Erdogan's latest move on the part of a cultural Declaration of war on the West

It is a cultural Declaration of war. The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque has a political goal: It's Erdogan comes to the demonstrative humiliation of

Erdogan's latest move on the part of a cultural Declaration of war on the West

It is a cultural Declaration of war. The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque has a political goal: It's Erdogan comes to the demonstrative humiliation of the West. The Church is a cultural Monument of Christianity, for 1123 years the most important place of worship in the Orthodox, 89, emperors were crowned here, and 125 of the Patriarch influenced the history of Christian Byzantium. From Athens to Moscow, the horror of it is, therefore, enormous.

However, Erdogan feixt of an Islamic “resurrection”. His propaganda Newspapers, to praise the provocation as a “Herald for the liberation of Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the Muslims, the Phase of the interregnum leave”. Get free from the “tyranny of the crusaders”.

For naive minds, it is ridiculous icon policy. For optimistic observers, Erdogan wants to collect in the crisis of internal political emotion points. In fact, however, the Hagia-Sophia-coup of a systematically aggressive power politics that threatened Europe follows. About the author

Wolfram Weimer was born 1964 in Gelnhausen, Germany and spent his Childhood in Portugal. He studied history, German literature, political science and Economics in Frankfurt and Washington. He was awarded a doctorate in 1991. He was editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper "die Welt" and "Berliner Morgenpost" and the magazine "Focus". In 2004, Weimer founded a publishing house and the magazine "Cicero". In his publishing house, the newspaper "economy courier", the Magazine "Börse am Sonntag" and "investment trends", as well as the satire portal "Pardon". Since 2015 Wolfram Weimer is also the publisher of "The European".

During the commemoration of the conquest of Constantinople on 29. May was in the Hagia Sophia, the 48. Surah of the Koran (‘The conquest’) is read. On the same day, Erdogan announced the bores in the Greek sea area. One of the ships of the Operation is called Fatih (‘the conqueror’).

Erdogan intervenes militarily massively in Syria and Libya, under the European arms embargo to be running and provoked in North Africa, military-specifically France. On top of that, he is blackmailing Europe with the “migration weapon”, as in Brussels, diplomats warn. The EU is not docile, he opens the borders and send, once again, hundreds of thousands of refugees to Europe. The cynical role of the Doorman of the EU, it can be billions to pay for it. French President Macron warns: “Nato has a Turkey Problem!”

A number of European countries – from Austria to Greece threatens Turkey after the conversion of the Hagia Sophia with the consequences. The Turkish President had committed a “historic mistake”, explained the Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas. This insult to the Christian world, there must be a corresponding answer. The EU, Russia and the United States called the decision regrettable. The Russian Orthodox Church showed itself to be horrified. Pope Francis expressed his Regret: “I think of the Holy Sophia, and it hurts me very much.”

A chain of provocations

Even the sober-minded EU politicians such as EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, and Luxembourg foreign Minister Jean Asselborn warn of a serious situation. It was “very bad”, that Ankara people fought rights activists “terrorists”, and in the Mediterranean sea, the attempts of hegemonic interests, contrary to international law. The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque was also “a blow to the Alliance of civilizations” and remove the Turkey from Europe.

Austria's foreign Minister Schallenberg calls for a change of the EU towards Turkey. The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque was just the “latest link in a chain of provocations”. The behavior of Turkey in conflicts such as Libya or the EU as illegal, classified gas drilling off Cyprus showed that the country “is simply not a reliable Partner of Europe”. Schallenberg, requires the EU to “a policy with a strong edge towards Turkey”.

He reaffirmed Austria's Position to terminate the negotiations with the country's accession to the EU. “I think the European Union should make a clean cut.” In view of the mass arrests of government critics after the failed military coup in Turkey in 2016, the negotiations with the EU on ice.

For Erdogan on the calculus in order. His symbolic political Aggression makes world headlines, and he can II. as heir to the conqueror of Constantinople, Sultan Mehmet, as a champion of Christianity and as a patron of the Muslims to stage.

Erdogan wants to stir up with the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, tensions between the religions are aware of it. Metropolitan Ilarion of the Moscow Patriarchate spoke on Russian state television of a strike against the Orthodoxy. “For all Orthodox Christians in the world, the Hagia Sophia is an important Symbol, like the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome for Catholics.” The reclassification will jeopardize the relationship of Turkey to the Christian world.

“We have not accepted our borders voluntarily,”

Specifically, the relations with Greece are poisoned. With the neighbors fighting Erdogan already to natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean and migration issues. In Greece, Calls are already noisy, as a rematch of atatürk's birth house in Thessaloniki to a Museum for the genocide of the Pontus Greeks to make at the time of the Turkish Republic's founding. The Greeks remind that on the eve of the First world war, only 44 percent of the 1.1 million inhabitants of Constantinople were Muslims. 23 percent were Greek Orthodox, and 18 percent of the Armenian Christians. Most of them were expelled or killed. Historians estimate the death toll in the genocide of the Pontus Greeks, with Figures of between 300,000 and 360,000. Today, a good 17 million people, among which around 2500 Greeks are a tiny minority living in Istanbul.

For Erdogan, the genocides of Armenians and Greeks, as well as the systematic killing of Christians “lie of the West”. He is aiming for dimensions to explain the revisionist restoration of the Islamist Ottoman Empire. “We have not accepted our borders voluntarily,” threatens the Turkish President for years and rants just as long on a speedy Expansion Turkey: “We need to be everywhere where our ancestors were.” Europe, the Ottoman Empire and the dreams of power so far, as a bizarre force Meierei ignored and dismissed. From now on, this is different.

Because of the religious authority Diyanet, which drives the Islamization of the Hagia Sophia prior, helps Erdogan's drive to expand abroad with missionary zeal. Europe is to be magnetized from the Balkans to Germany, plan full-Islami and the refugees play a key role, for example, with the Ankara-funded mosque buildings, to give to the refugees, believers in the Stranger “a home”.

Erdogan's favorite quote comes from a poem by Ziya Gökalp: “The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets.” Erdoğan is understood outside of a political than of a religious culture of fighters, as the patron Saint of Islamist Expansion.

The Europe strategy aims first and foremost to the Balkans. Neo-Ottomanism, with the openly proclaimed the conquest of the permanent elements of his party, the propaganda desires. Conquest hot also, “the gates to Vienna to open for our people”. In Muslim-dominated Balkan countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo operates Erdogan, therefore, Ottoman Imperial policy with soft funds: investments, grants, cultural work and religious support. Turkey financed in the Balkans, the construction of Muslim schools, universities, student hostels and mosques. During a visit to Prizren in Kosovo, Erdogan said that Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey is Kosovo. Erdogan's slogan is: “The story is not only the past of a Nation, but also their roadmap for the future.” The conversion of the Hagia Sophia is a question of a targeted historic beacon.

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