A rare insight into Vermehmungen: Stephan Ernst changes Tatversion and behavior

The murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, on 1. June 2019, was shot dead outside his home has raised in the past year, the great sense of sho

A rare insight into Vermehmungen: Stephan Ernst changes Tatversion and behavior

The murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, on 1. June 2019, was shot dead outside his home has raised in the past year, the great sense of shock throughout the country. The horror grew, however, considerably, after only a little later, was known to have been, that it suspects the Primary to an extreme Right-wing is. Because Stephan would be Seriously condemned in the just-started process, it would be the first Time since the end of the Nazi era, that has a right of extreme killed a politician for political reasons.

according to the suspect, Stephan called out Seriously a year and a half after the first confession in the case of two other statements is its first Version, after he had described the murder in detail. A now released Video shows impressively, how different confession and revocation from Stephan Ernst is expired.

Seriously avoiding the confession eye contact with the investigators

A NDR report team of the Youtube-Format "STRG_F" have been playing the Video-recordings. In a 25-minute broadcast, the Reporter will give rare insights to the interrogation of everyday life of homicide investigators, which is normally never the way out to the Public.

for The most part, the authors concede the shots from the confession of the now 42-year-old Ernst on 25. June 2019 in an interrogation room, the two investigators has made. Seriously, sitting without a lawyer in a room, on the wall asked shelves hang in a corner of the toy is constructed. The two investigators sitting at a Desk. Seriously, wearing a red T-Shirt, his handcuffs dangling loosely from a belt.

it is noticeable Already in the first scenes, and a Serious one, of the forearms on the edge of the table, view, avoids contact with the two officials. He stares ahead down on the white table top and the answers are very extensive and detailed information on the questions of the investigators.

In several Places, crying Seriously, because Victims of Islamist attacks

This is particularly true for the depiction of exactly how the 63-year-old CDU politician on the evening of the 1. June wants to have killed around 23 clock on the terrace of his house in Kassel. Willing to Seriously stand up, in order to simulate the investigators how he shot the President of the government. Lübcke was becoming the target of right-wing extremists, because he had used the CDU politician for refugees.

Seriously shows the Position in which he held the weapon against Lübcke and then pulled the trigger. "He has seen me," says the 42-Year-old. "He wanted to look, in the Moment of the shot is like". Ernst told the investigators that he had pulled the trigger with the cocked cock on the CDU-politician in a targeted and "head height".

At one point is Seriously even see as he breaks out in tears as he tells of the Islamist attack in nice. According to information from the NDR-Reporter, there are several scenes in which Seriously crying in front of the investigators. This should be most of the moments, in which Ernst reported on the Motivation for his act, note the Reporter's surprise – and not about the death of the CDU-politician.

In the descriptions makes Seriously short pauses, answers the questions then, but fluent, nods again and again, confirming with the head, without the view of the officials to turn to. Again and again he sniffs with his nose.

Wanldung to the Right-terrorists found in the middle class, instead of

A big room in the unusual documentation of the radicalization of Serious. Ernst says that the investigators clearly and distinctly that it had been starting in 2015, the Nazi groups, but discussions with colleagues from work or Acquaintances that had driven him to radicalisation.

Also, the AfD plays a role in this. The Reporter to show pictures of Seriously on AfD Demos and tell the story of how he has actively participated in events. In the focus of Serious, more and more refugees and migrants were, for the Lübcke had used in public appearances again and again. Among the people who came on him publicly at the events, including Ernst himself, as he confesses to the investigators.

Seriously about politicians: "I wish that death comes to you"

As a "key moment" for the attack on Lübcke Ernst announced the stop of nice, in the case of the Islamist bombers with a Truck at 14. July 2016 killed on the waterfront 87 people. As he then on 1. June 2019've looked at in the vicinity of the house of Lübcke a carnival celebration, he thought: "Look, the partying, and all around us people die. I want the terrorist to come to you.“

investigating judge to revoke: "Something is not right, the front and the back"

Ernst has set this hearing for a change of heart. Because two other interviews at the beginning of 2020, he tells investigators a different Version of the fact. Supposedly, the death Lübckes had not been planned, the weapon would have kept his buddy Markus H. in the Hand, the shot was solved "by Mistake".

In the case of the revocation of his confession Seriously wearing a dark sports jacket with white and gold stripes. It is noticeable that he no longer holds reduced the view, but in addition to his former lawyer upright position, liquid is told, of certain talks. He no longer avoids eye contact with the investigators, but look at you with your questions and his answers usually.

The investigating magistrate is also questioned by the reporters and made no bones about what he thinks of the statement-a turning: "Something is not right, front and rear, I tell you honestly." After we apply Seriously as the main suspect in the ongoing murder trial for the death of Walter Lübcke, while Markus H. as a helper in court.

the trial in the murder case, Lübcke: Stephan Ernst, and mark H. accused of PCP the trial in the murder case, Lübcke: Stephan Ernst and Markus H. drama accused of the tables scene: Bison attacks woman - flash of genius saves her life PCP Dramatic scene: Bison attacks woman - flash can save your life

Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 13:28

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