Preview: TV tips on Friday

Toni Hasler (Leo Reisinger) has to leap over his shadow.

Preview: TV tips on Friday

Toni Hasler (Leo Reisinger) has to leap over his shadow. Although he secretly mourns the missed and screwed up opportunities with his colleague Luise (Wolke Hegenbarth), the suffering "baby whisperer" helps the newly in love move to their "new" Sami (Marcel Mohab)! After the smuggling, Toni is supposed to step in as a chauffeur for Sami's younger sister with Down's syndrome. When he drives Wanda (Luisa Wöllisch) to the sheltered workshop, he gets an emergency call from a heavily pregnant woman. During the home birth, the stress-resistant young woman proves to be a natural talent - and discovers her true career aspirations: Wanda really wants to be a midwife!

Eight-year-old Lorenzo (Robert Müller) becomes an important witness to his mother's (Anca Cipariu) murder. Just moments after the crime, he ran into the killer as he was escaping. It quickly becomes clear to Voss (Jan-Gregor Kremp) and his team that the boy is in great danger. As the investigation progresses, Richard Voss develops a special relationship with Lorenzo.

Captain Rose Corley (Lindsey Morgan) has extraterrestrial superpowers and is mankind's last hope when a virus threatens what should normally be friendly alien hybrids. She gathers an elite team of mercenaries and travels with them to the alien world to save humanity.

During a corporate event, a member of the Rude Sisters makes a terrifying discovery. Front woman Maja (Anne Eigner) lies stabbed and lifeless behind the event hall. Who wanted her dead? The questioning of Maja's ex-partner Patrick (Florian Schmidtke) and the band members reveals a concrete motive for the murder, because Maja wanted to leave the band. Behind the facade, conflicts rage about money, responsibilities and, last but not least, custody of Maja's child.

In the middle of the day, on a golf course near Frankfurt, Frederick Seibold (Helgi Schmid) is struck down by four men wearing dog heads. When he regains consciousness in a dark basement, the two Frankfurt chief inspectors Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch) are already entrusted with his case: Frederick's ex-girlfriend, Bille Kerbel (Britta Hammelstein), had a severed finger received, which she took straight to the police.