Maddie, Inga and Carola: The cases in which it is now against Christian B. is determined

The "reference"broadcast a week ago, when it became known that it will be in the missing case, Maddie McCann to a murder and the suspect is supposed to be a G

Maddie, Inga and Carola: The cases in which it is now against Christian B. is determined

The "reference"broadcast a week ago, when it became known that it will be in the missing case, Maddie McCann to a murder and the suspect is supposed to be a German, will ensure international attention.

But in the meantime, every day new Details about the 43-year-old murder suspect, Christian B. not to be known, had his last fixed place of residence in Germany in Braunschweig. Meanwhile, several state prosecutors ' offices to check other Missing persons and murder cases for possible Connections to Christian B.

FOCUS Online shows the Overview of the cases in which the investigators test relationships.

3. In may 2007, in Portugal, Maddie (3)

gone: The three-year-old girl from the UK spent in the spring of 2007 with two smaller twin sisters and the parents in the Portuguese seaside resort of Praia da Luz in the Algarve, a holiday. Maddie disappeared on the evening of the 3. May from the children's room in the apartment of the "Ocean Club", since then, lacking any trace of her.

All the info on the case of Maddie in the News-Ticker

Christian B. was already reached in 2013 for the first time into the sights of German investigators, after about the case of Maddie in the ZDF-show "aktenzeichen xy ungelöst" had been reported at the time of Maddie's parents and an investigator from Scotland Yard as the guests were invited. The tip came from a viewer of the broadcast, which was reported in the connection. Another note went to the same broadcast for the tenth anniversary. In both cases, these indications ranged according to the Federal criminal police office (BKA), however, neither to arrest nor to further investigation. dpa/Soeren Stache/dpa-Central picture/dpa, Kate and Gerry McCann during a press conference in June, a picture of their missing daughter Madeleine.

Meanwhile, the BKA and the office of the public Prosecutor in Braunschweig are convinced that Christian B. Maddie killed. The 43-Year-old lived in 2007, already for many years in Praia da Luz, and was according to the investigation, shortly before the Disappearance of Maddie in the "Ocean Club". B. currently serving time for another Offence, a prison sentence of nearly two years in Kiel. and could theoretically be soon released from prison.

At the 2. May 2015 in the districts of Stendal disappeared: Inga (5)

in the Meantime, the public Prosecutor's office in Stendal determined in Saxony-Anhalt, whether Christian B. could be for the Disappearance of five-year-old Inga from Schönebeck responsible. The little girl was 2. In may 2015 with her parents on a trip to the Diakoniewerk Wilhelmshof in Uchtspringe in the district of Stendal, on-the-go. Inga didn't come back after she was losspaziert with other children go for Wood for a camp fire in the forest. The Region is located about 100 kilometers northeast of Braunschweig. B. was at that time in the lower Saxon town and operating a Kiosk.

dpa forces of the police are looking for at the 3. May 2015, a day after the Disappearance of Inga, a forest area in Wilhelmshof after the five-year-old girl.

on the Basis of a record made accident on a motorway Parking in Helmstedt, it could be demonstrated that B. was only involved on the day before the Disappearance of Inga in a small accident. In addition, the 43-Year-old was in possession of a foreclosed farm, about 90 kilometres from the Diakoniewerk Wilhelmshof. In February 2016, the police found in the yard in a pit between the bone of an animal with a Stick with child porn. Christian B. for the 2. In may 2015, the police have no Alibi, according to the "Magdeburger Volksstimme".

5. June 1996 in Belgium, disappeared: Carola (16)

Carola Titze from Vechta in lower Saxony in 1996 was in the summer with their parents in the sea, the seaside resort of De Haan in Belgium on summer vacation. On 5. June, the girl disappeared after a walk in the dunes of De Haan without a trace. Carola's mutilated found six days later in the dunes was a corpse brutal – just 200 metres from the holiday village, in which the family lived, reported the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". According to the investigators what Carola had been raped.

The investigation had focused at the time on a 17-to 19-year-old German, with Carola on the evening before her Disappearance in a nightclub, seen together had been. Eye-witnesses have described the man from about 1.80 tall, slim, with brown hair and a short chin beard. Although he is supposed to have East German accent. But the phantom image has a Similarity with B. at that time. And the age fits in about: Christian B. was in the summer of 1996, 20 years old. The Belgian authorities have included the investigation again. Two years earlier, B. had been sentenced in his native town of Würzburg, due to sexual abuse of a girl to a youth sentence.

Also the cases of René (6) and Peggy (9) Miss is rolled back

There are two other missing person cases, in which, according to known of the alleged perpetration of Christian B. in the case of Maddie, will also be re-investigation files rolled have been. When is René Hasee. The six-year-old from Elsdorf was with his family as Maddie in the Algarve, as he Luz disappeared on 21 June 1996, only 25 kilometers from Praia da removed without a trace. Meanwhile, the authorities exclude, however, that Christian B. might have something to do with the Disappearance of René.

19 years Ago is gone, the then nine-year-old Peggy Knobloch from the upper Franconian Lichtenberg. Now the Bavarian detectives are investigating a possible connection to Christian B., the Suspect in the case of Maddie McCann. However, no information is currently available, "that the suspect in the case 'Maddie' also comes as a perpetrator in the case of 'Peggy' in consideration," citing the "image" of Bayreuth, Senior state attorney Martin Dippold.

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