They were allowed to cheer: Ronald ten-Holte and co.: million-gains in Who wants to be a millionaire?

After the summer break as follows: 8 and up. June repeated, RTL, on Monday, four special episodes of its quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" (via TVNow

They were allowed to cheer: Ronald ten-Holte and co.: million-gains in Who wants to be a millionaire?

After the summer break as follows: 8 and up. June repeated, RTL, on Monday, four special episodes of its quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" (via TVNow): In the following four candidates to see who went in the end as a millionaire from the Show. The Cologne Ronald ten-Holte, owner of a juice bar, makes the beginning, he is the last crowned winner. But who were his predecessors? Looking back on the "WWM"-the millionaires.


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He was on 24. March 2020 the Million credit, he was able to answer correctly, how many boards a "classic, standard Euro pallet, EPAL 1" is. Ronald ten-Holte of the total of ten ordinary guy-wants to be a millionaire, except special editions. As he evaluates his recipe for success? "Point number one: Good preparation. Point number two: Just to play risk. This is also my nature," said ten-Holte after his victory in the RTL Interview. And finally, a very important factor is simply luck. "There were some questions that came to me. For example, the last question to Euro-pallets. I meet almost every day with me in the Store," says ten-Holte, showed up to his million profit by holding assets in 2016 and 2018, he was already in the selection round for "WWM", didn't make it but on the chair. 2019 was also named a millionaire.

Jan straw and Leon wind Scheid Jan straw celebrated with "WWM" anniversary - and cleared a Million. - TVNOW / Frank Hempel Spot on news

Jan straw, a fully qualified lawyer from Hamburg, was in the "anniversary Special" for the 20th time. Birthday the million-dollar question correctly answer, namely that the Grimm's fairy tale "Hans in luck" is not with "once upon a time ..."? begins. In mid-may 2020, he appeared again as the Joker in "WWM" - but contestant Melanie Schulz no luck and typed in the wrong answer. Straw's predecessor was the 2015 Leon wind Scheid (31), made in 2007 as an event Manager, self-employed and obtained a doctorate in psychology. He knew that the classic by Erno Rubik invented Rubik's cube consists of 26 stones. In 2017, he published the book "the mystery of the Psyche - how to win at Günther Jauch's a Million other ways to keep the nervous" and was heard since then, in Podcasts, and to see in his stage program.

Nadja Sidikjar and Thorsten Fischer, Nadja Sidikjar earned more than a Million euros. - TVNOW / Frank Hempel Spot on news

Nadja Sidikjar earned in 2015 even more than a Million, in more detail 1.538.450 Euro said. In the Jackpot Special, the profits are collected totals of all the players that make it to the rate of a chair, in a Jackpot, and only the candidate that answers the most questions correctly, gets everything the others get nothing. In a Stinging Sidikjar pushed faster than their competitor to the Buzzer and got it right. 2014 Fischer, a self-employed restaurateur from Hameln cleared, the Million and won in the anniversary broadcast to the 15. "WWM"-birthday. He knew that the distance from the capital Berlin to the center of the earth is about as big as between Berlin and New York.

Sebastian Langrock and Ralf Schnoor, The million-question Ralf Schnoor was no problems. - TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Spot on news

In March 2013, was awarded to Sebastian langrock for the first millionaire winner with the risk variant. The professional poker player from Munich, since 2012 in Live tournaments and has earned around $ 800,000. "Mr long skirt for almost two and a half years, the First, has won us a Million euros," said Jauch long rocks "phone a friend", he called only to proclaim the glad tidings. A similar Situation played out in 2010, the café owner Ralf Schnoor. He called his "phone a friend", even though he knew the answer to the million question long ago: "what is the name of the first German stamp was issued in 1849 in Bavaria? A: The Black Ones".

Timur Hahn and Stefan Lang, Stefan Lang was as "WWM"millionaire's celebrate let. - TVNOW/ Stefan Gregorowius Spot on news

The former Elevator technician Stefan Lang was in 2006, to millionaire choose. He knew that oxygen is the Element with the largest proportion of mass in the human body. From winning Lord made to his family to a trip to India, paid for a condo and bought his wife a VW beetle. According to RTL, from a building today, professional campers and has thus fulfilled a dream. Timur Hahn, with his million win, he was a English literature Student, won in 2007. A native of the Bendorfer (near Koblenz) previously lived about 200 euros a month and was able to Finance with the profit in his studies and his parents have a wedding to buy.

Maria Vienna ströer and Gerhard Krammer, Gerhard Krammer knew a question about the writer Max Frisch. - TVNOW Spot on news

In October 2002, was the first Euro-millionaire named Gerhard Krammer. The Student of philosophy and music replied to the last question: "What famous writer built in as a qualified architect, with a swimming pool in Zurich?" with "C: Max Frisch's" and were thus properly. Intern Maria Vienna ströer knew in 2004 that Linus Pauling, in 1954, received the chemistry and the 1962 Nobel peace prize. From your profit you has fulfilled the dream of an own practice.

Marlene Grabherr and Eckhard Freise, Eckhard Freise, the first "WWM"-millionaire was at all. - TVNOW Spot on news

Twice the jackpot was paid in German marks: In may 2001, Marlene Grabherr, an office clerk from Gottmadingen, that the two Gibb brothers of the pop group The Bee Gees, Robin and Barry are twins knew. Eckhard Freise (75) took on 2. In December 2000, Million for the very first Time with home. Professor of history, knew that Edmund Hillary in 1953, on the summit of Mount Everest together with Tenzing Norgay. Since his victory, the knowledge expert, also took part in other quiz shows, in the ARD-show "quiz duel - The Olympus" he belongs to the three-member team that competes against celebrities.

The celebrity millionaires Barbara schöneberger was allowed to cheer as the celebrity"WWM"-candidate. - TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Spot on news

Well the Stars were in a Celebrity Special over the Million, they donated for a charitable purpose. In may 2008, Comedian Oliver Pocher (42) answered the last question, "The Nagel-Schreckenberg model provides an explanation for the emergence of ...? with "traffic jams" correctly. In the same year, Thomas Gottschalk (70) cheered. He replied in November, the million-dollar question "what was the name of Franz Kafka's last companion, he in 1923, a year before his death, met?", with "Dora Diamant". The first and to date only female "WWM"-celebrity millionaire is Barbara schöneberger (46). You typed in 2011 in the final question, "How the boy is, the William Tell and the legendary Apple from the head shot?" to "Walter".

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