Beijing plans private security law for Hong Kong | politics

Due to the corona crisis had moved to China's national people's Congress, its annual meeting in March. Now the meeting is rescheduled. Already on the eve, it

Beijing plans private security law for Hong Kong | politics

Due to the corona crisis had moved to China's national people's Congress, its annual meeting in March. Now the meeting is rescheduled. Already on the eve, it is clear: Hong Kong troubled times threaten again.

Hong Kong (Reuters) - a highly controversial step, China's leadership wants to tighten its control over Hong Kong. In circumvention of the Parliament of the Chinese special administrative region of the people's Congress plans to in Beijing, to adopt a private security law for Hong Kong.

It aims at the Pro-democracy Opposition and is likely to be directed against activities that are considered subversive and terrorist or independence of the former British crown colony could be designed. The plans are likely to fan the flames of the protests in Hong Kong new.

To the plenary session of the Chinese Parliament, a few Thousand traveled emissary, under strict precautionary measures against the Coronavirus in the capital. Due to the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19, originally in March, planned the most important political Meetings of the year in China was postponed for the first Time in the recent history of the people's Republic. By the meeting will be rescheduled, demonstrating China as the country of origin of the pandemic is that it has made great progress in the fight against the Virus.

Of normality but can be difficult to speak, as strict measures to prevent new infections with Sars-CoV had to be made 2. So the meeting was shortened from ten to twelve days and is only up to 28. May take a while. For the trip to the capital, the deputies had to make a Corona Test on departure and on arrival in Beijing. Many came in special trains, to travel in the ordinary railway traffic.

The controversial plans for Hong Kong were, surprisingly, announced on the eve of the meeting. The people's Congress will discuss the design for an improvement of the legal system and implementation of mechanisms "for the protection of national security" in the Chinese special administrative region, said Parliament speaker Zhang Yesui to journalists in Beijing.

Obviously, Beijing has come to the conclusion that it is because of the politically heated climate, and the growing resistance in the port city against its influence, it is unlikely that Hong Kong's Parliament itself adopted such a national security law. The spokesman defended the actions of Beijing. National security is of vital interest for the whole Chinese people - "including the compatriots in Hong Kong".

Hong Kong is a "unabtrennbarer part of" the people's Republic of. The people's Congress is the highest organ of state. "In light of the new situation and requirements exercises of constitutional rights." The national security would be secured with the law plans "from the national level". I'm also going to be improved in order for the principle of "one country, two systems", according to the Hong Kong autonomously governed, the spokesman said. "It is absolutely necessary."

Since last summer, experienced the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong ongoing demonstrations against the government, the police brutality at the protests, and the long Arm of the Chinese leadership is. It is only through the pandemic with the new Coronavirus, the demonstrations had died down. Since the handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong is managed autonomously in their own borders under Chinese sovereignty.

at the beginning of the annual meeting is the head of government Li Keqiang in his accountability report before the 2900 deputies in the Great hall of the people. With voltage is expected, whether the Premier will provide, in view of the uncertainties through the corona of a crisis, as usual, a target for the growth of the second-largest economy. In 2019 the economic growth was within the specified 6.0 to 6.5 percent. It is, however, plummeted in the first quarter of 2020 to 6.8 percent.

The target for the year is important for the provinces and municipalities, which in the age plan of an economic Tradition of their own goals and plans for the promotion of your business. The Premier could put in the crisis, but also other objectives, for example, for employment. With the interest will also be followed, what the economy is going to announce aid to the government of the in the corona-crisis ailing economy.

At the meeting the budget is presented. Attentive observers will not only pursue the debt, but also the increase in the official military budget, which had been increased in the previous years, mostly above average.

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 23:33