Crisis has affected our work solid: 3 changes for the future

is Clear: We will be busy with the immediate management of the crisis for some time. Many businesses are struggling in the heavy water to their existence. A lot

Crisis has affected our work solid: 3 changes for the future

is Clear: We will be busy with the immediate management of the crisis for some time. Many businesses are struggling in the heavy water to their existence. A lot of time over the next few days and weeks of looking beyond, don't stay there at the Moment.

There is now a need to secure liquidity, consumption and investment, in order for the company to get back on track. Both components of the social market economy, the Social and the market, need to be kept up and Running.

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The entrepreneur Hans Peter Woll zeal, President of the chamber of crafts Cologne, and the Central Association of German crafts (ZDH) is.

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long-Term perspective

do not lose all of the short term challenges, we must the long-term prospects from the point of view. What relates to the future of the work, appear to me to be three points of particular importance:

1. Professionals and competences

to secure The workers and skills we need for economic recovery, we need to back up now. By training, by Holding on to skilled labour, wherever it goes. This requires a lot right now, especially in the SME sector. For this it needs political support and a lot of entrepreneurial and social responsibility.

2. Digitization

will change The way we work. While some Trends of recent years under the impact of the infection events only once the keyword: Sharing Economy), are likely to mitigate (to the digitisation of print. We remember clearly. Also, the Mobile is likely to have a different significance - without the need for a new legal claim. Here, the social partners in a sensible way must be found.

3. Sustainable social systems

The digitization of thrust affects the labour factor and the question of how we Finance our social security systems in the future. This question was already standing in front of Corona on the Agenda. Now it has become even more urgent. It is good and important, that the coalition wants to limit the social tax rate to 40 percent. But the structural question of how our social systems remain fit for the future, it must answer. Everything about the development of the Corona-crisis

Corona pandemic in the Live-Ticker

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