Kühnert wants without experience in the Bundestag: the Trend to Just-politicians is questionable

Who can and may be a candidate for the Bundestag? Our Constitution is clear on this: "you can choose, who on election day are Germans within the meaning of art

Kühnert wants without experience in the Bundestag: the Trend to Just-politicians is questionable

Who can and may be a candidate for the Bundestag? Our Constitution is clear on this: "you can choose, who on election day are Germans within the meaning of article 116, Para. 1 of the basic law and has attained the age of eighteen years.“ Whether someone is a the Bundestag is qualified mandate or not, whether he has a professional degree or not, whether he has to at least be able to read and Write, there's nothing about it in the Constitution and the relevant electoral laws. On the qualifications of candidates, the parties and the voters alone decide.

the public debate about whether the Juso-Chairman Kevin Kühnert to run in the General election of 2021, and may, idle is is. Two non-completed study programmes does not say absolutely whether of the social democratic social globalization advocates and the Grand coalition of his opponents in the position, a mandate to exercise.

any possible misunderstanding: The 31-Year-old is a huge political Talent; Kühnert Bundestag can. That he can't handle personal criticism, is another matter. Anyone who invests in a potential representative of the people of the scale "high school exam", occurs by no means the "CV of millions of people with feet," as Kühnert slightly whiny complains. the About the author: Hugo Müller-Vogg

Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg is a publicist and former publisher of the FAZ.

Who asks for Bundestag candidates to academic education, delivered to a representative of the people only are higher claims than to a Taxi driver, a seller or an electrician

work experience is more important than the title

In the discussion of the academic and professional qualifications of Federal candidates at its core it is something else, more important. Because Kühnert is not the first in this category and by far not the only one. Such "careers" there are in all parties, and the trend is rising. An academic degree plays at parties such as the CDU/CSU and the FDP still has a greater role than in the case of the SPD, Left and Greens. Which is why the Bourgeois are more "Fake doctor's" who had cheated in the drafting of their Dissertation, are blown, as in the groups on the left of the center. But also in the Union have begun to study is no longer an insurmountable obstacle on the way to the parliaments.

Anyway, one should not exaggerate the importance of academic Consecration. Whether someone has brought the study to the end, or doctorate, is no indication of his intelligence. It has something to say rather more about the will and strength of character of a young man or a young woman from, when she or he writes in parallel to all of the political activities of work of the seminar and the exam stress copes.

a Lot of concern is that more and more young people become professional politicians, without ever being a "normal" work investigated, to know how it is, if the safety of the workplace also depends on the order situation, and how it feels, if from the gross income after deduction of taxes and duties, perhaps only half remains.

Who his professional life with diets of more than 10,000 euros a month and after four years in the Bundestag is already a claim to a Pension of 1,000 Euro, without the Euro share, of the knows not really what he decides, if he has the Hand in tax and pension laws stands. Kühnerts experience is limited to a Job at a SPD-deputies, far away from the everyday life of an average voter.

members without a profession are easily absorbed to control

Who, without training and without experience in Parliament, still has a disadvantage: It is virtually impossible to "rehabilitation ready" in case he should lose his mandate of a day. If someone no longer has to show for it, with the end 40 than maybe 16 years of Bundestag, a skilled activity, it will be because as a Lobbyist. Therefore, this "Only politician" from the point of view of the party and the group, guides are not unwelcome.

deputies, which differ in the case of a narrow majority of the party line and, thus, the mandate of risk, as a rule, are men and women who need to make a "port usage" don't Worry, not those that live exclusively of the policy.

One thing is clear: Kevin Kühnerts professional perspective depends, in the first line of the delegates of the Berlin SPD, and in the second by the voters. The former, like the Latter, it is likely to be fairly indifferent to that Kühnert has to show for it outside of the policy. They will decide whether they want a member that helps to back the SPD even further to the left without examination, and professional.

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