Municipal in Paris : Anne Hidalgo in the pole position - The Point

In the race for Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo enjoys a net advantage in the face of Rachida Dati and Agnès Buzyn. The mayor socialist outbound capitalizes on the

Municipal in Paris : Anne Hidalgo in the pole position - The Point

In the race for Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo enjoys a net advantage in the face of Rachida Dati and Agnès Buzyn. The mayor socialist outbound capitalizes on the difficulties of its rivals in order to get the win in the second round of the municipal capital. The conquest of the City of Light had yet to be the ideal terrain for Walkers : Emmanuel Macron has raised 90% of the votes in the second round of the presidential 2017, and The Republic in march has got a good score in the european last year.

But the campaign quickly turned into a way of the cross for the presidential party, between the bid dissenting Cédric Villani, the change into a disaster of a candidate Benjamin Griveaux after the disclosure of an intimate video and the setbacks of Agnès Buzyn, ex-minister of Health, entangled in its statements on the management of the Covid-19. For the benefit of Anne Hidalgo, arrival far in the lead in the first round (29,3 %) on march 15, in front of the pugnacious Rachida Dati (to 22.7 %) for Republicans and Agnès Buzyn, far behind at 17.3 %).

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With 44 % of voting intentions in the second round, the mayor outbound distance now Rachida Dati (33 %), become his real opponent, and the candidate LREM, taped it to 20 %, according to a survey of the Fifg. The maintenance of Cédric Villani (ex LREM, 7.9% in the first round) " in "independent candidate" in the 14th arrondissement is only a disability in addition to Agnès Buzyn. Paradox, Anne Hidalgo, allied with the environmentalists of EELV for the second round, is the favorite despite a level of satisfaction to the Parisians particularly low for an elected incumbent on the balance sheet of its mandate, with around 40 % of positive opinions.

A sustained campaign

" It has been a effect vote. In the last weeks of the campaign in the first round, there was a progression around Rachida Dati who has created movements of voters could potentially be interested by EELV " to the list, Hidalgo, analysis Emmanuel Rivière, managing director of Kantar Public. "His record of the mandate was clearly in the camp of the ecology. It has recovered some of the momentum rather environmental Parisians, when Rachida Dati has capitalized on the base of the traditional right-to-Paris ", he says. The " vote ", it is precisely the argument of his rival, for which each of the voices that will not be on their own application promotes the re-election of the mayor outbound.

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The campaign was sustained in the capital in spite of the health crisis. With a gives priority to ecology for Anne Hidalgo, who has an agreement with its competitor EELV in the first round, David Belliard (10.8 per cent). When Rachida Dati forged "two basics" of his candidacy, cleanliness and safety. This corresponds to the main concerns of the Parisians, who place cleanliness (74 %), safety (71 %) and the control of pollution (65 %) in the elements that will determine their choice.

New debate Wednesday night

After reflection, Agnès Buzyn has relaunched a campaign slow and poor and a membership of Parisians to the action of the government that it accuses its rivals of " criticize systematically ". Rachida Dati, has few reserves of voice, tries to convince the voters to vote on Sunday, 28 June : "Take ten minutes of your time for six years of your life. "

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The three candidates each have muscled their program of economic proposals, support fund traders, tax exemptions, housing renovation, "Marshall plan" for Agnès Buzyn, to accompany the stimulus and anticipate the social crisis. Ten days of voting, a first televised debate was raised on Wednesday. Anne Hidalgo has left its competitors is écharper around the appeal of Marine Le Pen to choose the candidate LR to Paris. Before that its rivals are not to be found to accuse him of having " grey Paris ". The three candidates will meet for a new debate Wednesday night, four days before the second round.

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