Geretsried: As the retailer with the large construction site Egerland street bypass | Geretsried

First Corona, now a large construction site: The retailers and restaurateurs of the Egerland road it is not easy. But no one thinks to Give up (yet). Geretsri

Geretsried: As the retailer with the large construction site Egerland street bypass | Geretsried

First Corona, now a large construction site: The retailers and restaurateurs of the Egerland road it is not easy. But no one thinks to Give up (yet).

Geretsried – The savings Bank building is demolished, the Baugenossenschaft Geretsried (BG) has started with the excavation and removal under your new building called BGZ2. Excavator and load throughout the day, cars are in use. "Fortunately, there was previously on the site, any delays by the Corona-pandemic or contaminated Material in the soil," says BG spokeswoman Ursula Hölzl. The excavation should be completed by the end of June, for the most part, then you could start with the shell. By 2022, the Egerland road, a part six-storey building with more than 100 freely-financed apartments in the upper floors and retail (is planned to be an Aldi-market) and restaurants in the ground floor.

About detours in the Egerland straße

At the same time, the BG is building a generally usable garage, which connects directly to the underground garage under the Karl-Lederer-Platz. Visitors come from the Karl-Lederer-Platz, and reached only via a detour to the Egerland straße. A construction fence blocked the direct way to get there. Who wants to buy into the Isar-house, to Rewe, to Schmid-Bäck’ to Intersport Utzinger, or in the Paracelsus-Apotheke, must take the secret path through the Lenauweg. In the shops and eateries in the Northern part of a narrow trail leads behind the drugstore Rossmann along the BGZ-building. According to Ursula Hölzl soon markings in feet can be painted shape on the ground, to guide pedestrians and cyclists on the path.

"It should be no Problem to find us," says Rudi Utzinger from the sports shop on the corner of Egerland straße/Fasanenweg. The site has set Utzinger Long ago. In addition to the stationary he uses to Online trading. The have already helped him in the Corona-crisis, he says. While the customer had ordered in that time, mostly Fitness items for Training at home, you would now after the Store re-opening Trekking clothes, Tennis accessories, and other Outdoor buy sports articles. "For us, it's up and running, despite the site very well," says Utzinger. There is enough Parking with the new garage and the newly created spaces in front of the Church of St Peter. The only disadvantage is that because of the construction site for reasons of space, none Were placed outside may be. "But the workers at the company Holzer from Degerndorf are all very responsive, which relates to noise and dust at the end. This is a great Together,“ says the sporting goods dealer and Advisory Board of the retailers Association of ProCit. to find

+ forest of signs: Which dealer in your area, show boards on the fence.©Photo: Hermsdorf-Hiss

Also, for Frederik the house of Holt, the owner of the Isar-purchase of house and also ProCit-member of the management Board, the Situation is bearable. "The Geretsrieder are now a construction site," he says jokingly. For three years, will eventually tinkered on the "New center". The customers were after the forced closure glad to be able to carefree shopping. Small inconveniences as the noises of a construction Site or that you would have to run a few steps more, would you mind. The business anlaufe because of the safety requirements – such as the limited number of customers per square meter – slowly at first, don't disturb it, says Holthaus. He was quite confident of surviving the construction period.

in Front of the window of the Isar-buying a house, Christa and Willi Modlmayer are. The two long-established Geretsrieder find the fences, the detours and the restricted space in front of the shops is not so bad, they say. "We must go through now. After that, everything is more beautiful,“ says Christa Modlmayer. Less optimistic Trudi Gunnesch is looking to the future. The operator of the gift and Deco shop "Bellissimo" on the Northern Egerland street has temporarily closed. "I have to look first how it goes with the job site. If the promised wall to protect us from dust and Dirt, I'll open again,“ says Gunnesch. The business woman in need of your rented area in front of your business, post card racks and other set up there, otherwise it will be inside too tight. You will be glad to operate for eight years, in addition, an Online store that will well-accepted. At the end of may Gunnesch want to decide when they will open again. Your beloved Shop after 15 years of abandon, they could not be out of the question, she says. This is the personal interactions with your customers make you too much fun.

Online shop to run in parallel a

Eryka Servotka right next to it with "Style & more" think positive. Due to the site although Parking would be eliminated – at the Moment, the whole series is locked between the pharmacy and the Restaurant "Il Soprano" – and, furthermore, people are less would like to take a stroll in the Egerland road, she says, but her master would keep customers Loyal. Since you have sales not Online, try to make the customers shopping as easy as possible. You'll get partial clothes to your home so that the women could try them on in peace, because at the Moment only two clients at the same time in the small Shop is likely to stop.

Uwe on one level is adjacent to the Iris-pharmacy directly to the construction site. Nevertheless, the drawbacks at the Moment are still in the frame, he says. In part, it was loud, and the ground vibrating work through the Vibration. What is criticized on one level, really, is that "neither the cooperative nor the city will inform the neighbors about the next steps," he says.

Diagonally opposite Winfried Müller has been for 41 years, his Tennis Shop, and the optics Studio. He does not have to depend on walk-in customers, he explains. "Clearly, it is dirty, dusty and noisy at the Moment. But with the Parking it works out quite well. You'll always find a place, particularly since there is no through traffic more prevails,“ says Müller. He praised the construction workers. They tried very and announcing the upcoming Work.

slump in sales in the specialities

just two months ago, Mohamed Shaker Hafsevgawi has opened the "Istanbul supermarket" at the Northern end of the Egerland straße, where previously a Greek specialty business was. download Through the site, revenue has dropped, says the Syrians. Fortunately, he had many regular customers who appreciated his Turkish and Arab specialities, fresh fruit and vegetables, and the meat and the unleavened bread.

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On its loyal guests, Emanuele Braito, owner of the cream "Rialto also uses". Diagonally in front of his restaurant, the entrance will lead to the underground garage down. "Corona was now the icing on the cake prior to the start of construction," says Braito. He live in the summer of business, with the income of the family come normally through the Winter. This year it will not be sufficient for that. Before the next one and a half years, grayed out the Gelatiere. But the towel he would not throw: "in 1986, my parents have opened on the Rialto. I've worked here for almost 20 years, and I want to stay here.“ Tanja Lühr

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