Integration in Germany: 5 years after, We create the balance is mixed

Chaos in Germany. On a grueling summer of a turbulent autumn. Every month, tens of thousands in need of protection to reach the end of the country. The authorit

Integration in Germany: 5 years after, We create the balance is mixed

Chaos in Germany. On a grueling summer of a turbulent autumn. Every month, tens of thousands in need of protection to reach the end of the country. The authorities didn't follow with the registration and accommodation.

In August, 2015 Angela Merkel says a sentence that should have a positive effect on the attitude of the population to the refugees. With their evocative "We" provoked to create you but also many. What is the state of Integration today, especially in the labour market?

more Than 800,000 asylum seekers in 2015, come to Germany

At the end of 2015, significantly more than 800,000 asylum seekers came to Germany. Never before in the history of the Federal Republic, it was within a year of so many. In the previous record year of 1992, there were only half the number of protection seekers. The refugees from a war zone - such as in Syria, but were often prepared with little Migration.

Brought in qualifications and skills fit often little to the requirements in Germany. English is not many on arrival could. "Refugees have for many reasons worse conditions for the Integration in the labour market, the education system and other social areas than female migrants and migrants who came on other Ways to Germany, for example through labour migration or family reunification," writes the labour market researcher Herbert Brücker in a recent study dpa/Uli Deck/dpabild The number of asylum seekers who get money from the government for their livelihood, has declined in the past year, re -

The Federal government sees Germany in the migration policy today is "better sorted than 2015" as the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, said. After part of a bitter dispute between the CDU and the CSU and between the Union and the SPD laws for easier deportations have been, for better Integration and for skilled labour immigration on the way. But how well it is managed, the refugees on the German labour market?

refugee-balance after five years is mixed from

in fact, the balance after five years is mixed. The Integration on the job market hooks, but also works well often. About half of the working-age refugees in Germany today, has a Job. In turn, half of them working at the skilled manpower level, says Daniel one-third octave Bach, member of the Board of the Federal employment Agency (BA) in Nuremberg.

Germany is located according to the BA, in the Integration of Refugees into the labour market better than other countries. There is, however, clear differences in the Affected, said third stream. Women are more difficult to integrate. A reason for this: traditional role patterns - they are responsible according to the BA-member of the management Board often for the children, for the family work. That's not why you were often in a sufficient degree of integration and qualification courses. Matthias Balk/dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU, archive photo)

The entry into the German labour market managed for these comers but the bottom line is better, as in the case of the refugees in the Wake of the Balkan wars in the 1990s, stresses the jumper in his study for the Institute for labour market and occupational research. Because The absorption capacity of the labour market was finally just bigger.

What are the hurdles for asylum-seekers in Germany

but There are until today some significant hurdles with regard to the legal position of asylum-seekers. Many allowed to remain in Germany, get only temporary protection. Of the 1.36 million Refugees who were recognised for the year exchange in Germany, had received, according to the Federal statistical office, 80% protection at the time.

The idea behind it: a person fleeing from war or persecution in his country of origin, to find admission in Germany - but as long as the danger exists, and not permanently. In particular, the CDU/CSU to fear, failing to create incentives for migrants to make their way to Germany.

critics complain, however, that this also applies to groups that don't are likely to return without danger to life and limb in their country of origin - such as Syrians. The uncertain future in Germany makes it difficult to be Concerned with the Integration and deters potential employers. Also, the barriers, relatives to catch up on, higher.

In this months qualified have it low on the job market is often particularly difficult. You will lose in the crisis of their Job, such as third brook says. Refugees are severely affected. Because: "No formal qualifications and poor language skills - in particular, if these two features come together, the more job loss," the BA-man.

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