Analysis | Sanchez, compelling but insufficient

Has been convincing, but insufficient. Pedro Sanchez is growing in the face of difficulties: you have it all in front. It is able to be explained using simple l

Analysis | Sanchez, compelling but insufficient

Has been convincing, but insufficient. Pedro Sanchez is growing in the face of difficulties: you have it all in front. It is able to be explained using simple language and sometimes emotional, but often leave fringe loose. And provides something that is rare: a feeling of impavidez to the unusual stresses that have been triggered by his project of a coalition Government with the left under the welcome willingness of sectors of the independence.

The candidate has been fairly convincing because it has not eluded finally! to explain, after weeks of questionable silence, the two reasons that raise most concern in this garment, not only on the benches of the right: the danger of radicalization in the social policy desbordase the european parameters and the risk of the bet by the negotiation to manage the Catalan question topple the indispensable binomial dialogue/respect of the law.

it Was necessary because the article 99.2 of the Constitution requires that the aspiring president to expose the Congress, “the political program” of the Government, which aims to train. But in this case unusual in that it explores inaugurate —for the first time since the establishment of democracy— a coalition Government forged explicitly as such, and in addition, with the abstention on the part of those who until yesterday have come in defiance of the constitutional order, the who, the who makes up the Executive and the parliamentary alliance that will support was a part of the what. That is to say, the composition of the Government not only determines, but in good measure his political program.


Debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez, latest live news to The debate of investiture of Pedro Sanchez, in pictures, The BNG will vote yes, and canaries Coalition will abstain in the investiture of Sánchez

Sanchez explained in his first speech to the desirability of a coalition with United we Can and the support of other groups. The has justified by functional needs, because “there was no parliamentary majority”. It is true that theoretically could fit, but there will be that will grant you that in real life no one was now willing to another option that is viable, that is, compatible with their potential subjects.

And has spent too much tip-toeing about and how it evolved not to sleep for having to take on that kind of covenant that had denigrated to defend it and accept it: again was a functionalist, since it “serves no purpose to point out the sins” of the previous failures. But even if it were true that the best thing would be to pass the page of the past to face the future, as he argued, so, too, is that it is the duty of the political detail to the millimetre why they have changed your attitude. John Maynard Keynes replied to whom he reproached for having modified his previous position: if the reality changes, I also change of optical. “And what about you?”. The syllogism is obvious. But the political leader must better explain why the situation, and he himself, have changed. It is not enough to appeal to the cogency of the arithmetic and the new “map” to parliamentary.

The socialist candidate tried to compensate for that lack of argument with an appeal enthusiast to the history of a century and a half of his party and its various avatars: a message intended to operate as a massage to the sectors classic the PSOE uncomfortable and perhaps turbulent against his plan, but to exhibit a lack of proposals for the replacement that is much more surprising. What it is worth I am sorry if it is not accompanied by another route practicable?

More explicit has shown to the candidate on the profound reasons of the covenant of the PSOE with the Republican Left, in the key of “territorial cohesion”. Explicit, and accurate, to describe various grievances sentimental that grip the Catalan society, that is to say, the variety of conflicts that cross the region: the “large sector” that do not feel fully recognized their identity; those who feel “ignored” by the policy and actions of the Government of the Generalitat; the of all those who, like the applicant, are stirring against the attacks on democratic institutions and constitutional directed from outside the country.

a Few ills that can only find remedy in the triple “dialogue, negotiation and agreement.” Dialogue “within the law”, knowing that this alone “is not enough”: “the law is the condition and the dialogue is the path”. And has not hidden in a consequence the essential content of the recent agreement socialist, republican: the table of dialogue between Executives to manage the Catalan question (within the Constitution, has emphasized). What added to the annual call for proposals of the conference of presidents, which lies almost in the oblivion.

In sum: there has been discussion about the risks, in required format positive. But we need many more to offset to fund the legitimate concerns that those risks give rise to many.

Updated Date: 04 January 2020, 23:00



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