Minister refuses to troops, Ex-generals, appalled: Open military revolt against Trump

for Two years, James Mattis led Donald Trump, the US Department of defense. Now he has Donald Trump with unusually sharp words. He stood behind the peaceful pro

Minister refuses to troops, Ex-generals, appalled: Open military revolt against Trump

for Two years, James Mattis led Donald Trump, the US Department of defense. Now he has Donald Trump with unusually sharp words. He stood behind the peaceful protests in the country and criticized the President as a "splitter".

Trump was the first President, of the he experience, of the not sought to of a the country, but for the past three years, attempts to divide the country, writes Mattis in an article for the U.S. magazine "The Atlantic". "We are witnessing the consequences of three years, without any Mature leadership," said the retired General. The events of this week had him "angry and appalled" by the left, explained the 69-Year-old in the post.

Mattis referred to the Trump desired militarisation of the operations against the protests across the country after the death of the African-American George Floyd during a police operation as an unnecessary error. "At home, we should use our military only very rarely, if it is requested by the governors of the States," writes Mattis in on Wednesday (local time) statement released. The use of armed forces against civilian protests threaten to provoke a conflict between the population and the military, he warned.

unrest in the United States: "A dam is broken,"

The ongoing protests throughout the country have brought tens of thousands of citizens peacefully on the streets and should not be of violence, some law-breakers to be overshadowed, calls Mattis in the Letter. "We need to gather behind a common goal. And that starts with the guarantee that we are all equal before the law,“ explains Mattis. To ensure that the protests for security and order, was the task of the local security forces, he writes.

The US President enlists in days for use of the military to riots bind on the edge of the protest. On Trumps in command of the soldiers and the powers of the Federal government in the capital city of Washington laid out. Patrick Semansky/AP/dpa Donald Trump was in front of the "Church of presidents," with a Bible in Hand, to photograph.

"A dam is broken," commented CNN on Thursday the statements made by Mattis. And in fact, this is noteworthy: for Two years, Mattis worked closely with Donald Trump. At the beginning of 2019, he resigned due to differences of opinion as the Minister of defense. But Mattis did not criticize the President since then. Also when he published his biography, he had not felt inclined to reveal his true view of Trump.

The accusation of schism comes not from anyone, but from a high-ranking Ex-member of the government who know Trump very well. Especially in circles of the US military Mattis for his military services, it is estimated extremely.

width of the Phalanx of high-ranking critics of the military

show The most recent word messages, how heated up the mood in the country. Trump now faces a wide Phalanx of critics. On Tuesday had also shown the former chief of staff, Mike Mullen, shocked, and Trumps government sharply criticized. He sees the American basic values are threatened. He had held back before, to refer questions to the leadership of President Trump position. But the USA are at a turning point. The events of the past weeks made it impossible to be silent.

And Four-star General John Allen, between September 2014 and October 2015, the special representative of the United States for the Anti-IS Alliance, wrote in the magazine "Foreign Policy": The President had failed to show sympathy, empathy, compassion, or understanding – things that the Nation of the Person's need in the highest office now so badly.

Also the Minister of defense Esper is positioned against Trump

Even the acting Minister of defense Mark Esper had distanced himself from Trump. The use of professional soldiers in Germany should only be the "last resort" in the "most urgent and extreme situations," said Esper on Wednesday in front of journalists at the Pentagon. "We are currently in such a Situation."

support that's why a recourse to the so-called insurrection act ("Insurrection Act"), which allows the President to use the armed forces in Germany, said Esper.

All the information on the situation in the USA in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

Ex-President to speak-and it sounds like a criticism, with

Now, the still-living Ex-President to Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, criticized in the opinions, the continuing inequality and discrimination of being Black in the United States. For all the criticism of the government of Trump with sounds.

Obama, the only black U.S. President, described the peaceful protests as a Chance to make progress in the fight against "institutionalized racism" in the United States. It was impressive and a sign of hope that people of all social classes and skin colors involved in the protests around the country, Obama said on Wednesday (local time). The recent events are an "incredible opportunity" because many people would the existing discrimination for the first time aware of it. There is a "change of Mentality took place," he said.

There is a strong Block against Trump

What the US will do-the President now? On the criticism of his Ex-defence Minister Matti's Trump react promptly. He accused him of using Twitter to control mainly the field of self-representation. He had not appreciated its leadership and be glad that this is "the way," wrote Trump.

what is Clear is that the President will continue to try to present himself as commander-in-chief. It is obvious, however, that With the Ex-generals, a strong Block against Trump is formed. And since the military enjoy in the USA a lot of respect and a high level of credibility, could Trump these critics, especially with a view to the elections in the autumn of hurt.

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