In a new tell-all book, Karl Lagerfeld comes everything else as well

Two women, André Leon Talley writes would have made him the man he is today. His grandmother, in the U.S. state of North Carolina, not started him as a Baby and

In a new tell-all book, Karl Lagerfeld comes everything else as well

Two women, André Leon Talley writes would have made him the man he is today. His grandmother, in the U.S. state of North Carolina, not started him as a Baby and raised, because the parents were financially self-ends, and which gave him a first sense of fashion. And Diana Vreeland, the legendary former Vogue editor-in-chief, the Talley allowed a first insight into the industry and then everywhere, championing, and so his career brought. Both in 1989, in quick succession die, crashes Talley in a deep Depression.

With flashy accessories, screaming colorful floor-length Caftans and always Royal powered support gear, the fashion expert and many years of "Vogue"author gives to the outside mostly strong and untouchable. But now he has published his autobiography and "The Chiffon Tranches" (on German about: The sections from Chiffon fabric), to reveal, in addition to all sorts of gossip, and gossip, beneath the surface, much Sad about Talley, the beat of 71 years, in the meantime, health and withdrawn in a house North of New York lives, and a rare public appearance.

Expensive gifts, ice-cold goodbyes

especially the fashion expert, writes about his famous friends and Acquaintances: The last year, dead Star Designer Karl Lagerfeld and the long Head of the U.S. fashion magazine "Vogue", Anna Wintour, were long years, his closest companions, but Talley is familiar with, and knew so well as all that have played in the past few decades in the fashion industry, a role of Andy Warhol, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta via Bianca Jagger, Michelle Obama and Diana Ross to Naomi Campbell, Manolo Blahnik, John Galliano, Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis, and Renée Zellweger.

Talley says much of the personalities, the commitment and the professionalism of the industry, but by all of the blatant superficiality in terms of personal relationships always shines through. On exuberant invitations and expensive gifts ice-cold goodbyes often follow. imago/Starface Talley and Lagerfeld in the year 1979 in Paris

Suddenly Lagerfeld not reported

Especially Lagerfeld comes off very well. At the first Meeting on the occasion of an interview he gives Talley many expensive shirts and showered him in the following years, with further gifts, clothes, vacations, or simply cash. For the Designer, but according to Talley complete loyalty, support and Entertainment. If he invites Talley in a cottage on the common holiday for example, it must be always perfectly dressed and must not appear just twice on the day in the same Outfit.

Nevertheless: "for 40 years Karl like a brother to me was," writes Talley. "But Karl had a tendency to banish people he loved out of his life." This happens also Talley, the Designer reports the five years prior to his death for no apparent reason from one day to the other just to be with him.

Anna Wintour? "To love nature wouldn't be able to"

at Least as bad Anna Wintour is coming. His first, in 2003, auto biography Talley was left of his former Boss sign off on, in the meantime, the relationship of the two seems to be permanently broken. "Simple human kindness. No, it is not capable,“ writes Talley. For years he had done everything for you, have you assisted in family matters and every fashion-fitting, but then you have criticized him because of his weight gain and then from one day to the other not more in the order of "Vogue" has, no longer reported to him and no Christmas or birthday gifts sent. imago/ZUMA Press Talley with Anna Wintour at a theatre premiere in August 2013 in New York City

Talley acts angry, frustrated, and disappointed, and unpleasant Element of the Nachtretens is superimposed on the otherwise mostly entertaining recorded history of his actually such an exciting career.

The black Boy from the South

Between the lines but is actually still – especially in times of mass protests against racism – much more exciting and more tragic story: The African American Talley, who work their way up from poor circumstances to arise as one of the first Black people in the industry to the top of the meets but time and again, resistance and racism, and the often simply not true.

The book was less "by the fashion Elite, but more of a black boy from the rural South, was swallowed by the white Gaze, and in the end, as too thick of a black man who has not fitted into the narrative, again spat out was," wrote the New York Times. This Talley have taken a "gap" between him and his skin color, and the book stamping. Reuters A man reads in the autobiography of American fashion guru Andre Leon Talley

At the end of Talley emerges from his autobiography as a tragic figure. "Love in my life in any way," he writes. "Sex was never on my Radar, but only success, and when I was sad, I ate." He was now a "huge Galleon, the einsegelt slowly into the Harbor, struck by so many to Fight," explains Talley himself. "But I am speaking more with articulation, eloquence and respect. I bow in front of anyone and find my way through the reminder of what was good in my life is not over yet. My past gives me strength.“ Trumps back crumbles a stop in the United States: "If tomorrow would be elected, he would have no Chance of" FOCUS Online/Wochit Trumps restraint in the United States crumbles: "If tomorrow would be elected, he would have no Chance,"

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