The Penis is too small? Our expert has three important tips

The question is, which we believe is of great concern to women - all men 24/7,: Who has the biggest? Non-Smoker, non-SUV, non-Kärcher. The speech is not of the

The Penis is too small? Our expert has three important tips

The question is, which we believe is of great concern to women - all men 24/7,: Who has the biggest? Non-Smoker, non-SUV, non-Kärcher. The speech is not of the Penis, clearly, you can read here Yes, the "Beautiful dust"-column, but my. I don't know if this is true with the question of all questions, but that's me today, no matter. Instead, I'd like to know: Who has the smallest?

Let's talk about small penises is one of the last taboo subjects in the male sexuality on. Among other things, about why a handy device is available in XS no fracture of the leg, how they will use it effectively and in which Sex practice you can really score points. In part one of my remarks, but first to the Basics. (Also read: Sex-Trend "Kunyaza" - of this technique, you have never heard of)

Hard facts

The Federal German Penis really belongs to the longest in Europe love sword to: With an average length of 14.5 centimeters in the erected state, the German in a European comparison, ranked 10 (of 25). Congratulations to the French, who have clashed with just under 15.5 centimeters to the top.

In the non-erect state of an average member comes in a length of up to 10 centimeters. If you want to your inch floor out of the van and remeasure – feel free.

Is not your Shlong at the bottom of the height scale, grieve, but this scientific knowledge to write a behind-the-ears: Small penises are increasing in the case of excitation by a massive 87 per cent, the big "only" 47 per cent. Ha! (Read also: Erogenous zones - these Tricks should know about men)

Speaking of small: What is a micro penis?

From a length of seven centimeters in the erected state, it is called a micro-penis. Researchers believe that fewer than two out of 100 men suffer from a small Penis can be the result of hormonal disorders, a congenital testosterone deficiency or testosterone resistance. Parents or Kinderärzt*in the condition early enough, can lead to the administration of testosterone, the Penis reaches normal dimensions. In adulthood, a correction is possible only through surgical intervention possible – to please the urologist consult. (Read also: how the right penis care)

the Case Concerned an anatomically below the average established member can lead to enormous psychological pressure, resulting in severe cases of anxiety disorders and depression goes.

Just when Dating or in relationships, men have a micro penis hard: From fear of rejection and sexual failure you don't pull back often, so that open communication is even possible in the first place. To have the break now, very roughly down. You to see me, that I reasons, at this point of course can not go into more detail on the subject, I the generalization do not mean disrespectfully.

a very small Penis is not an obstacle for a fulfilling sex life. First of all, erection and ejaculation are possible, and apart from that power of Penetration for many women, only to have a Mini-part of good Sex. Much more important to us is what MAN makes with his hands, fingers, tongue and his lips. (Read also: how to bring any woman to orgasm)

What if my Penis for my partner is too small?

you and your Genital are, in order, exactly as you are. Me or even hang. As different as we have grown, whether above, underneath or in its entirety, are also pronounced our sexual and physical sensitivities and needs of the individual. Women, as it is said commonly is so beautiful, are more closely built, often prefer even smaller penises, since the Penetration more agreeable. Yes, a Vagina is crazy stretchy, but the GM with a man who has a XXL-shooting-rifle can be for a woman with a tight Vagina, painful. (Also read: What happens at a penis extension, really?)

Then again, there are women whose Vagina is very wide, for example, by pregnancy and severe birth or Obesity. This can have an impact on the strength of the fabric. In these cases, Sex with an XS-the Penis can lead to frustration, since it comes frequently to the required friction. The Mini-Dong, lost almost in the far reaches of the Vajayjay, so that we speak here of the so-called Lost Penis Syndrome.

Buuut: These are extreme cases. In normal case, you and the lady will get used to each other and import. Maybe it's not 100 percent, but it also. I think. I can't stress often enough: Good Sex is so much more than the old in-Out-Game.

more next Time.

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Updated Date: 21 July 2020, 16:26

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