"Are You The One?" and more: These dating shows will start later this year

The new season "Are You The One?" starts on December 6th.

"Are You The One?" and more: These dating shows will start later this year

The new season "Are You The One?" starts on December 6th. (RTL ). Singles are looking for their "perfect match" again. December has more dating shows ready.

Sophia Thomalla (33) also moderates the fourth season of the dating show "Are You The One", which was produced in Greece this summer. This time, too, the singles have to find their "perfect match" so that in the end they can take home a sum of 200,000 euros. The problem with this: For the sum of money, all singles really have to be “placed”.

From St. Nicholas Day, RTL , RTL's streaming platform, will publish a double episode of the new season every week. For a total of ten weeks, viewers can cheer on whether the 21 single men and women will find each other.

The fourth season "Finger weg!" starts on Netflix on December 7th. (Original title: "Too Hot to Handle"). In the somewhat different dating format, ten singles are first fooled. They believe they are taking part in a dating show moderated by TV legend Mario Lopez (49) and are flirting in a luxury villa in the Caribbean. But the show is really about "Hands off!".

The candidates must keep their hands off each other during their stay in the villa. Kissing or any sexual activity beyond that is forbidden. The whole thing is monitored by cameras and by the smart speaker "Lana", which communicates regularly with the participants. They are increasingly tempted by dates, parties and challenges. With each misstep, the winner's prize of $100,000 decreases.

Reality TV star Yeliz Koc (29) embarks on a special dating journey: "Make Love, Fake Love" will be available in double episodes on RTL from December 29th. A total of twelve episodes have been announced. The influencer will move to a villa in Mallorca with ten men in the format to find her dream man. But men don't make it easy for her.

Because some of them are taken and only play the single status in order to skim off the prize money of 50,000 euros. Yeliz Koc must therefore unmask the liars and find out who is playing the wrong game. Moderator Janin Ullmann (41) will be at her side.

The final episodes of two reality formats all about flirting, love and relationships are due in December. The eighth final episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" and the reunion will be available on RTL from December 22nd. The Temptation Island VIP finale will be available to stream on December 20th. The reunion will then go online on December 27th.