Alaaf and Helau!: Carnival costumes: The appropriate (disguise) clothing for the fifth season

Cologne is considered the carnival stronghold par excellence, but that doesn't mean that there are less celebrations in other cities.

Alaaf and Helau!: Carnival costumes: The appropriate (disguise) clothing for the fifth season

Cologne is considered the carnival stronghold par excellence, but that doesn't mean that there are less celebrations in other cities. Quite the opposite: whether in Düsseldorf or Frankfurt, Munich or Stuttgart, Hamburg or Hanover – carnival is celebrated all over Germany. On the street, at school, in kindergarten and sometimes even in the office. Under the current Corona rules, of course. And what better way to enjoy the time of the fools? You know the answer: with a costume. Because there is no other event that is almost predestined to slip into a different role for a day. And the best part is, they can be anything they've always wanted to be. The age does not matter. Below you will find carnival costume ideas for young and old.


Full body costumes are very trendy right now. They are practical in many ways: It only takes a few seconds to put them on, but the effect is all the greater. It is particularly helpful, however, that the plush costumes keep you nice and warm - which is not to be scoffed at during the outdoor carnival parade in February when the temperatures are quite cool. There is also a large selection of different animal motifs. Here is the costume.

Super Mario

He is one of the most popular characters from Nintendo and is the star of numerous video games: Super Mario. The little hero has long since achieved cult status with his red hat, blue dungarees and thick mustache. How could it be otherwise, the popular Italian is also available as a costume - including the most important accessories that Super Mario always wears everywhere. Here is the costume.


There is just the right outfit for men for the next carnival party for the cold season: a Viking costume including a long-sleeved cloak, helmet with horns, cape and gauntlets. In muted tones and trimmed with fur, the carnival costume looks particularly authentic. And on top of that, it keeps you nice and warm outdoors. What more do you want? Here is the costume.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Fans of the Star Wars saga will love this carnival costume: As a Jedi Master, Obi-Wan wears a simple robe that is known for protecting every citizen - no matter how insignificant they may be. The outfit includes trousers, an under- and an overtunic, a waist belt, a belt and a cape including a hood. Of course in the same colors as once worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi after he was made Jedi Master. Here is the costume.


"It's like this at night, it's completely different during the day": This sentence comes from Fiona from the film "Shrek - The Daring Hero". It describes the transformation of the princess into an ogre, triggered by an evil curse. The fancy dress costume includes a dress, wig and headband (ie ears) so all you have to do is paint yourself green to look like a real ogre. Here is the costume.

Captain Marvel

She is one of the most powerful superheroes that Marvel has ever invented: Captain Marvel is not only a trained elite soldier of the Kree Starforce, but also has supernatural powers and can fly. On top of that, she also looks good, especially in her tailor-made belted jumpsuit – an outfit that is made for the carnival season. And is available in four different sizes. Here is the costume.


The topic may be a bit trite, but the costumes are still eerily beautiful: disguised as a female zombie, you make every carnival party unsafe. The scope of delivery includes the jacket, a blood-smeared shirt, the tie and the skirt - you would have to add the remaining accessories (for example the knee socks or fake blood). Here is the costume.


Instead of sexy kittens or hot nurses, this year the focus is on strong women - this also applies to the carnival season. Disguise yourself as a Roman warrior to demonstrate your power. The carnival costume includes a dress with a cape, arm warmers and a hair band. You can still buy the sandals and the sword if necessary. Here is the costume.


Suitable for children from 36 months who love mushrooms: The cute toadstool costume consists of two parts: a white top with green shamrocks and a detachable cape with white dots. It is equally suitable for boys and girls and an eye-catcher at every carnival party. Here is the costume.

White Tiger

This cute tiger costume made of fabric (100% polyester) is suitable for older children between three and five years. The scope of delivery includes a jumpsuit, gloves and a matching headgear. With this outfit, your child is perfectly equipped for every jungle party. Here is the costume.


Many children love to dress up as princesses. This costume is perfect for that: suitable for kids between ten and twelve years of age, the delivery includes a Venus dress with a shiny headdress. The carnival costume is not recommended for children under the age of three due to the small parts. Here is the costume.


Of course, there is also a cool carnival costume for the offspring: with the matching overalls (100% polyester), every child looks like a real racing driver. The helmet is not included in the scope of delivery – maybe you can help out here from your private fund? Here is the costume.

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