply want to, that our work is regarded as highly professional and sophisticated. This technical component was not seen, in my opinion, during the crisis. Instead, we have reduced many to the Status of the do-gooders engaged in a Job that can supposedly make everyone.

of Course, the vast majority of care workers have a large degree of empathy, otherwise they would not do this Job, and also a high level of professional competence but. I would have liked that the society is developing in the crisis of a consciousness. Unfortunately, this is not happening. The people have applauded, but understood nothing.

FOCUS Online they Feel that society has abandoned?

Kuhbandner: as far As I would go. We have just received at the regional level, a lot of support and I credit the people up here. The attention with increasing duration, and a weakening of the crisis goes back, is somewhere understandable. What bothers me the most is that the same thing is happening on a political level. During the crisis, it was a very Central theme, how to make nursing profession in Germany more attractive, and the System can improve. Of a few weeks is felt later, nothing more.

"The Bonus is a nice gesture, but ultimately worthless,"

FOCUS Online What had you hoped for specifically by the Hype of your career during the crisis? After all, there was of the policy on care for the elderly a Bonus of up to 1500 Euro.

Kuhbandner: that we will no longer be perceived by society just as those that the old people put it crudely wiping the butt.

What relates to the policy, the Bonus is of course a nice gesture, but ultimately worthless, if not into the industry is to be heard and to be openly addressed problems in a sustainable way. 1500 Euro help me a little if I need to work as a facility Manager with a staff key, which allows me only with the greatest effort, to the care demands.

FOCUS Online Is the policy at all the right addressee for your claims? Finally, the negotiate most free and private commercial carriers with the health insurance, such as staff and maintenance records.

Kuhbandner: The politics of more pressure on the health insurance funds would have to exercise the and uniform regulations to be fixed. It can't be that the be passed on more costs of care for the elderly - for example, for more personnel to complete the family. The could hardly afford someone.

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With an increase in the staffing ratio would be much

FOCUS Online Which claims you've won, specifically, to the policy?

Kuhbandner: There was an increase in the personnel key, and urgently needs. Thus, there is much to be gained, because I am of the opinion that young people are not deterred by the salary, to go in the care. Many are often shocked, even positive, if you know what you can earn in nursing.

What makes the profession, however unattractive, are the huge work loads and the lack of time to devote himself to the people sufficiently. To change this, it is simply more nurses. An increase in the shift allowances I think are useful, so that people will be rewarded, which are flexible and also on the weekend or holidays work.

FOCUS Online : Less than 10 percent of all nursing employees are in a Union. It would not be the time to show solidarity stronger, in order to gain more bargaining power?

Kuhbandner: I'm not so sure if that would have the desired effect. In the end nothing would be left of the carriers, as the pressure from the employees to the health insurance companies pass on. At this point, the System hooks but. More useful, I think it would be if the employer were to close as the representatives of their employees stronger together, so as to be closed more pressure. The greatest lever in my opinion, but the policy sits. In the FOCUS Online In the

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