Duchess Meghan: Your family gives an "explosive" TV interview

A few days before the coronation of King Charles III.

Duchess Meghan: Your family gives an "explosive" TV interview

A few days before the coronation of King Charles III. (74) on May 6, the Australian TV broadcaster Channel 7 advertises an explosive interview: Next Sunday (April 30) Duchess Meghan's (41) estranged family wants to unpack "exclusive" details about Prince Harry's (38) wife . A trailer that has now been released promises: "The world has never seen Meghan like this." You can see excerpts from home videos, among other things.

Meghan's father Thomas Markle (78), her half-sister Samantha (58) and her half-brother Thomas Jr. (56) have their say on the show. On the one hand, they ask Meghan for reconciliation, but at the same time the 41-year-old is once again dragged through the dirt by her family members. What new revelations must Meghan and the Royal Family be prepared for so close to the big event?

Above all, Samantha Markle is pulling back over Duchess Meghan. "She'd still be a waitress if it wasn't for Dad," Markle is heard saying in the trailer. She says Meghan and Harry's relationship is "unhealthy" and "toxic".

In the past, Duchess Meghan had repeatedly emphasized that she had never had a close relationship with her half-sister Samantha. Since Meghan has been in the public eye through her relationship with Prince Harry, Samantha has repeatedly spoken disparagingly about her half-sister. The 58-year-old recently lost in court against her half-sister in a defamation lawsuit.

There has also been no contact with her half-brother Thomas Jr. for years, they are said to have not seen each other since 2011. However, he threatens in the short trailer: "We will not go away." And: "This will change everything."

In the past, Thomas Markle Jr. had also made several public condescending remarks about his half-sister Meghan. In the Australian TV show "Big Brother VIP" he called Meghan "superficial".

Unlike his children, Meghan's father Thomas Markle adopts a more forgiving tone in the trailer. "How can I fix this?" he is heard saying. There is also talk of a "deathbed promise" to "the daughter he lost." In addition, the 78-year-old announces that he suffered a stroke last year.

The interview will be broadcast on Australian TV tomorrow, Sunday (30 April). Less than a week later, Prince Harry travels to his father's coronation on May 6 in his former home country Great Britain, Duchess Meghan stays with their children in the United States, the couple's adopted home.