EU Vice-President wants to dialogue with Poland

DW: Mrs Jourová, has mastered Europe, the Corona-crisis? Věra Jourová: Europe has much to provide when it is under pressure. We have shown that we were, as a

EU Vice-President wants to dialogue with Poland

DW: Mrs Jourová, has mastered Europe, the Corona-crisis?

Věra Jourová: Europe has much to provide when it is under pressure. We have shown that we were, as a Whole, and as individual countries will be able to achieve the Maximum of what was in the case of such a degree of Surprise possible. No one had expected this crisis. But we still have a lot to do.

What's in the last three months in the area of human rights, democracy and the rule of law on the topics with which the Commission deal?

I think that the Corona-States of emergency were in the member States is necessary. At the same time, the principles of the rule of law were respected in the sense that the Actions of their governments was under judicial and parliamentary control. It was important that governments not get any blank cheques, on the Basis of which you could do with its citizens whatever they want. The control of the measures against the pandemic, has worked in most of the cases, and the people had all the time access to information.

Now it is important that the Corona-measures last a day longer than necessary. In the autumn we will consider as the EU-Commission, whether we are in fact returned to the normal state.

The Hungarian government got a blank check...

There is something, what we did to the Corona-full-standing of the Hungarian government, for a risk: It was missing the date after which the government would have had to ask Parliament to extend a state of emergency. Today we have a better Overview of the schedule for the end of the pandemic-schemes. And now we check, whether the stay powers of attorney only to the part in power - or whether they should be repealed.

this mechanism Can be used again in the future?

whenever there is a crisis, of course, such mechanisms are used.

your themes - human rights, democracy and the rule of law – during the pandemic is forcibly moved in the Background. I am thinking in particular of the handling of the EU with Poland and Hungary. How is the Commission, how will you proceed further?

We will continue to use all available legal instruments to prevent violations of European Law. But at the same time, we will also lead a civilized, open dialogue with the governments of Poland and Hungary. I've dealt with before COVID-19 Wherefore, and will take care of me afterwards.

are you Planning further measures to be taken against Poland?

to Us some of the judgments are already available and we expect that Poland will comply with them. And we perform additional procedures. I would like to continue the dialogue with Poland. I would be happy about the changes in the Polish judiciary, with the result that the courts will be partners again, regardless of the political power.

you Expect such steps of the Polish government?

I've been waiting for a long time. And I wish it would be you. But I also say quite clearly: you need both sides.

In the meantime, the Commission is preparing a report on the state of the rule of law in the European Union. When he appears?

In September. This is an interesting Moment, because the report is to compare different indicators. One of them is the independence of the judiciary.

What are the other indicators?

the independence of The media and freedom of expression, for fair elections is important. We need guarantees that the elections in any country are free and that the candidates have the same degree of access to the media. A part of this report will also address the status of the fight against corruption in the individual countries.

The 1964-born Czech anthropologist and lawyer, Věra Jourová is since 1. December 2019, Vice-President of the EU Commission and Commissioner for values and transparency.

author: Aureliusz M. Pędziwol

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