Heated EU-Poker for the money: the rejection of crumbling in front of saving seeds

The top-preparer signed the compromise lines have already been pre -. Everything points to the fact that in July the node is hacked, it could be – even if it mi

Heated EU-Poker for the money: the rejection of crumbling in front of saving seeds

The top-preparer signed the compromise lines have already been pre -. Everything points to the fact that in July the node is hacked, it could be – even if it might require an additional, special summit at the very last Minute. An agreement had not yet dried – on the contrary, a EU official on the eve of the summit of knowledge.

it is now but: The EU will for the first time in its history, debts and a greater degree of self-control may collect. "A Deal is essential. The time is ripe", overwrote EU Council President, Charles Michel, in his invitation letter to the summit participants. Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, made during a visit to Berlin shortly before the Brussels Meeting also time pressure: An agreement must still be in July. It is not enough on Friday and Saturday for this yet, so hear in diplomatic circles in Brussels, then the 30 to come. July for a special summit to consider.

Night-time Detention in the confessional

a Budget of over a trillion Euro up to 2027 plus the Corona-aid package, the amount of which will be somewhere between 500 and 750 billion euros, based. In the night from Friday to Saturday, because the diplomats are safe, it is back to the infamous confessional methods – individual meetings of the EU leaders with particularly difficult cases.

candidates for France, Spain, Greece and Portugal, the overly strict conditions for aid payments are, among other things, reject it. Also, it is a matter of how much the Corona-relief granted as a subsidy and how much credit will be awarded. And whether payments from the EU budget should be tied to the condition that beneficiary countries adhere to the rule of law. As a relevant concern in this regard in the EU Parliament circles in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia.

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"The Netherlands threaten to become a new Britain"

The fronts have come in the last days in motion. In addition to the so-called "Thrifty Four" - Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden – as well as the most of Corona affected southern countries of the EU, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have sought closer coordination with each other – probably not coincidentally, the core of the former Austria, the land of the Austro/Hungarian K. and k. monarchy.

if you Believe the published opinion in Denmark and the Netherlands, the denial begins to crumble front of saving seeds. The Danish weekly "Weekendavisen" wrote: "There must be someone who is taking care of the money. So far, the were the British." The Dutch "NRC Handelsblad" was, however, over The Hague situation: "The government is in a resistance group with Denmark, Sweden and Austria, but it is uncertain whether these three steadfast. The Netherlands threaten to become a new Britain".

support for Orban

Surprisingly, the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa jumped to his Hungarian colleague Viktor Orban during a visit to Budapest to the side and spoke in favour of the rule of law mechanism from the budget negotiations to stay out of this. dpa/-/Kremlin/Reuters Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a press conference in Budapest.

A closely with the Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen, a coordinated budget proposal of the President of the Council, Charles Michel, provides for, among other things, an annual rule of law check in the circle of EU leaders. Further measures should only be drafted at a later date.

financial transaction tax, moved, plastic is expensive moved planned for next year

Tentatively in Michel's paper, the Plan for a financial transaction tax. The control competences of the EU, he wants to expand to other fields. So far, they benefited along with the contributions of the countries of the European Union, Mainly from the customs duties and VAT. Add a plastic should now come as early as next year tax until 2023, a levy on the balance-of-led with a problematic climate.

as much as Possible of the Green Deal plans, Ursula von der Leyens shall be saved, in spite of the additional Corona-the financial burden. EU to submit required countries with help of "recovery plans" in the Commission, who must be aware of to 30 percent "green" projects. The Council must then agree to still.

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estimated Total Michel, a Seven-year budget in the amount of 1,074 trillion euros. For additional assistance package of a maximum of 750 billion, the Commission shall record in the international financial markets until the end of 2026 loans. For the repayment period of 1 is. January 2027 to 31. December 2058 provided. In addition, the capital increase of the European investment Bank (EIB).

bait for Economical and Brexit-nest egg

Michel's paper contains a bait for the large net contributors in the EU, these are the "Thrifty Four" plus Germany, as holder of the presidency of the EU has a particular responsibility to ensure that a budget agreement. They should retain their previous contribution discounts. For the Federal Republic of this estate for seven years accounts for almost 3.7 billion Euro, the biggest discount. This clause, however, remained until the summit at the beginning controversial. Part of the plans also include building a cash reserve to cushion the effects of unforeseen consequences of the Brexits is. Five billion euros are foreseen.

Michels X-factor

the results of The negotiations the EU will have to pass Parliament. There, the resentment has grown in the recent time. A number of MPs warn that important EU could suffer programs under the Corona-effort. Emissary of the Parliament, Minister in the German foreign office, Michael Roth (SPD), with the reminder has made representations are in the for Europe the competent state, to keep an eye on. MEPs call for more own sources of revenue in the EU than in the past by Michel provided.

Suitable to the summit, the Parliament has the results of a survey of almost 25,000 citizens submitted in all EU countries. Thereafter, 56 percent of respondents are in favour of a larger EU budget to combat the Corona-crisis. What this snapshot from the June value is, will be, when at the summit of the respective national interests and considerations of the voters will collide. Preliminary tables of the EU in the Overview of President Michel to the individual budget chapters have no Numbers, but only the letter "X".

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