In the eye of the storm: Corona pandemic is raging in Latin America | politics

explode figures of The Infection, the health care system to its limits, the economy goes in the knee: In any other Region, the social inequality is so extreme a

In the eye of the storm: Corona pandemic is raging in Latin America | politics

explode figures of The Infection, the health care system to its limits, the economy goes in the knee: In any other Region, the social inequality is so extreme as in Latin America in the Corona-crisis, many people fear Hunger more than the Virus.

Rio de Janeiro (dpa) - To Asia, Europe and the USA, the Corona has caught the pandemic, now in Latin America with full force. In the Region of the Virus was hitting on under-funded health systems, millions of poor, without social security and a General skepticism of governmental orders.

governments react differently to the invisible enemy: a put their whole country under quarantine, the other just continue as before. A look at the infection happened between the Rio Grande and the land of fire:

BRAZIL: The largest and most populous country in the Region, the new Hotspot of the world-wide Corona pandemic. Almost half a Million people has been confirmed with the novel Coronavirus, over 26,000 patients have already died. The right-wing populist President Jair Bolsonaro does, however, the Virus as "mild flu" and wants to return as quickly as possible to normality. Minister, expressing concerns, be fired. Governors arrange their own protection measures, a disgraced Ex-military as a "bunch of crap".

While abroad, incomprehension and horror of Bolsonaros Corona-is it policy, could its message for many Brazilians rods. At least 40 per cent have no employment contract, no social protection and no returns. "People are more scared to die of Hunger than of the Coronavirus," said the German, Bernhard Weber, the spread in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro food packages. Well, that Bolsonaro it even emerges as a political winner out of the crisis.

MEXICO: Mexico's President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was able to keep up with the concept of the Distance yet never quite do something. "You have to embrace, as already happened to nothing", maintains the left-wing populist to say the kiss with his performances, babies, grandmothers, hugs, and the men embraced. After the infection figures in the country's second-largest country in Latin America further increased, the government declared that the health state of emergency and sent essential industries in a forced break.

Now Mexico is located in the middle of the hot Phase of the pandemic - with more than 8000 deaths, it is among the ten countries with the most Victims. Nevertheless, Mexico should come from the beginning to return to week gradually to a "new normal". Father of the country, López Obrador should look forward to: on Monday he wants to go to a five-day trip through Mexico. In his public appearances, he'll maintain "a healthy distance," he promises.

NICARAGUA: Boxturniere, Festivals, teaching halls, in a full Class - in the Central American country life goes on as usual, as if nothing had ever happened. The authoritarian President Daniel Ortega believes that the Coronavirus was a "sign from God" that the world had taken a wrong path. According to official figures there are around 750 Infected, and a good three dozen Dead. Human rights defenders and activists accuse the Sandinista government, however, to disguise the true extent of the crisis. According to reports, the Dead are brought in at night, out of hospitals, and in a hurry to be buried.

ARGENTINA: in Spite of the toughest lock downs in the Region is the worst nightmare of the Argentine government is now a reality: The Corona-pandemic has reached the slums in the suburbs around Buenos Aires. In the so-called Villas, whole families live together on a few square meters at a Distance is not here to think. In only one week, the cases have, in the Slums tripled. "Our efforts and our work is now focused entirely on the poor quarter," said the last President Alberto Fernández.

Since mid-March in the South American country of rather strict output constraints. With around 14 000 people Infected and 500 dead, Argentina, the pandemic is still well under control. However, if the Virus is going around now in the Villas, could shoot the Numbers up rapidly. "We have a very large population in the Metropolitan area. If you are all together sick, collapses the System," said the Minister of health of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollán.

CHILE All of Santiago is under quarantine, many people are no longer able to work. In some quarters of the Chilean capital, people now go on the road to the aid of the conservative government's claim. Barricades burn, demonstrators throw stones at police, the officers with tear gas and water cannons against the protesters. A police officer was shot in the riots shot.

"The economic situation worried us very much. The people begin to suffer from Hunger, and the health care system is collapsing," said the mayor of the town of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarro, the radio station Cooperativa. Now, the government food distribution packages. In the face of this onslaught, the hospitals, doctors are sounding the Alarm: Nearly all intensely occupied, be beds the chamber of Physicians informed and warned of a moral Dilemma to decide should physicians be soon forced to do it, who will is connected to a ventilator and who is not.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 23:34