Sex heat: 5 tips for hot Sex in spite of hot summer days

Sex in the heat? Our columnist to reveals her 5 tips for hot Sex (and hot) days today It is so humid in Berlin, that I would like to place the loved one in t

Sex heat: 5 tips for hot Sex in spite of hot summer days

Sex in the heat? Our columnist to reveals her 5 tips for hot Sex (and hot) days

today It is so humid in Berlin, that I would like to place the loved one in the fetal position in my shower, while from the top of lau-cold drops me down to patter. Now have Sex? Well, in principle, but I think of it, to RUB my sweat and the sunscreen-glued the body to the sweaty skin of another human, the blood pressure of the heat already much too low, I feel woozy. To do it at sunset, in the ocean, sounds wonderful, but unfortunately Berlin is not on the sea and Sex in the neukölln district of Columbia-the bathroom doesn't have to be, I'd rather eat fries Mayo, gaffe and fry my pale Princess skin in the sun, until I have a nice beige. It was so for me with the summer coitus? Of course not. I've written for you and me – five – tips together, as you stay with the hottest Action cool.

Disclaimer: I know the above sentence sounds like a random woman's magazine. But he is not, and I'm dead serious: If I'm not in love with her fresh and available 24/7'm Horny, is to me a wild scramble from 28 degrees upwards, nothing more. All of the following tips I have tried, therefore, self-and found it to be good.

tip #1 For Sex in the heat, it's called: get Out of bed

a bed that is soft and especially cozy with all the pillows, duvets, Blankets and more pillows. But as much as I appreciate a cozy atmosphere in autumn and Winter, it is but right now anything other than Horny. Much too warm! My tip: Find new Spots in order to drive it there. On the washing machine (one of my Friends swears by Sex during the Spin cycle – she is sitting and shaking, your Partner stands in front of her and shakes you out of there again), on the kitchen table or on the floor (which would make me too uncomfortable), or at night on the (screened-in) balcony. You should, however, not by a loud groan from the neighbors catch you. Where should not like Outdoor Drifting, threatening, in the worst case, a display or a warning from the landlord. Otherwise Sex in the shower in the summer is a real classic. Non-slip only. (Here I have more tips on how to have Sex in the shower for you)

you Should it despite the heat records continue to want to do in bed, throwing the thick duvet out, and put on the cool linen sheets.

tip #2: The right Timing for the hot Sex find

you are to have Sex early in the Morning? Or put your lover happy again the night before going to sleep flat? Top. At these times the air is pleasant, and even people with circulatory problems, can play loose. GM at lunch time, I need not have personally at the moment really.

tip #3: Put heat on Slow Sex

Good, passionate Sex is the king class of all the king's classes. Someone to go through the bed, being chased, we desire and we can all of our kinky fantasies, is a gift of the universe. In the summer, but we must do it slowly. You take your time. Sensual touches, instead of a jackhammer-Gerammel. So you a) the heat collapse and b) escape recall in the best case, about how nice it can be, in love to screw each other around. (Also read: Objektophilie - a crush in a blender)

tip #4: Solo-Sex à deux on a hot day

Speaking of screws. A highly recommended variant for hot summer days: rum screws you instead of to your Partner but to yourself. Your game companion sitting opposite you, while he shall do like unto them. The good old Synchronous onanism my favorite in this small list. Does not stick, makes you Horny, since they are both the main actors as well as spectators in their own Sex Show, and needless you do not need to move also.

tip #5: be Easy

ice-cold no, not you. But you refer to but time icy Gadgets in your love game with. Ice cubes, with which you can tighten the nipples of your partner, for example. Or you take the ice cube in the mouth before you give your lover oral. If you connect now the eyes will be delighted with the lady 100% word of honour.

A sexy version for all who Love Toys: Invest in a glass Dildo. The short (!) Time into the freezer or under cold water before you play in your partner around – the slight temperature shock can make for pretty intense feelings in the down there Region.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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