Sex with the Ex-Partner: expert cites four reasons why the is always an error

"Erhardt love woman. My Ex and I are separated for half a year, but always, if we run ourselves into the last time on the way, it feels like it used to, before

Sex with the Ex-Partner: expert cites four reasons why the is always an error

"Erhardt love woman. My Ex and I are separated for half a year, but always, if we run ourselves into the last time on the way, it feels like it used to, before everything went down the drain. Now she has invited me to, but I am unsure as to whether I should accept the invitation. What do you think of Sex with the Ex?“

"nothing. You run, and look back on. Yours Sincerely, Mimi

FIN Erhardt“.

I could have the above Mini-dialogue with a reader so, today's Text at this point stop and an early night to make. Because in terms of "Sex with the Ex – Yes or no?" I'm not, strictly Just. No, absolutely not, never ever. Since these are just a few sentences, but probably unsatisfactory for you, I took a look around the net to Express how other "Sexperts" in the subject. Maybe I'm just narrow-minded.

Obviously. Because almost all of the texts, I found, sounded approximately so: "warmed-over taste viiieeel better! Therefore, you should do it again with the old love!“ Well, let's look at what will make the GM with the Former special – on the basis of arguments that I found the same online. (Also read: Three tips for men with a small Penis)

The Argument: "You must not flirt!"

You know, finally, and can therefore forego the "stressful Flirting" in the run-up. Instead, a view, a Whatsapp, an eggplant or fire enough Emoji on Instagram, and zack, is carved the thing.

My answer: After all, what was, it is to rich, if the guy who wienerte at the end of our relationship, his Off-White x Air Jordan 4 Sail Sneakers with more love than me ever writes me a "F**ken?"? I beg of you. My Ex has me in court fuck what holds the stuff. Drake-Songs of our time together, "I miss You"messages, Memes – the full program. It's what I deserve.

Ah, Yes: The US Model, I matched on Tinder, it's much easier to lure me into his apartment. (Also read: Insider tips for Sex Outdoors)

The Argument: "You know yourself, the fridge ("for a cold beer before or after") and located at him/her"

You know where his bed is, where where the the toilet. And, of course, where the masons, the hole left. So where the door is, would you want to spontaneously take flight.

My answer: It is not so that I would be blessed with the best sense of orientation. But not even I have managed so far to extend myself in a strange Two-room apartment. The toilet I always find, and the cool post-coital beer, I bring. (Also read: study reveals - the women in the bed)

The Argument: "you know exactly what the other needs"

He knows that she is to be in bed harder, you never forget how much him Blowjobs turn in which it happens to be particularly wet with desire. Together to the climax come? No Problem.

My answer: Idealistic wishful thinking. Admittedly, to know what excites the other, is a plus, familiarity and Lust are an unbeatable combination. Just stupid, that Sex is rarely so one-dimensional, as we columnists break the like down, and Sex in relationships already times not at all. It is not rare for an unfulfilled love life within the partnership is one of the reasons for a separation. Talk: Behind the "He always knew what I need" a hiding", He believed to know what I need, only, he has missed the target, unfortunately, always short."

behind ask, therefore, whether the Sex with your Ex-girlfriend was actually so incredible, or whether the loveless Handjobs betimes not to have annoyed, terrible. You wonder whether the allure of the forbidden is only doing so wuschig.

which leads us to the next alleged Pro-Argument ...

(read also: fear of Sex - so you defeat the fear of failure)

The Argument: "The fronts have been clarified!"

When Sex with the Ex, there is no Stress, because you don't know what it is, staring at it for hours and hours on the Smartphone, because they are waiting for a response (it is known to be over), and everything is sooo simple.

My answer: If you do it with your Exes, have not been clarified, the fronts just. That you are with me and my Ex, not I would like to shake the Hand. But not as long as the spark of attraction that exists between them, is sufficient to spark a sexual forest fire. In this case, the repercussions could be anything other than straightforward. If one has found, through the night, that he has not yet finished with the old love. And the other was with the Situation okay, it must therefore be unpleasant questions and discussions.

you see, I was right: don't Do it. A failed relationship is not a Mama's Pea stew that tastes reheated the next day much better. It is, and remains, a broken love, which could only be processed with a lot of discipline and time. Sex with the Ex is counter-productive, as it is old feelings, the pain of separation, including, resurgence. Are you doing this to yourself and your former Partner.

you See, instead, for new adventures, new people, new Sex. You forget the nonsense with the warm-up and instead, try something you've never had. Good.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

This article was written by Mimi Erhardt

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