Whale crashes into fishing boat, causing injury to passenger and a hole in the hull

The collision was strong enough to destroy the electronics of the boat.

Whale crashes into fishing boat, causing injury to passenger and a hole in the hull

Whales are to be avoided

After encountering a whale off Rhode Island's coast, a fishing vessel had to call for assistance. Witnesses claim that the whale was in a feeding frenzy at the time it crashed into the boat.

The vessel was left with a large hole in its side from the collision and began to take on water.

Dale Denelle is a photographer and fisherman who spoke to Fox News about his trip near Block Island, Rhode Island, when he got a call from a boat in distress. He stated that he was heading to the area anyway so he decided to help.

Denelle said that they found a fishing boat with an enormous hole in its side. It was one of the 40-50 fishing boats that were hunting tuna in the area. Evidently, there was a huge feeding frenzy in the area.

Denelle believes that the whale struck the boat enough to cause damage, but Denelle does not believe the animal intended it. The strike was strong enough to knock one passenger off the boat and onto a whale.

Denelle shared footage that he had filmed during the incident on his Youtube Page.

Thankfully, no one was injured and the passenger was safe.

Also, the boat's electronics were briefly disabled. A nearby fisherman helped plug the hole and radioed the coast guard for assistance.

Denelle said that it was the first time he had ever seen anything like this. The boat that was damaged was returned to shore without any injuries.

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