Now Erdogan in Turkey is attacking even after one of the last bastions of independence

The Turkish President is trying his Power in the country continuously expand - most of the media companies has brought Recep Tayyip Erdogan by censorship and ec

Now Erdogan in Turkey is attacking even after one of the last bastions of independence

The Turkish President is trying his Power in the country continuously expand - most of the media companies has brought Recep Tayyip Erdogan by censorship and economic incentives on its line. With the introduction of the presidential system in the year 2018, he has secured himself as the head of state already generous powers. Critics talk of a "one-man Regime".

But there are still a few bastions of independence: The 80 bar associations in Turkey, which are distributed to the respective provinces of the country, are considered to be relatively neutral institutions.

lawyers were also> 18 years, Erdogan is independent of

after 18 years of Erdogan at the head of government, have retained lawyers in their Position, not to be a stooge of the policy, but defenders of the Turkish Jurisdiction. Therefore, in the recent past, often to disagreements with the Turkish government.

Erdogan government is pushing for "Multi-lawyer chambers"

this easy-going Occurrence, however, could soon be closing. Because the government is pushing for the so-called "Multi-Lawyers".

This innovation provides a bill approved on Monday by the parliamentary justice Commission. It aims to facilitate the cleavage of lawyer chambers. In the future, the members of chambers, in the more than 5,000 lawyers are organized to be empowered to establish an alternative chamber. Prerequisite: come together under the headings of 2000 lawyers who want to.

The change in the law would affect the politically contested cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The Mediterranean city of Antalya, which comes to just under 5000 members, could be affected by the new regulation.

Erdogan: the law make law "more democratic and more diverse,"

In the three largest cities in Turkey are currently organized between 10,000 and 50,000 lawyers in a chamber - could theoretically be established in each of these cities, at least five new chambers.

The law is supposed to make according to the Turkish President, the law "democratic and diverse". The current structure was not in line with the Constitution, is the assessment of the Deputy group Chairman Bulent Turan of the government party, the AKP. DW/H. Köylü lawyers in sit-in strike in Ankara: "defense you can't stop"

The establishment of more than one lawyer in a town is with regard to the right to organise and the freedom of right is essential.

lawyers in Turkey see themselves as linked

However, for many Turkish lawyers and members of the opposition are the emerging "Multi-Lawyers" is nothing more than an attempt to bring the advocacy on the ACP line. It was a matter of law initiative, especially in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir alternative lawyer chambers, which can then be used with government-related persons occupied, says attorney and Executive Director of the opposition newspaper "Cumhuriyet", Akin Atalay. "Later on, you will attract by using discounted Tariffs, loans and similar benefits, lawyers in the government of the middle chambers," fears Atalay: "you are trying to buy lawyers."

Atalay is the independence of the judiciary concerned. He refers to the fact that prosecutors and judges are dependent on the government. You would have to fear to be fired if they support government-compliant decisions.

"If, now, the lawyers are dependent on the government, then it will not be possible, fair courts to be found; especially if citizens with the state are in dispute".

"A court may not know the political mentality of"

Doğan, Erkan - a lawyer and a member of the bar Association of Ankara's criticism that the new law, the political setting of the lawyer in the foreground will become. "Lawyers usually have only the robes - they are uniform. During the hearing, no one knows who he is close to. The new System, however, is back on the political Persuasion of the lawyer's chamber in the foreground". DW lawyer Erkan: "Political Persuasion in the foreground"

A court could not but know the political views of a lawyer, otherwise he could not defend the citizens sufficiently, says Erkan.

"We will never give the stick"

thousands of lawyers do not want to accept the controversial law reform. In 58 of the bar associations across Turkey scattered, was protested. They are especially outraged that the judicial Commission conducted its deliberations without the participation of lawyer chambers. The criticism was also directed against the Chairman of the umbrella organizations of Turkish bar associations (TBB), Metin Feyzioglu. He would curry favor with President Erdogan and not enough behind the lawyers, so the criticism.

Under the Motto of "defence, you can not have organised several bar associations stop" a March to Parliament in Ankara As the state violence of the protest action under the band, it came to violent clashes between the lawyers and the police. But the advocates impromptu: Spontaneous, they organized a sit-in strike in the vicinity of the Parliament.

President of the bar Association: "We are not obedient!"

"We will bow to us never stick to the Regime under the Desk, has drawn", the President of the bar Association of Ankara, Erinc Sagkan. "We are not obedient!"

The police put up barricades to prevent more lawyers, journalists and opposition politicians from the protesters and to join the officials justified their rigorous approach in order that the protestors Corona-were in breach of the guidelines, such as the spacing rules.

The new law must be submitted to the Parliament yet for a final vote, but given the clear majority of the votes of the government coalition, the chances of Erdogan's government are good. The objections of the Opposition remained of the justice Commission ignored. The main opposition party CHP to announce, therefore, to bring the law in the case of the entry into force of the Turkish constitutional court.

Turkish lawyers protest on the fourth day against controversial law

for The fourth day in a row, attorneys in front of the Parliament in the Turkish capital, Ankara, against a controversial law project for the re-organisation of lawyer chambers protested. The government wanted to secure the control over the organizations, criticized the head of the Istanbul chamber, Mehmet Durakoglu, on Sunday.

On Sunday, waited about 60 Chairman of the attorney's chambers in front of the Parliament building, he told the German press Agency. He, himself, is since Thursday in front of the place. The law will go through Parliament, then it is a severe blow to the independence of the judiciary in Turkey.

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