Rome marchers protest against the vaccine rule

On Saturday, thousands marched down Rome’s Via Veneto, and other main streets, clashing with police to protest a government order requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or negative testing to gain access to workplaces next week.

Rome marchers protest against the vaccine rule

The "Green Pass" certification in Italy takes effect Friday. It applies to both public and private workplaces.

For one to be eligible, the person must have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination dose. They also need to document their recovery within the last six months.

Employers and employees are both at risk of being fined if they fail to comply. If workers in the public sector show up five times, they can be suspended. Green Passes are required to enter museums, theaters, indoor restaurants, long-distance buses, or domestic flights in Italy this summer.

Piazza del Popolo was the site of an authorized protest by the protesters. Some protesters then left the large square and clashed against police while they marched unpermitted. They were stopped by police wearing helmets, shields, and batons from marching down the street which runs past Premier Mario Draghi’s office.

As of Saturday, 82% of children aged 12 and over had been fully vaccinated in Italy.

CARSON CITY (Nev.) -- Nevada became the last state to include rapid antigen testing in its coronavirus counts this week.

According to health experts, the new information could give a better picture of the pandemic. They were not added earlier due to their limited resources. Staff had been focusing on vaccinations and traceability of confirmed cases.

Nevada and Maryland were the two last states that did not publicly report antigen testing in violation of federal guidelines. The absence of a national testing strategy explains the concern about the availability of quick tests and the different ways states report them.

The pandemic has seen Nevada's hospitals crowded to capacity, the state's unemployment rate broke all records and 435,00 people have tested positive. Officials at Nevada's health department acknowledge that the state's rapid testing were not included in its total, which limited the public's knowledge of the spread of the pandemic.

Rapid antigen tests detect viral proteins and return results within minutes. Although traditional molecular tests sent directly to labs can take several days, they are more accurate than those sent to laboratories.

They are widely used in schools, prisons, and nursing homes due to their quick turnaround times.

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