Julia Roberts: She is a passionate college mom

Julia Roberts (56) is an enthusiastic “college mom.

Julia Roberts: She is a passionate college mom

Julia Roberts (56) is an enthusiastic “college mom.” She was following her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (19)'s college experience with passion, she told Jimmy Fallon (49) on the "Tonight Show." When the moderator asked if the actress had typical college fever and cheered on the teams at games, she replied: "Oh yeah, you immediately get the attitude: This is my whole life." Roberts also wears the colors with which the respective college identifies with pride. “I do all these things,” revealed the Hollywood star.

Julia Roberts' twins are studying at the University of California at Berkeley, according to The List. Her youngest son Henry (16) is now happy to be the only child in the house, but on the other hand he misses his two siblings. Overall, her three children are doing “great,” as she told moderator Fallon.

Supporting her children's school and college is important to Julia Roberts. She said in an interview with “Extra” that she was never lucky enough to have a college experience. "It's really fascinating to see how things develop for both of them. I'm just happy for them." The 56-year-old was “totally” excited when Hazel and Phinnaeus started their studies.

Even though her eldest children are now 19 years old, she can still be the same mother she used to be, she also explained. As she told "Today," there is no eye-rolling in the family and a "great level of understanding" they have for each other. "I parent them the same way outside the house as I do at home. That is, 'Are you getting enough sleep? You sound like you're sick. Are you drinking tea?' And, 'Send me a text when you get home so I can see that you're okay,'" said the "Leave The World Behind" actress.