The Case Of Maigret. The 10 wines and spirits of the commissioner - The Point

Jules Maigret, the son of a steward of a castle on the side of Mills, now the cop is the most famous in France, thanks to Simenon's, had a lift of the elbow to

The Case Of Maigret. The 10 wines and spirits of the commissioner - The Point

Jules Maigret, the son of a steward of a castle on the side of Mills, now the cop is the most famous in France, thanks to Simenon's, had a lift of the elbow to cause a tennis elbow and a descent that no cyclist would not have wanted to go back. Already in normal times, it passes easily from sauvignon to brandy, not forgetting the step-a-half of beer to get the sandwiches the night interrogation. But when he enrhume, then there is hell. This is the case in " Maigret and the wine merchant ", where the end of his cough, fly and exceeds the 38° temperature. The method of care how Maigret is quite radical : two glasses of marc with the father of the victim, a grog, well-packed side rum, an aspirin and off to bed.

"Maigret and the wine merchant" in paperback

The next day, the fever went down a bit but, with the traitors virus, you need to stay on guard. Then, we put it in the rum in a bistro avenue of the Opera, and then a bottle of bourgueil with the blanquette de veau at the brasserie Dauphine, followed by a little pear " in digeo ", probably for the thirst. In the evening, exhausted and feverish, he is recovering slowly in the warmth of the home in boulevard Richard-Lenoir with a sauerkraut and beer. "With the sauerkraut, I don't see what I would drink on the other. "

A table to his name, The Tavern

The next day, the fever is gone, but Jules feels all funny, moist, mouth pasty, and as dizzy. It is necessary to resume processing : two glasses of rum, "because the glass was small" boulevard of the Palace in a bar, and it sets out again towards boulevard Richard-Lenoir.

" what is there to eat ?
- calf liver to the bourgeois. "
Two glasses only of bordeaux, as Maigret feels " numb ". And hop, a aspirin with a prunelle d'alsace, that he sent his sister-in-law, to get the taste... To 5 hours, installed in his office, he shall pay a fine champagne " that he always had in reserve in his closet. "And we might as well scroll muscadet, sancerre : Maigret, who had for his retirement retreat in Touraine, had a penchant for the wines of the Loire, without sulking all the other wealth-alcoholic beverages of which France boasted at the time that Georges Simenon was living the character. So present in the city and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Quai des Orfèvres, where was the PJ attached to the palace of justice, at the tip of the île de la Cité, between Pont Neuf and place Dauphine, Robert Cointepas, who held the bistro, wine Tavern Henri IV, had to put on one of the tables a plate indicating that it was the commissioner Maigret...

Number of actors – Gabin, among others – are dragged into the "heavy overcoat" from the boss of the judicial police. But the one who probably has the better epitomized remains by Bruno Cremer. Build, approach, heavy, loud breathing, piercing gaze, silence, humanity. And when he accoude at a counter, and pipe on the beak and a felt pen on the head, we can guess that this man has nothing to do with milk strawberry.

Brasserie Meteor
Hochfelden (67)
03 88 02 22 22
the bio-5,5°. Golden colour, fruity nose, fresh, delicate vegetal, fresh, a touch bitter, good astringency, tasty, appetizing, thirst quenching, very final net.

Field of the'epinay
Clisson (44)
02 40 36 13 57
Cuvée Selection. Fruity, pure, white fruit, citrus, notes of mint, creamy, fresh finish, saline.

Roger Champault
Crézancy-en-Sancerre (18)
02 48 79 00 03
Clos du Roy. White fruit, lemon verbena, lemon, the palate intense, tense, spicy, very fine, long, a lot of complexity.

Field of Mallets
Restigné (37)
02 47 97 33 10
Old Vines. Expressive nose of red fruits, cherry, raspberry, the palate elegant, small tannins, tight, wood of liquorice in the final, wine serious and distinctive.

Bordeaux supérieur
Chateau Lascaux
Saint-Martin-du-Bois (33)
05 57 84 72 16
oak barrels. Candied Fruits, oak, sweet cherry, violet, soft mouth the tannins are generous and smooth, lots of fruit, hint of acidity, peppery finish.

Fine champagne
Cognac de Luze
Angeac-Champagne (16)
05 45 83 72 72
VSOP fine champagne. Fine nose, delicate notes of almond, dried fruit, gingerbread, mouth-creamy, fresh, savory.

Eau-de-vie de poire William
Eguisheim (68)
03 89 22 20 46
the Nose is very pure, rich, fresh pear, floral touch, a lot of roundness in the mouth, final length, sharp, and refined.

Marc after Burgundy
Clos Saint-Joseph
Meursault (21)
06 66 67 77 47
aging in a cask, Moscatel. Nose: fresh, gourmet, grape, dry, lively mouth, typed, notes of licorice, finish-spicy, peppery.

Rhum AOC Martinique
Home Mauny
River Driver (97)
05 96 62 62 08
Extra. Spicy nose, notes of leather, powerful, touch of bitterness in the mouth, brown sugar, peppery finish, tasty, typed.

Calvados pays d'auge
Roger Groult
Saint-Cyr-du-Ronceray (14)
02 31 63 71 53
Venerable. Complex nose, fruity, notes of vanilla, slightly toasted, spicy in the mouth, tasty, balanced, very long.

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